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Mama’s Sleeping Scarf

Mama’s Sleeping Scarf is a heartfelt story that celebrates the unbreakable bond between a child and her mother. With captivating illustrations that reflect a family’s culture and love helps tell the story with such poise.

We loved seeing the bond of the whole family within the story and how the scarf played such an important role within the family. An object that might be so simple for others but very symbolic to this family – it was beautiful to see.

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Skeletina And The Greedy Tooth Fairy

Skeletina And The Greedy Tooth Fairy is another amazing Skeletina adventure as she is an amazing character to follow. In this adventure, Skeletina helps a child by the name of Olivia conquer the Greedy Tooth Fairy.

Can you imagine losing all your teeth after eating a chocolate bar?! I think I would be just as devasted as Olivia. But with Skeletina’s help, Olivia sees that the only way to defeat the Greedy Tooth Fairy is to admit the lies that she told. With each truth told, she was able to overcome the Greedy Tooth Fairy!

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The Case Of The Missing Tarts

The Case of The Missing Tarts is a punny great graphic novel for young readers. This case turns into a high profile case which makes it an intriguing story to read. We felt like detectives alongside Detectives Sweets, Danish and Custard. It had us on the edge of our seats wondering who it could possibly be.

That is what we loved about this story as it was suspenseful, delightful and funny!

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Sharon, Lois & Bram’s Peanut Butter and Jelly

Sharon, Lois & Bram’s Peanut Butter and Jelly takes me down memory lane and made me feel nostalgic.

A classic song that I loved singing with my little sister growing up. I recall doing all the actions and we would giggle together as we were having the time of our lives. Even though we are seven years apart, for that moment we were the same age. I guess that is what happens in a moment of bliss.

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Always Sisters: A Story of Loss and Love

Always Sisters touches on a sensitive and to many a taboo topic. It is done in such an eloquent way that it truly captivated our hearts. We all experience loss at one point or another in our lives. This story takes the readers on the emotional rollercoaster of dealing with loss and ends with so much love.

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Stuff Kids Should Know

Stuff Kids Should Know: The Mind-Blowing Histories of (Almost) Everything is a fascinating book that digs in a little deeper into the whys and hows. A few topics touched upon are Dog Smells, Aging and Mr. Potato Head, just to name a few.

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Where the Water Takes Us

Where the Water Takes Us is a captivating and brilliant novel for young readers. Through Ava’s summer, she learns to overcome her fears and embrace change.

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The Eyes & The Impossible

The Eyes & The Impossible is a story about friendship, beauty and liberation. This fast pace adventure will keep you on the edge of your seat as you turn the page!

A brilliantly told story of the complexities of friendship and individuality with humor and deep empathy. You are immediately pulled into the inner thoughts of the main character, a dog named Johannes who is faster than light. Along with the other wild animals, Johannes serves as the “Eyes” of the park where they live. They bring information to three bison who monitor the equilibrium of the park as humans build and live around them.

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Schnozzer & Tatertoes Take A Hike

Schnozzer & Tatertoes Take A Hike! is a great children’s graphic novel that provides great reading entertianment for young readers. The comic style makes it engaging, entertaining and fun to read. The neat detail we noticed in this book is the black and white theme and only a few pages were in color. It made this book stand out for us.

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Marshmallow Martians Show and Smell

Marshmallow Martians Show and Smell is a hilarious graphic novel that will have your young reader laughing out loud throughout the story.

Nikki has loved this novel as soon as it arrived. She has read it countless of times and I can still hear her laughing from afar. When I asked Nikki what made the book so funny, she turned to me and said, “They smell a lot of things and some of it isn’t very nice to smell. That is what made it so funny!”

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The Hidden World of Gnomes

The Hidden World of Gnomes felt like uncovering an exciting new world that had a lot of wonder and delight. A must read this summer and immerse yourself into the world of Gnomes!

We have to admit that this book has impeccable timing as Nikki has been very interested in learning about mythical creatures and it so happens that Gnomes are on her list. Therefore, Nikki has truly enjoyed reading this book as it sparked her interest in mythical creatures more.

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The Rainbow Snail

The Rainbow Snail has educational appeal, as young readers follow a brave little creature’s exciting adventure while learning the colors of the rainbow, will make this a popular picture book with educators, librarians, and parents.

The connection between each color and the relation of that color to the beauty in the world was amazing to read. The author truly captures it through words and illustrations. This makes a perfect gift for expecting parents as they can read this book to their baby. A great intro to colors. It is never to early to learn! 😉

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Odder Further Deepens My Love of Otters

Odder is a captivating lyrical tale of an amazing sea otter that will truly inspire everyone. This novel for junior readers is brillant and uniquely written! I have never read a book in free verse and truly loved it.

Reading Odder was an experience that allowed me to immerse myself in a new world and see it from Odder’s perspective. It was truly amazing. I have a deep love and appreciate for otters to the point that in school I did a project on them. Therefore, I feel this novel reflected otters in a way that maybe more people will understand these beautiful creatures.

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Monster VS. Boy Book Review

Monster VS. Boy is a middle grade novel that shows us the importance of finding ourselves within our family and community. It was neat to see the bond that Dawz and Mim created as their differences is what made them the same.

Both were trying to find their place and embrace their uniqueness. It is lovely to see that they both finally find what they have been looking for.

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Scaredy Squirrel Gets a Surprise

Scaredy Squirrel Gets a Surprise is nuttier and even funnier than the first nutty adventure, Scaredy Squirrel in a Nutshell. I can empathize with Scaredy Squirrel as I am not big on surprises and they actually do make me a tad nervous when there is a surprise for me. But I can always count on my friends to make me feel better and ease me into the surprise. Just like Scaredy Squirrel’s friends did for him.

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Our Classroom Rules!

Our Classroom Rules!is an adorable children’s book that shows how being kind to one another can make a difference in everyone’s school learning. We love the different examples of how students can create a positive classroom that nurtures love and respect.

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The Miracle Cat Book Review

The Miracle Cat is a novel for adults. It is a very powerful personal story of the authors’ life. A life that is truly remarkable considering everything she had gone through. Full of hopes and dreams, they were quickly diminished when she was assaulted. The enormous guilt that she held onto reflected in many things she did in life.

Until, Leopardo, the Miracle Cat saved her with his unconditional love. The power of his love is what gave her the courage and strength to face what had happened in her past. That is turn, helped her heal and most importantly allowed her to forgive herself.

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Hooray for DNA! How a Bear and a Bug Are a Lot Like Us

Hooray for DNA! is a great introductory children’s book on the basics of DNA. We love the playfulness and connections made throughout the book to make it easier for children to understand DNA.

Our DNA is the grand master of every cell in our body so let’s learn about it in this adorable story! DNA is what makes us all living organisms and that can be found everywhere.

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Hīznobyūtī is a remarkable piece of children’s literature. A captivating story that truly pulls the heartstrings. You can’t help but feel transported into the world created by Ponti.

The ability to really immerse yourself into a book is an incredible journey. Hīznobyūtī is such an amazing character who through a hard journey discovers how incredible he really is.

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My Valley | Book Review

My Valley has captivated our imagination and hearts through this unique children’s story. Take a journey through the valley and take a deep dive with the Twims. The details are so amazing that you can’t help but feel that you have immersed yourself in the valley.

No detail was missed throughout the book as you get to know the world of Twims in the most magical way. It truly captivates your attention as a child or even as an adult. We loved the subtitles in the book as it prepared us for what we were about to read next!

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Always Anjali

Always Anjali is a children’s book that embraces culture, uniqueness and most importantly embracing yourself.

Anjali faces her bully and discovers how amazing she truly is. Her name was a piece of her that made her even more amazing than she ever thought of before. We absolutely loved this message and seeing Anjali embrace this discovery with pose.

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A Girl Can Build Anything

A Girl Can Build Anything inspires and empowers young girls to get into the world of skilled trades. As a woman who is currently working in the construction world, it is refreshing and wonderful to see this type of work promoted with young girls. A field that is in need of great people to lead and construct marvelous things!

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Your School Is The Best | Book Review

Your School is The Best had us laughing out loud during story time as cockroach gets into some hilarious antics! It is amazing to see that there can be very different perspectives on the exact same situation.

Even though cockroach and family had the very best intentions. Those intentions were not exactly received well on the other end. I honestly can not blame the teacher’s reaction as I was itching my own head when cockroach was dancing on the teacher’s head – ew! LOL!

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The Care And Keeping of Grandmas

The Care and Keeping of Grandmas is truly a heartfelt and beautiful story with just a dash of humor along the way. Articultaed told about the transition of a member of the family moving in, can be one that requires a few adjustments. But thankfully, we have a young girl in the story who provides great insight on how to make grandma feel like she is home.

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Love Is A Story

Love is a Story is a heartfelt children’s book that shows us at love can be found in little things that we do with our loved ones. It could be taking a walk or even playing with toy trains. Being kind or simply spending time  together, they are all acts of love.

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The Swifts: A Dictionary of Scoundrels

The Swifts: A Dictionary of Scoundrels is the perfect novel for a young reader to immerse themselves in a classic murder mystery. A clever story that is packed with games, wordplay and of course mischief. With the name Shenanigan, one could only expect mischief in spades and it delivers!

I absolutely loved reading this novel as I love murder mysteries with just enough suspense but not too much where I can’t sleep for days. The story has a great message in celebrating individuality as Shenanigan defines herself on her own. The realization that a name does not define who you are as a person.

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Children’s Book Banana Embodies The Message of Being Present

Banana is quirky, hilarious and a brilliant story that tackles parental distraction in the most heartening way. The witty girl  in the story creatively finds a way to get the best dad to return to being in the present with her again after being way too distracted by the banana.

We truly loved the message that the story embodied which is a great reminder for parents as is for children. The importance of being present and less distracted, is what we should all strive for. I truly enjoyed this gentle reminder in the most hilarious way ever.

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Pluto Rocket New in Town

Pluto Rocket New in Town is a great graphic novel for young readers and one that our eight year-old couldn’t put down! When reading time came, it was the first book Nikki picked up. It became a favorite quickly in our home.

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Busy Feet | Book Review

Busy Feet is an adorable book that will inspire you to get your feet moving. Our feet do so much and in so many ways. They can go high and they can go low. Our feet take us to so many places to explore!

Nikki has loved this book as soon as we received it and loved the way the book rhymes. It made reading it so much more fun!

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Cinderella-with Dogs!

Cinderella-with Dogs is a Cinderella like no other and that is why we love it the best! This story has been doggified in the best ways possible. The characters are all larger than life and the twist end is just pawsome!

Nikki has loved reading this story to her French Bulldog Tyson who tries to sniff the dogs in the story.  Nikki’s favorite part is when the Prince’s parents exclaimed that they love dogs. My favorite part is the fairy dogmother and I am wondering where I could get one! 😉 Tyson’s favorite part was chasing squirrels (lol).

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How to Eat a Book

How to Eat a Book became a family favorite as soon as the book arrived! A captivating story that takes readers on a journey into the depth of imagination. The concept of having a book eat you is an amazing play of words!

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Almost Everybody Farts and Almost Everybody Farts The Reek-Quel

Almost Everybody Farts and the sequel titled, Almost Everybody Farts the Reek-quel will have everyone laughing out loud during story time!

Both books are illustrated perfectly to capture exaggerated poses and facial expressions to make the taboo subject family friendly.

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My Name Is Saajin Singh

My Name is Saajin Singh is an empowering story that can resonate with any reader who has ever felt misunderstood.

Our name is an important part of ourselves, and it is always great to let someone know how to pronounce it. We love learning how to say someone’s name, especially learning how they got their name too. Every name has its own story and we loved learning about Saajin’s name!

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Yoga Nidra Lullaby is the Perfect Bedtime Story

Yoga Nidra Lullaby is the perfect book to unwind the body and mind before bedtime. A great introduction to yoga for little ones.

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On This Airplane | Book Review

On This Airplane is a delightful children’s book that reflects diversity, community and the sense of home.

A trip to get to their new home, a family gets to embrace the diversity of people in an airplane. They meet different people with all their own unique stories. It brings the sense of community, even though they have never met before.

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How to Teach Your Cat a Trick in Five Easy Steps

How to Teach Your Cat a Trick in Five Easy Stepsis a hilarious children’s book that will have you and your little ones giggling throughout. The five easy steps prove to be a little more delicate than originally thought. A great story of the true nature of cats!

She Holds Up The Stars

She Holds up the Stars is absolutely heartwarming in so many ways. An empowering story about a young Indigenous girl, Misko, who is searching for a sense of home. In her journey, she finds strength and courage in her gifts.

Misko is able to deepen her connection to the land, and her own cultural awakening.

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Sir Simon Super Scarer

Sir Simon Super Scarer brings the spook that will have everyone giggling with delight! A must-read book all year round as Sir Simon is simply the best ghost around…His mug does say #1 Ghost!

We fell in love with Simon when we first read, Simon and Chester Super Detectives! Author/Illustrator, Cale Atkinson became one of our favorite authors soon after we read that book.

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João by a Thread | Book Review

João by a Thread is an intriguing children’s book that allows a child to use their imagination as the story unfolds. There is room for interpretation which makes this story unique and one that we will be re-reading to discuss.

This story comes from a Brazilian folklore tale, and we felt the culture connection as our ancestors are Portuguese. It truly is an intricate and exquisite tale of how bedtime fears can be transformed into wondrous dreams with magical adventures.

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Nothing Interesting Ever Happens to Ethan Fairmont

Nothing Interesting Ever Happens to Ethan Fairmont is a great adventure story for middle-graders. It brings forth science fiction with the alien they try to help named, Cheese. This group of boys who come from a low-income neighborhood have to navigate through coming of age, complicated friendships and family dynamics.

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Skeletina And The In-Between World

Skeletina and the In-Between World is a masterpiece that offers so much more than just a story. This captivating children’s picture book empowers kids to reclaim their dreams by facing and conquering their fears in the dream world and beyond.

This is done by introducing a beloved character named Skeletina who is fearless and fun-loving. Skeletina takes the kids who come into the in-between world and shows them how to conquer any fear or anxiety that they may feel. This is the perfect book to read as we countdown until Halloween!

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The Barnabus Project | Book Review

The Barnabus Project  brings a heartfelt story full of compassion, courage, teamwork, friendship and self-love. This captivating story and illustrations will give you all the feels as you cheer on Barnabus and his friends.

It truly is really hard not to fall in love with Barnabus as he is absolutely perfect the way he is. Barnabus’ spirit that anything is possible and with his strength to help him and his friends escape, is the hero we are always looking for in books. We are shown what is possible with the determination to truly succeed!

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Quest Kids and the Dragon Pants of Gold

Quest Kids and the Dragon Pants of Gold is a great middle schooler book! It offers the reader a dash of humor, magic and mystery. Who doesn’t like to read a good mystery?!

We loved reading this book especially with the comic style. It is one of our favorite styles to read and Nikki couldn’t put this book down! The main characters of the story are intriguing full of their own quirkiness. It is easy to get into the book because of it.

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Graveyard Girls: 1-2-3-4, I Declare A Thumb War

1-2-3-4, I Declare A Thumb War is truly spooktacular and it sets the stage to a great series ahead! With a combination of humor and some spookiness, you will be pondering on the super natural.

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Esme’s Birthday Conga Line | Book Review

Esme’s Birthday Conga Line is an amazing chapter book for children! Esme is a larger than life character that is easy to fall in love with. Gracefully and with such ease, Esme is able to plan her amazing birthday party by finding everyone’s strengths and delegating each task to each person.

Now if you ask me, that is absolutley brilliant! We love how the author and illustrator was able to incorprate that lesson in the book with a dash of humor, love and art!

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One Elephant Went Out to Play

One Elephant Went Out to Play warmed my heart as soon as I held it in my hands. Memories flooded of my childhood and singing this song with my mom. To have the song transformed into book form and to be able to read (in all honesty I sang) it to my child.

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What Feelings Do When No One’s Looking | Book Review

Curiosity, a lithe and floppy-eared creature, perches above the open world and gazes out with a zippy blend of hope, wonder, and longing. From the tip of a chimney, we bound into the quiet and mischievous world of feelings, meeting a troupe of tufted creatures. Sympathy helps snails cross a sidewalk to safety, fear pirouettes in an attempt to camouflage with wallflowers, and a please reclines on a doily-donned reading chair, sipping a cup of tea. Elsewhere, our insecurities – pesky, cavorting beings – build intricate cages and stride about with clatterings sets of keys.

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I Cannot Draw A Horse | Book Review

I Cannot Draw A Horseis hilariously funny and children will absolutley adore this book! You can’t help but cheer for cat in hopes that book draws a horse.

In the meantime, book shares drawing skills of all sorts of different things that has cat a little frazzled. This brings out lots of giggles throughout. Even as I write this review, I am smiling with the funny moments we read.

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Mary Had A Little Plan

After glamming up her school friends in Mary Had a Little Glam, lovable Mary returns in Mary Had a Little Plan, by Tammi Sauer and illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton, to spruce up a vacant lot in the neighborhood.

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A Day For Sandcastles

A Day for Sandcastles is a brilliant children’s book that tells a beautiful story without a single word. It inspired the possibilities that can happen on a Family Beach Day and it will have everyone in the family taking out their buckets!

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We Adopted a Baby Chick | Book Review

We Adopted a Baby Chickis a delightful children’s book that had us giggling along the way as we follow our favorite lamb, Albert from We Adopted a Baby Lamb.

In this children’s book, Albert needs to discover his place in the family as he grows up and a new baby chick gets the attention of all. In his self-discovery, he realizes how important and special he really is. In the end, he gains a new friendship and he knows exactly his new superhero role within his family. Albert does not need to be the smallest or cutest as he is the strongest and proud.

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Spellbound is complete magically perfection! A dash of humor, magic, imagination and a whole lot of love is what you can expect from this children’s book. A great book to help with the new sibling transition! Just like magic, a family can be shared.

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Free At Last: A Juneteenth Poem

Free At Last is a powerful and empowering piece of Black American history. A story told in poem form with breathtaking illustrations that truly give shape to the story.

We loved learning about Juneteenth which we didn’t know about before. The Author’s Note at the back of the book was so great to have as it gave us a deeper look into Juneteenth and how in 2021 it was declared as an official national holiday.

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Bharatanatyam in Ballet Shoes

Bharatanatyam in Ballet Shoes brings light to Bharatanatyam which is a dance that encompasses music, rhythm and expression to the classical Indian dance. It was beautiful to see it represented in this story.

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The Hair Book Celebrates All Hair Types

The Hair Book is a great children’s book that is all about inclusion no matter how your hair looks like.  We absolutely adored this book and how many different ways/styles you can have your hair.

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Rock Star Recess | Book Review

Rock Star Recesstruly brings out the inner rock star in all of us in this exciting new children’s book. This beautifully written and illustrated story will have you inspired to follow your dreams as anything is possible. Even during recess! 😉

Blaze and the Castle Cake for Bertha Daye

Blaze and the Castle Cake for Bertha Daye brings a new exciting read to bedtime! As the chicklets prepare for their friend’s big day, your child can have some search-and-find adventure with every page turn.

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We Are One: How The World Adds Up

We Are One: How The World Adds Up has us counting and loving every second of it! A wonderful STEM book that will let you see the world through numbers.

This book looks at math concepts such as part/whole relationships, fractions and addition. At the same time, it connects it with themes of cooperation, peace and kindness.

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Beware the Monster!

Beware the Monster! is an absolute delight to read! It became an instant favorite in our home with it’s colorful illustrations and humorous story.

It is easy to immerse yourself into the story and little ones will have a blast. By the end you will all be laughing and wanting to read it one more time.

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Superluminous | Book Review

Superluminous is SUPERB! This children’s story will shine brightly in your reading line up with it’s luminous illustrations and heart touching story.

We love the empowering message it brings to little ones as we should all embrace our uniqueness and let it shine through. Of course, many may not see the beauty in our gifts. However, we shouldn’t let it bring us down. I always tell Nikki, that some just take a little longer to appreciate our uniqueness. 😉

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Roxy The Unisaurus Rex Presents: Oh No! The Talent Show

Roxy The Unisaurus Rex Presents: Oh No! The Talent Show is an adorable children’s book that shows us the beauty of friendship.

The larger than life character, Roxy truly makes this book extremely enjoyable to read. We love her energetic personality and her love for her friends. She is encouraging, supportive and someone you would want by your side.

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Anna At The Art Museum

Anna at the Art Museum is the perfect children’s book to inspire future artists and an appreciation of the arts. We personally love the arts and expressing ourselves creatively in our home.

In the story, Anna appreciates art once she opens up her heart to it and sees the real beauty in it all. Art can be the interpretation of life and she sees how art is relatable to every day living. Truly beautiful story to read with your little ones.

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The Dog Who Wanted To Fly

The Dog Who Wanted To Fly is an adorable read of determination, possibility and heart. We instantly feel in love with Zora who is very determined to catch the squirrel that loves to go in her backyard.

After many and many failed attempts at flying, Zora finds the motivation to really soar!  A great message on never giving up and anything is truly possible, especially when you put your whole heart into it.

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Chirp! Chipmunk Sings For A Friend | Book Review

Chirp! Chipmunk Sings For A Friend is an adorable children’s book that brings out the beauty of friendship and how we can find it when we least expect it.

We go along with Chipmunk on her quest to find another friend to sing with her. On this quest, she finds unexpected friendship and even finds a listening friend for Rock too!

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In the Meadow of Fantasies

In the Meadow of Fantasies is a magical reading experience as it brings a folkloric tale to life. This story captured my heart as it encompassed the message of generosity and kindness in the most beautiful way.

The illustrations are breathtaking and brings the tale to life as it transports us into the little girl’s dream.

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Small Knight And The Anxiety Monster

Small Knight And The Anxiety Monsteris a heartfelt story on understanding your anxiety and finding the courage to face it. It was a masterpiece in our humble opinion.

I have always wondered the best way to explain anxiety to my child who is seven years of age and could never find the right words to explain it. This book helped me open up the conversation and provided me with a way to best describe it in a way that she would understand.

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My Heart Flies Open | Book Review

My Heart Flies Openis a remarkable children’s book that opens the doors to mindfulness, peace and yoga.

We absolutely adored this book. It is a captivating story that allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of life. With each page, it leads you into a yoga pose. There are 15 different poses to try and they are easy to do (in case you are a beginner, you will be able to do them all).

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Zion Unmatched | Book Review

Zion Unmatchedis an empowering story that anything is possible if you believe that you can. With the right mindset and motivation, dreams can come true.

In this photographic essay, you will feel inspired by Zion’s incredible story.

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Earth’s Incredible Oceans | Book Review

Earth’s Incredible Oceansis an incredible book full of interesting information about oceans. It offers a depth of fun and unusual facts to convey the amazing world of ocean life.

The details illustrations and photographs of fish, shellfish, mammals such as dolphins, waves and more.

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T. Rexes Can’t Tie Their Shoes | Book Review

T. Rexes Can’t Tie Their Shoesis a bright, funny, and super-positive A-to-Z book that every child will love at story time! It is a fun, creative and hilarious story exploring each letter of the alphabet.

We love the twist of having different animals do things that they wouldn’t be able to do. The play on the letters is brilliant! The book offers a great bonus as it explains some of the amazing things these animals CAN do, adding inspiration from the world of wildlife.

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Ms. Flygirl and Sky Daisy | Book Review

Ms. Flygirl and Sky Daisy is a great book for young readers that provides a variety of different adventures that they can immerse themselves in. It is a great introduction to a small chapter series as there is very limited illustrations, allowing the child to imagine what the scenes would look like.

Each story is full of a different adventure and our favorite was the story was with a red hippopotamus who serves as a mailbox. He is stumped on how to deliver a glass of lemonade to a little boy’s grandpa until Ms. Flygirl saves the day. A delightful read!

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Listen | Book Review

Listen is a great children’s book that truly let’s us listen. A beautiful picture book that follows a girl through her school day as she listens to sounds across the city: caws of crows, shouts across the playground, and finally, the quiet beating of her heart and whispered good nights.

Real Friends and Best Friends | Book Reviews

Real Friends and Best Friends are great books for middle graders and my soon-to-be seven year-old is loving them! Both books encompass the journeys we all face on friendships especially in middle school. As women we will giggle as we can relate to the social agonies of girlhood stories that we may have encountered ourselves in.

Both graphic novels were delightful to read and we love this style! Nikki loves reading both books as it makes reading much more fun for her.

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The New Kid Has Fleas | Book Review

The New Kid Has Fleas will capture the hearts of readers as it shows us that when given the “New Kid” a chance, they can surprise you. We loved the topic of the new kid and how many kids may feel this way when starting somewhere new. Seeing the kids showing kindness once they got to know the new kid, is heartfelt and beautiful.

Jo Jo Makoons: The Used-To-Be Best Friend

Jo Jo Makoons The Used-To-Be Best Friend brings a dash of humor, smarts and a story of growing up Native in a loving community.  This book is the first of an upcoming series and we are excited to see this series grow!

We love books that are diverse and give us a glimpse into other cultures and communities. This book provides an opportunity for Indigenous children to see themselves in books and teaches non-Indigenous children more about Ojibwe culture. We loved learning about it and the bonus glossary in the back was helpful to learn some new words!

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Toasty Warms Up Our Hearts

Toasty truly warmed our hearts with love and filled our belly with laughs. 😉 A story about a toast who always felt like he was more of a dog than a slice of bread. Who could blame him?!

Toasty goes on an adventure to see where he belongs and during his journey, you as the reader will have a few giggles along the way. When he  feels that there is no fitting in, he finds someone (a little girl) who loves him exactly how he wants to be; a dog. It worked out perfectly as this little girl always wanted a dog but was allergic. Therefore, this was just the perfect fit for her!

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The One and Only Sparkella

The One and Only Sparkella will spark your inner uniqueness and will have you embracing the amazing individual that you are!

This beautifully illustrated story will captivate your eyes and heart. It became a family favorite as soon as it arrived at our home.  Nikki loved the message of being yourself no matter what others say. Being a spunky six-year-old, Nikki was able to relate with what Ella went through as she went through something similar. But like Ella, Nikki was able to embrace her uniqueness and the world is a much better place because of it! 😉

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Dragon World: Meet The Fire Breathing Beasts of Mythology

Dragon World is a must have and read for the mythology enthusiast. You will emerse in all things dragon and you will love the wealth of information it provides. Travelling through different parts of the world, discover the dragon stories and some other interesting facts along the way.

We loved exploring the dragon world and the extras in the book are perfect! You can learn how to draw a dragon with step by step drawing instructions and you can even design your own dragon. What would your dragon look like?

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Baby Touch and Feel Panda

Baby Touch and Feel Panda is an adorable book that will allow you to go on an exciting Panda adventure. It is a delightful read that will help foster language development and early learning.

The touch and feel concept is fantastic! We love how you are able to touch and feel which helps build a young child’s motor skills and stimulates their senses. The bright photos are excellent in keeping children focused and interested in the story.

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The Secret Explorers and the Rainforest Rangers

The Secret Explorers and the Rainforest Rangers is an epic adventure that offers a great introduction to nature and all things rainforest! Full of fun facts with illustrations about animal and planets found in the rainforest of Borneo.

This book offers great information that supports STEM-based curriculums. It is simple with engaging explanations on how deforestation is altering our planet’s biodiversity. As an adult I learned a great deal from reading this book and it was fun too!

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Scaredy Squirrel In a Nutshell

Scaredy Squirrel in a Nutshell will have you giggling with delight as Scaredy Squirrel creates lists of dangers and fears that may seem irrational to some. Through this graphic novel you notice that Scaredy Squirrel starts to opening up to a little more risks and a new friendship develops.

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The Sharey Godmother

The Sharey Godmother is a children’s story that brings out heart, sharing and the great message to be proud of who you are. It is an absolutely delightful read and one that has swooped in to become a family favorite.

We love the messaging in this book and it was done in such a beautiful way that truly helps children to understand. Sharing is an important message; however, my personal favorite was that we should give without expecting anything in return. Growing up that was something my parents taught me at a very young age. This book reminded me of that important lesson as I incorporate that lesson every single day.

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Mr. Mole Moves In

Mr. Mole Moves In is a story full of compassion, friendship and some wacky misunderstandings. You can’t help but giggle with delight at the storyline as Mr. Mole adjusts to Juniper Hollow residents and the residents adjust to Mr. Mole too!

Another amazing book by the talented Lesley-Anne as she showcases her beautiful wool, thread, and fabric creatures in her story. It is evident that a lot of love and time went into each page; we love it! It is a captivating art form and we are fans.

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Tough Like Mum Tugs The Motherhood Heartstrings

Tough Like Mum will be relatable to every mom who makes every day possible for their family. This story shows the true vulnerability of motherhood in the most beautiful way. The mother-daughter relationship reflected in the story shows us that to support one another we need to be tough. However, the most important aspect is that sometimes being tough means showing our vulnerability and asking for help.

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I Do Not Like Yolanda

I Do Not Like Yolanda is an amazing children’s story with a beautiful message. It allows kids to see that you need to give people a try and get to know them. Sometimes our perceptions are not correct and the most amazing friendships can be developed with those we thought would be impossible to like. 😉

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The Girl with the Magic Ponytail

The Girl with the Magic Ponytails brings magic to life in one little girl’s ponytails through her adventures. We were immediately captivated by the vibrant illustrations and fun loving storyline. It offered us the light-hearted story that allows us an opportunity to escape into imagination world.

As you follow Riley along her adventures, she shows us all about seeing the magic around us. This story was a great reminder that anything is possible if you just imagine.

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Try It! How Frieda Caplan Changed the Way We Eat

Try It! How Frieda Caplan Changed the Way We Eat is an empowering picture book that biographs the incredible life of Frieda Caplan. Frieda was a produce pioneer who forever changed the way Americans eat by introducing a whole new world of delicious foods to the United States – from baby carrots to blood oranges to kiwis and more!

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Raindrops to Rainbow

Raindrops to Rainbow will brighten reading time with an inspiring tale how the world is full of color and even after a storm, a rainbow does appear.

The illustrations are bright, vibrant and they bring life to the story. The inspiring message throughout the book is just as captivating to young readers. We loved the use of each color used to describe how the main character was feeling or something that she was using to bring out her feelings. Such as how she missed the YELLOW summer sun. I think we all feel like we are missing the sun these days. It was just beautifully written with the positive impact that you wish for every young reader to read.

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Mars! Earthlings Welcome

Mars! Earthlings Welcome is a great children’s book as an introduction to the amazing red planet that we call Mars! You can’t help put fall in love with Mars as it’s one cool planet who likes to have fun and has given us an open invitation to visit. 😉

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An Engaging And Interactive Series That Is A Must Read

This engaging and interactive series will have your little ones say, “Crab, Owl, and Frog…oh my!” You don’t need all three in the series to enjoy the books. Therefore, if there is one animal that your child will like best, you can start with that book.

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Trouble | Book Review

Trouble is thoughtful and creative as it explores differences and prejudice in a way a child can understand. It truly helps open up conversation with your child about this topic and how we can be kinder to one another.

Celebrating differences and seeing everyone for their unique self is what we shall all strive for. We truly loved this story from beginning to end. Trouble has been read multiple times since it arrived and Nikki has really grasped the concept of not judging people without getting to know them first.

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Sock on the Loose

Sock on the Loose is brilliant as it is witty, clever and just too adorable! We just loved it from beginning to end. We have all been there when magically a sock goes missing. Ever wonder where they all go?

I know that we have wondered it plenty of times when only one sock returns from the great laundry world. Therefore, this story was inspiring and made us imagine all the possibilities!  We love stories who let us take the story beyond the storybook. Ones that inspire conversation and imagination. We truly had a lot of fun with this one!

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Simon and Chester Super Detectives!

Simon and Chester Super Detectives is the must have graphic novel of the year! It brought out the inner detective in us with mystery, friendship and tons of laughs along the way.

You will fall in love with this duo! Their friendship truly is unique as who can say they are best friends with a cool ghost?!

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It’s Okay To Smell Good!

It’s Okay to Smell Good! is a must read story full of humor, fun and an important lesson of being free to be you. Jason Tharp has become one of our favorite authors since we reviewed, It’s Okay to Be A Unicorn, which taught us all to embrace our unicorness (uniqueness). 😉

This new children’s story brings new characters with a beautiful message and best of all lots of humor! As I was reading the story out loud to my daughter, my husband was laughing in the background. Clearly this story is great for some adult laughs too. Of course I absolutely love the word play in the story such as “Smellville.” Nikki’s favorite was Albert Einstink as it reminded her of Albert Einstein.

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Flying High | The Story of Gymnastics Champion Simone Biles

Flying High is a great children’s book to empower children to believe in themselves and know that with hard work you can accomplish your dreams.

We loved learning about Simone Biles and reading her amazing journey. There is a great bonus in the back of the book where you get more details on Simone and some fast facts. We love this added touch!

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The Secret Fawn

The Secret Fawn is breathtaking visually and the words are captivating to the soul. As we follow a little girl’s quest to find a deer as she feels she misses out on everything since she is the youngest.

In her quest, she sees the beauty around her and finds something even more special as she encounters a fawn. Lesson being that it doesn’t matter how young you are, you can see something even better. We just loved reading this story and connecting with it.

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Sharon, Lois & Bram’s Skinnamarink

Sharon, Lois & Bram’s Skinnamarink is a beloved children’s story and will be a favorite for generations to come. A true classic that everyone will love to read or sing (we loved singing it)! As an 80s baby, this book had a deeper meaning for me as I grew up watching The Elephant Show. It was one of my favorite shows to watch and my mom would sing me the song every time. It was one childhood memory that I remember so clearly and one that I cherish. Even though English was not my mom’s strength, she sang it so beautifully. Of course she had the actions down!

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My Love Is All Around

My Love Is All Around tugged at my heartstrings as it truly depicted the love between a parent and a child. As you take the bear journey with this Mommy and Baby Bear, you can see how love is all around us. It is a great reminder that sometimes we need to stop and look at our surroundings.

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What’s Inside A Flower?

What’s Inside A Flower? is the must have for the inner scientist blooming with flower inquiries. The detail in this book is impeccable and a lot of love went into it. You can’t help but truly appreciate the process of a flower and all it does for the world around us.

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Love From The Crayons

Love from the Crayons is another great story to add to the Crayon series of books. Even if you have not read the Crayon series, this is a great one to start with. It will have you loving love and colors!

Love From the Crayons brightly depicts the beauty of love with each page turn and color. We love how it helps children understand the power of love.

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Maya’s Big Scene | Book Review

Maya’s Big Scene sets the stage for the biggest production that Clark Alley has ever seen. Maya is a drama queen and wants the best production for the neighbourhood. However, when she makes a big scene on getting things done her way she realizes the importance of having others contribute to the production.

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The Aquanaut | Book Review

The Aquanaut is an inspiring story of how you can be anything that you want to be. It is about building your self-esteem and know your own possibilities. You can’t help but feel empower and the illustrations transport you between childhood and then the reality of this child. It was so beautiful to see the comparison of her words and then showing it applied to her adult reality. It shows that dreams can come true.

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We Adopted A Baby Lamb | Book Review

We Adopted A Baby Lamb is an adorable book based on a true story of a lamb named Albert. It isn’t difficult to fall in love with Albert as he adapts to life with his new family and country life.

As a parent I love the message of the importance for caring and owning a pet. It is a big responsibility and this story reflects that beautifully to help children understand. We saw how much work it was to care for a lamb and even though caring for any pet is. The love is there and they do become part of your family.

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A Story of Immigration and Inspiration | Watch Me

Watch Me truly encompasses what many people of all backgrounds faced when immigrating to another country. As a daughter of immigrants, I saw the struggle to create new roots in a new country and to work twice as hard to succeed for your family.

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The Last Straw | Book Review

The Last Straw is a creative and thoughtful story on the impact our actions can have on our environment. Follow along with Sippy on his journey as he discovers other single-use plastics and the danger that these plastics can have on our environment and the animals that live in it too. Sippy becomes very determined that we can work together to clean our world.

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5 More Sleeps ‘Till Christmas

5 More Sleeps ‘Till Christmas is Christmas magic perfection! A great story to lead up to the big day and everyone can relate to the excitement one feels waiting for Santa to arrive.

This book became a family favorite and very quickly in our home. You can’t help but admire the beautiful illustrations and the dash of humor throughout. The countdown was impeccably done and it had me remembering how it was for me as a child as I waited for the big day. We just absolutely loved this book from beginning to end.

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Nico Bravo And The Cella Dwellers

Nico Bravo and the Cella Dwellers is the second book in a series and brings back all the favorite ancient myths and legends with an epic makeover.

This middle-grade novel series brings adventure and hilarious comedy throughout. We just loved it and you can never go wrong with a novel series with a comic feel. It makes reading that much fun! 😉 It is a great fantasy graphic novel and it is great for kids eight to 12.

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The Black Friend on Being a Better White Person

The Black Friend on Being A Better White Person will provide an in-depth look into racism and white supremacy. It offers tools to better understand and see it. You won’t be able to put it down once you start reading it.” – Momma Braga

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The Fabled Stables: Willa the Wisp

Auggie Pound is eight years old and has the greatest job of all time: he cares for all the animals in the Fabled Stables. The Fabled Stables house the rarest creatures in existence — all of them one-of-a-kind. Auggie’s job is to care for these creatures, as well as track down and safely capture endangered magical beasts in the wild. Some mornings, he arrives to find an empty stall with the name of a new creature to rescue. One day, the Stables rearrange themselves out of the blue, creating a new stall. The sign over the gate says, “Wisp.” But what is a wisp and where is it? All Auggie can see is a moonlight swamp stretching out before him. Then a hungry HOWLLLLLLL rings out in the darkness. It’s up to Auggie to go into the swamp to find the wisp before it’s too late.

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The Princess in Black and the Giant Problem

The Princess in Black and the Giant Problem is the perfect adventure that will have you wanting more! We just loved it from beginning to end! The authors combined our love for princesses and superheroes into one – so awesome! We loved the idea that anyone can be a superhero especially working as a team. Fantastic message for young readers.

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The Tooth Fairy VS Santa

Santa and the Tooth Fairy go head-to-head in this funny, festive picture book perfect for the holidays!

Blue can’t wait to complete his first mission to become a Tooth Fairy. So when he arrives at a child’s house to collect her tooth and leave a coin, he’s surprised to see Santa there. Turns out it’s Christmas Eve, and jolly old Saint Nick is not ready to share the holiday! A competition to claim the night begins, but who will win the battle–Santa or the Tooth Fairy?

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The Hanukkah Magic of Nate Gadol

The Hanukkah Magic of Nate Gadol is a beautiful children’s story about the magic of Hanukkah. We loved reading this tale which was full of kindness and magic. It touched upon the Jewish Holiday of Hanukkah which I was able to explain to my six-year old who enjoyed learning about the different religious holidays. So important to enrich our children with the knowledge of other holidays and cultures.

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Juan Has The Jitters

Juan has the Jitters is a great children’s book and one that we would recommend for all to read as it helps teach kids about neurodiversity, inclusion and how we are all unique. We loved how the teacher came up with a creative way to empower Juan and show his amazing talent that he can offer the class.

You can’t help but cheer with the whole class at the end as Juan does an amazing job. Juan claps along with his class and this time it wasn’t for the jitters but for the joy of clapping with his classmates. Simply beautiful and it tugged at our heartstrings.

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Flying Painting The Zhou Brothers: A Story of Revolution and Art

Flying Painting The Zhou Brothers: A Story of Revolution and Art is based on a true story and it gives us a glimpse of the lives of the Zhou brothers who changed the world of art.

In this extraordinary biography, author Amy Alznauer joins with the Zhou Brothers to tell the story of their unique and often difficult childhood and their pursuit of a wild, impossible dream. The lyrical writing blends elements of legend, while the brothers’ dramatic illustrations soar with vibrant colors and surreal imagery from ancient Chinese cliff paintings.

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The Adventures of Princess Katie Putting Things Back

The Adventures of Princess Katie Putting Things Back is a great children’s book to introduce organization skills to your little ones. Every parent can relate when playtime hits the house like a tornado there is a huge mess to clean up. Many times it is hard for little ones to understand to put things away and this book is perfect to explain it.

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When We Stayed Home | Book Review

When We Stayed Home gives us whimsical illustrations and relatable prose, When We Stayed Home helps young children navigate all of their great big feelings and cheer themselves on during the upheaval of pandemic, honoring their role as the “super-helpers” they are by washing their hands, wearing masks, social distancing and staying home. Along with the family dog as his trusty sidekick, When We Stayed Home’s super-helper builds virus-free forts, decorates silly toilet paper-shaped cookies, enjoys screen visits and dance parties with family and friends, and relies on his resourceful creativity and imagination to weather the virus storm.

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Julián At The Wedding

Julián at the Wedding is a beautiful children’s story that embraces uniqueness, friendship and love. We truly enjoyed reading this book and Nikki loved how kind Julián is with his new friend Marisol. We also enjoyed the joy everyone was having in celebrating love at a wedding.

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The Boy and the Gorilla

On the day of his mother’s funeral, a young boy conjures the very visitor he needs to see: a gorilla. Wise and gentle, the gorilla stays on to answer the heart-heavy questions the boy hesitates to ask his father: Where did his mother go? Will she come back home? Will we all die? Yet with the gorilla’s friendship, the boy slowly begins to discover moments of comfort in tending flowers, playing catch, and climbing trees. Most of all, the gorilla knows that it helps to simply talk about the loss – especially with those who share your grief and who may feel alone, too.

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Fauja Singh Keeps Going

Fauja Singh was born determined. He was also born with legs that wouldn’t allow him to play cricket with his friends or carry him to school miles from his village in Punjab. But that didn’t stop him. Working on his family’s farm, Fauja grew stronger to meet his own full potential.

He never stopped striving. At the age of 81, after a lifetime of making his body, mind, and heart stronger, Fauja decided to run his first marathon. He went on to break records all around the world and became the first person over 100 to complete the grueling long-distance race.

With exuberant text by Simran Jeet Singh and exhilarating illustrations by Baljinder Kaur, the true story of Fauja Singh reminds us that both where we start and how we finish that make our journeys unforgettable.

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Girl on a Motorcycle

One day, a girl gets on her motorcycle and rides away. She wants to wander the world. To go…Elsewhere.

This is the true story of the first woman to ride a motorcycle around the world alone. Each place has something to teach her. Each place is beautiful. And despite many flat ties and falls, she learns to always get back up and keep riding.

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Will You Be My Friend?

Will You Be My Friend? tugged at my little rabbit heart as we love rabbits as the main characters! In this children’s story, we go along with Little Nutbrown Hare exploring until he finally makes a friend. The friendship and bond that they develop in the story is heartfelt and pure. We just loved how it was articulated so beautifully in the story.

We have to also mention that the illustrations are breathtaking in the most classic way. It truly made the story feel complete and we know this story will become another classic in children’s literature.

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Stink and the Hairy, Scary Spider

Stink and the Hairy, Scary Spider is a great story of overcoming fears with a dash of humor along the way. Another impeccable book to add to the Judy Moody and Stink series.

I just loved reading this story and going on another adventure with Stink. There is even a little extra bonus included in the story which is instructions on making an Origami Jumping Frog. We thought that was super cool!

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See the Cat: Three Stories About A Dog

See the Cat: Three Stories About A Dog is a great story for early readers and it will have everyone laugh out loud. Absolutely love the banter between dog and book throughout the three stories. We were very glad that by the end of the story, the dog finally got a better ending to the story with some tough negotiating. 😉

The illustrations and storyline are a perfect combination to make this easy and fun for young readers. The repetitive wording is fantastic for early readers as it helps them pick up on reading much quicker. Nikki truly loved reading this book with me and I know in no time she will be reading this on her own to her family. It was hard to just read without giggling along the way.

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V is For Voting | Book Review

V is for Voting is an engaging ABC book that introduces kids to concepts like social justice, civil rights, and democracy. Featuring Kate Farrell’s playful rhyming text, Caitlin Kuhwald’s bold art, and thoughtful material for further exploration, the book is a beautiful, and crucial, addition to every young reader’s library.

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My Favorite Color | Book Review

People always ask for your favorite color. But who said you can only have one? Open this gorgeous board book to find an ode to ever-changing colors, offering a spectrum of hues evoking the sun, the sea, clouds, and dew-dappled fruit. In colorful grids of small squares – some translucent inserts, some painted on the pages – Aaron Becker uses layering to make colors shift and transition from spread to mesmerizing spread. As fun to look at as an alluring paint-chip display and as inspiring as an artful concept book can be, My Favorite Color promises to be a favorite, well-thumbed read and a prized art object in itself.

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Jabari Tries | Book Review

Jabari Tries is a great children’s story that exemplifies emotions and great problem solving skills. We loved how it highlighted engineering into the story. The bond between father and child showcased beautifully and we love how the little sister was brought into the engineer plans. The emotions that Jabari feels throughout the process are all natural feelings and the problem-solving used in the story was brilliant!

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Show-How Guides: Paper Airplanes

Show-How Guides: Paper Airplanes is a great book for children to learn how to make paper airplanes. We love how this guide provides illustrations with step-by-step tutorials on 11 essential airplane models.

We took it to the test and tried one out ourselves and we went with the Eagle style which is featured below. After a few tries we got it! It is perfectly ok to feel frustrated at first but never give up. We didn’t give up and we loved the result. By the end, you will feel like an expert.

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Love Is Powerful | Book Review

Love is Powerful is an empowering children’s book that is so refreshing to read. We loved the storyline and illustrations throughout. The message is loud and clear for our young activists that every voice should be heard. But most importantly that you CAN be heard.

We love how the book included a note from Mari who is the star of the story and her telling us of her real life experience of being heard. A six year old inspired everyone to chant “Love is Powerful.” It is empowering to hear stories like this as it reminds us that we all can be heard.

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A Children’s Book That Brings Out Your Inner Artist

Make Your Mark Gallery: A Coloring Book-ish is an amazing children’s book that embraces your inner artist. This is absolutely the perfect book for our family as Nikki loves being artistic. Each page provides a different frame that you can use to create your masterpiece. Once completed, your child can write their name, date and the name of the drawing.

Your child can give their photo to someone that they love or they can add their photo to their own art gallery. You can even be creative and do an art gallery opening where your child can display their artwork for all to see. We have started the process and we are hoping by Thanksgiving in October we can have “Nikki’s Art Gallery” ready to show our immediate family.

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It’s Not A School Bus, It’s A Pirate Ship

It’s Not A School Bus, It’s A Pirate Ship is the great adventure that will get you ready for the school year.

The illustrations are vibrant and really bring the story to life. The storyline is full of imagination perfection and will help the little ones shake their school gitters away. Who would not want to travel to school in a pirate ship?! I know I would sign up for that! 🙂

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Llama Unleashes The Alpacalypse | Book Review

Llama Unleashes The Alpacalypse must be the funniest book we have read so far this year! It truly had us laughing out loud throughout. Just imagine the world filled with cleaning alpacas! Just the thought of that alone makes me giggle (lol).

The idea of making clones had me and Nikki talking about what we would want our clones to do in our place. I of course had a LONG list of tasks that I would be happy to pass onto my clone and Nikki just had one item on her list. “I would make my clone do my bed! Everything else I can do myself!” – Nikki, Age 6

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Three Squeezes Gives Our Hearts All The Feels | Book Review

Three Squeezes truly gives us the full picture of parenthood in the most beautiful way.

As we follow the parent journey of one dad, we see the bond that he shares with his son. We see how a father’s love is there through it all by his symbolic use of squeezes. These heartfelt gestures is then returned from son to father as he ages. Simply beautiful and tugs at heart strings.

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Let’s Get Sleepy! | Book Review

Let’s Get Sleepy is an amazing story that is beautifully told and illustrated. We love the use of cats in this adventure as their goal throughout their day is to find Sleepy the mouse. However, despite their great efforts they always seem to miss him. Even though they didn’t catch him, they do end up being “sleepy” after all.

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Thomas Wildus And The Wizard Of Sumeria | Book Review

Thomas Wildus and the Wizard of Sumeria is another epic adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat! If you haven’t read the first book in the series, we do recommend to give it a read as it’s fantastic! J.M. Bergen has done it again by bringing Thomas Wildus and his friends in another action packed journey.

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I’m Sticking With You | Book Review

I’m Sticking With You will be stuck with us as we loved it a lot. A beautifully told and illustrated story about friendship.

Friendships are hard work even with a best friend. Sometimes there can be bumps on the road and we may feel like it’s best distance ourselves instead of working it out. Luckily, Squirrel was able to realize fairly quickly of the great friendship had with Bear. They were able to work through some friendship bumps and they realized how important they were to each other.

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A Little Space For Me | Book Review

A Little Space For Me  is absolute perfection! As a mom of an almost six-year-old, personal space has been extinct for years. To have a creative and clever story to read to bring up the concept of space is exactly the story that I have been waiting for. It is beautifully illustrated and the narrative is brilliant.

By the end of the story, a lightbulb went off in my very social butterfly daughter. “OH! Mommy when you say you need space, it means you need time to just think and relax.” YES! Now we are just working on finding our own personal spaces where we can learn, focus and just be one. 😉

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Ways To Welcome | Book Review

Ways to Welcome is the perfect children’s story for that first day of school, when you move or when you are about to meet new people. It is a heartwarming story and with a world that seems to be drifting apart, this is a great reminder of the importance of being welcoming to others.

We love the diversity that the story portrays and we love all the beautiful gestures that is used to show kindness to others. The importance of making people feel welcomed and loved felt so genuine and honest. The way it is written in this story is engaging for young readers and the illustrations are captivating.

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When Pencil Met The Markers | Book Review

When Pencil Met The Markers is an amazing children’s book! It gives the reader everything that you would want from a story: vibrant illustrations, humor, and a great message to bring out your most creative self.

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In The Book With…Nikki’s Unicorn Adventure

Nikki’s Unicorn Adventure is the story that our Nikki has been waiting for! “Wow! I’m finally a Unicorn,” Nikki exclaimed. It was with great delight to read this magical adventure and see what Nikki the Unicorn was all about. Instantly you are captivated by the bright illustrations that are all hand-drawn beautifully. It was a well written adventure and Nikki got excited seeing her name in each page. We loved how the publisher inserted the child’s name into each page and the child has to find it within the page. It added an extra special touch that we adored!

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The Word For Friend | Book Review

Kemala the pangolin is sure she’s going to make friends at her new school in her new country. After all, Kemala loves to talk. The kids at school like talking, too –but their words are all different. This country speaks a language Kemala doesn’t know.

At first, no one understands Kemala either. This realization makes her curl into a little ball, like most pangolins do when they’re nervous. But a classmate helps draw her out with an art project that doubles as a vocabulary exchange. Soon, Kemala is learning the most universal language of all: friendship.

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TinkerActive Series Brings Fun To Learning

With TinkerActive Workbooks, learning leaps off the page and into the real world! Each workbook covers essential math and science concepts while encouraging your child to tinker, make and engineer. All books are aligned to Common Core State Standards.

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You Matter | Book Review

You Matter is exactly the children’s story that we should all be reading. The concept of the story is to engage the audience with the world in a new way and to see how everyone is connected. Most importantly it reflects that fact that everyone matters.

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Buckle Up: A Children’s Imaginary Journey About Self-Control

Buckle Up is a children’s story that can be used as a tool to help navigate a child’s emotions. We all know how difficult it can be to express how we are feeling and at times how to express it. This book is perfect to help children navigate their own feelings so they can better understand and cope with them. It is done in the most creative way as we take a trip to imagination land where we drive through situations and find the best solution to overcome them. This book is also a great reminder that sometimes we are all faced with situations that are out of our control. The best thing we can do for ourselves is to take a deep breath and remember that we are in control of our own feelings. The message is perfect as we are all facing the pandemic together, but far apart.

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The Authenticity Project | Book Review

The Authenticity Project is superb! It combined it all; friendship, real, love and the ability to make us think. I loved the set-up of the story with the green notebook. It lead to the creation of a group of friends that would otherwise have not gotten together. But the best part of this book, is showing how our best selves is being our honest selves.

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Michael Recycle Meets Borat The Space Cat

Michael Recycle Meets Borat The Space Cat combines imagination, fun and learning into one great children’s book. An important lesson learned in the most magical way and that is through storytelling. The characters in the story make it so much more fun and they truly offer that dash of humor to keep everyone engaged. How can you not smile or giggle with Borat the Cat?! His name screams giggles and his illustration completes it!

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Ocean! Waves For All | Book Review

Ocean! Waves For All let’s us dive into the amazing world of Ocean and all it’s amazing wonder. We even have Ocean himself giving us the load down of his amazing features. Ocean has a very cool personality and it shines throughout the story, dude! 😉

We loved learning all about Ocean in this great children’s story. It is no surprise that we loved this book since it is the same duo who provided us with Earth! My First 4.54 Billion Year.

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You Be Mommy

You Be Mommy is the story that I have been waiting for! Being a mother is the hardest job that I have ever done and I do get exhausted with my many responsibilities. Therefore, it is nice to have a break and ask someone else to be mommy. This story is relatable and full of heart with a dash of humor that will have your child giggling.

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Go to Sleep (I Miss You)

Go to Sleep (I Miss You) had me laughing out loud and relating to many of the comics inside. It is a perfect representation of the realities of motherhood for many and I just adored it!

I would imagine my journal would look similar to this one. Too bad I didn’t think of writing down my thoughts during that time. It would be interesting to see what exactly my sleep deprived mind would write. This is why I appreciate this book even more as this mom expressed her thoughts and feelings through comics. Bravo! I would definitely recommend for moms to give this a read if you want to have a good chuckle along the way. 😉

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You Belong is the Perfect Book For New Parents

You Belong truly warmed my heart and took me back to my pregnancy as we awaited the arrival of our baby girl. It reminded me of the power of love at no sight as we love our baby before we even meet them. It truly is a magically experience and one that is conveyed so beautifully in this story.

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Peter & Ernesto Sloths in the Night

Peter & Ernesto Sloths in the Night had me at sloths! I have a soft spot for sloths and was very excited to read this comic style story. A story about the depths we go for our friends and the discoveries we make about ourselves in the process.

As the sloths search for their beloved friend Bernard, they learn how brave they truly are and they help some new friends along the way. A story about adventure, friendships and knowing that you don’t always have to be right. Lessons that we can all learn from.

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Gold Rush Girl | Book Review

Gold Rush Girl is set during the Gold Rush of 1894 and is filled with adventure to draw a reader in. What captivated me as a reader was the strong female main character, Victoria (Tory). She embraces the unknown and refuses to be underestimated – love that! Tory also portrays great qualities such as being a good friend and being empathetic toward others. Furthermore, she becomes aware of her own shortcomings. Not in a way that belittles her strong character, but rather provides a depth look to who she is. You can’t help but respect it as you see her grow.

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How to Give Your Cat a Bath In Five Easy Steps

How to Give Your Cat a Bath in Five Easy Steps made us giggle out loud. We are cat lovers and we know how much they just “love” baths so we were intrigued on how this clever girl could accomplish such a task. After following all five steps and a few more added, it was quickly learned that the best way to give a cat a bath is to actually let them to do it themselves. 😉

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The Little Engine’s Easter Egg Hunt

The Little Engine’s Easter Egg Hunt is delightful and sure to please your young reader. This story is part of the Penguin Young Readers Level 2 which we loved as Nikki got to practice her reading skills with this story. The levels determines which reader it is best suited for and a description is provided at the back to help guide parents. This is the first time we have read a book from the Penguin Young Readers and we absolutely love it! Makes me want to check out many more.

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The Tooth Fairy VS The Easter Bunny

The Tooth Fairy VS The Easter Bunny takes us to an epic battle between Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny. A fun, creative story with illustrations to match is what you can expect from this great children’s book. It even offers that dash of humor that will have you and your little ones giggling. The battle is fierce and you wonder who will come out the winner. At the end, everyone is the winner as new friendships are formed. What better way to truly win a battle, but to rise with friends by your side.

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Teddy Bear of The Year Warms Our Hearts

Teddy Bear of The Year is truly a “beary” great children’s book. You can’t help but fall in love with this story and Ollie who realizes an important lesson – no act of kindness is too small!
After reading this story, I turned to Nikki and asked, “Do you have a favorite teddy?” Nikki replied with excitement and said, “I have many and they all mean so much to me.” As she went through her teddy bears, I noticed they all had a special story and they truly have been there to comfort her when she needed them most.

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Jasmine Green Rescues Series

Meet Jasmine Green, an aspiring veterinarian who adores animals, in a heartwarming new chapter-book series.

Jasmine Green loves animals. Her mother is a veterinarian. Her father is a farmer. And her brother and sister are…well, they’re mostly annoying. But being in the Green family means seeing and taking care of animals all the time. In the first two books of the series, author Helen Peters and illustrator Ellie Snowdon introduce clever, caring Jasmine and some lovabale animals while capturing the beauty and bustle of a family farm. Reminiscent of James Herriot’s and Dick King-Smith’s classic stories, yet thoroughly modern, the Jasmine Green series is perfect for animal-loving readers.

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Emily Windsnap and the Tides of Time

Emily Windsnap and the Tides of Time has everything you can expect from the author, Liz Kessler.

Adventure awaits as Emily wishes and travels to the future to save the day. Loved how the story flows and the vivid descriptions of the futures are amazing.

My favorite takeaway from this book is the importance of recycling and keeping our oceans clean. Great message to pass onto tweens in this latest Emily Windsnap story.

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Morning Sunshine!

“Morning, Sunshine! A beautiful story using haiku’s to describe nature that surrounds us as the sun rises to start a new day. A must read story with your little ones.” – Momma Braga

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Folktales for Fearless Girls

Folktales for Fearless Girls: The Stories We Were Never Told is absolutely amazing for all young girls! This book contains 14 simply wonderful stories of heroines at it’s finest and I loved it from beginning to end. Nikki is a little young to enjoy these stories but I am delighted that I have them at my fingertips for her as she gets a bit older to enjoy them too.

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Kaia and the Bees | Book Review

We loved the storyline as it not only provides the important conversation of bees and the importance of them but it shows how compassion can make a difference in the way we look at things. We also love the illustrations in the book too. Such an important tale to tell to our young children. Therefore, for this #MelAndNikkiReview, we give it 5 buzzes out of 5! Such a great story to really help the conversation on how we can protect the bees!

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Home Base: A Mother – Daughter Story

Home Base: A Mother-Daughter Story is a heartwarming, empowering and inspiring for all children.

We just love when publishers know us so well and send us the perfect book that offers so much inspiration! We love seeing women in roles that normally they do not fulfill and the little girls who break gender boundaries. To us this is a home run!

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My Best Friend | Book Review

Friendships are so important to build especially at a young age. We have always encouraged Nikki to build great friendships which have taught her to share, to be kind and to love others. The power of friendship is amazing.

This is why we felt that we could relate to this story as it tells the story of friendship. We thought it was so neat to be told from the child’s perspective and I felt like I was watching my own daughter making friends. I giggled at the end when the little girl says I don’t know her name. That is exactly how my daughter made friends when she was younger. Everyone was her best friend but she didn’t know any of their names.

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Friday Night Wrestle Fest

Friday Night Wrestle Fest is the perfect bedtime story, especially for our family. As many of our loyal readers may already know how much we love watching wrestling. Therefore, when we got this book we screamed for joy (literally!). Now since we do know wrestling, this book was put to the ultimate test to see if it will pass our expertise review. Did they make it?

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Facts VS Opinions VS Robots

Facts vs. Opinions vs. Robots is robotastic! Who doesn’t love a book with robots giving us some life lessons?!

I know we love it! A superb way to explain the difference between fact and opinions. Such an important topic to discuss and one that we were so glad to have read with our five-year-old. We love the questions within the book that allows us as parents to ask our child the question and discuss it fully. It was an amazing exercise to do. We even used some of our own examples to see if we could tell the difference.

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Surviving The Holidays (Hell-i-Daze)

Surviving the Holidays (HELL-i- DAZE) literally had me laughing out loud from beginning to end. It is very relatable to us hard working moms who always go beyond for everyone. The daily diary format was a neat touch and helped us follow Miss OMG’s year as she goes through all the wonderful holidays throughout the year. Never noticed how many there are – geez!

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James Rhodes Playlist: The Rebels and Revolutionaries of Sound

James Rhodes Playlist: The Rebels And Revolutionaries Of Sound is a great book on seven composers who changed history and inspired millions.
Reading this book took me back to Grade 7 and 8 when I learned about these composers in music class. However, back then I didn’t appreciate what I was learning and the impact it had in our music today. This book helped piece all that together for me (many many many years later). Absolutely loved the rich history and the playlist that James includes in the book which is absolutely perfect. It is recommended to listen as you go through the book. You can check it out on Spotify or you can visit to give it a listen. I loved it!

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The Pink Umbrella | Book Review

The Pink Umbrella is a beautiful story from beginning to end. You are instantly captivated by the character, Adele, and you can’t help but fall in love with this story of love.
The mystery gifts allowed Adele to enjoy the one thing she didn’t like the most; rain. During her new appreciation for it, you can say that love bloomed. We don’t want to spoil it completely for future readers but it is the sweetest story.

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Puppy Love and Just in Time For Valentine’s Day

Puppy Love is absolutely delightful and adorable!

We love the rhyming in the story as it makes it so fun to read. We also love the texture on each page as it encourages your little one to feel the animal faces. It is absolutely perfect for little ones.

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We Really Do Care | Book Review

We Really Do Care is a heartfelt story that is perfect for Valentine’s Day. It embodies the true meaning of love and about caring. An amazing message for children to learn and a reminder for us adults too. 😉

The story shows us the importance of compassion, empathy, and shows us how a small act of kindness can make a world of a difference. If we all do more of it, the world would be a much better place. We also loved the illustrations as they are perfect with this story and the use of colors truly make it appealing to see.

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Snakes on the Job | Book Review

Snakes on the Job gives us a quick look into the construction world as we are introduced to different machinery that is used in the field. Best part is to see the end result of what building together can build.

We loved reading this story and the illustrations are absolutely adorable! We especially loved it since it talks about construction and it is inspiring for little ones and future builders. We also love the use of sibilant sounds and wordplay which made the story so much more fun to read.

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Something Lost Something Found

Something Lost Something Found lightly touches on how Ella grieves and how she finds happiness again. Dealing with loss and grief is difficult for anyone and at any age. This is why it is an honour for us to introduce you all to a new children’s book who takes on expressing loss in the most beautiful way; through words of comfort.

Full of empathy, compassion and understanding, this book will touch all hearts. The gentleness on a tough topic is what I loved the most. The journey to find happiness is beautifully written and illustrated.

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It’s Okay To Be A Unicorn Embraces Uniqueness

It’s Okay to be a Unicorn has tickled our hearts pink with love. We haven’t used that term in a really long time in our reviews and we felt that this book definitely deserved it. We loved it from beginning to end and we especially loved the message of embracing your uniqueness!

Such a positive book to read with your child(ren) or if your child can read, have them read it to you. It will be a great one to share with your family. It’s Okay To Be A Unicorn also exemplifies kindness throughout the story and who couldn’t use more kindness in their lives?! I know that I sure love to see and feel it.

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Baby Shark! Hits Storytime

Baby Shark is now available for storytime with an adorable picture book to please your little one. It is a fun and engaging book that will have everyone dancing and singing along. How can you not?! I know that I went into full dance mode as soon as we started to read the book. I think that is what makes this book so great as we can all sing-a-long, even if you don’t have children in your life (hehe).

Nikki sure did love this book as she got to read the words in it and since she knew the song, it helped her learn what the words look like. To us, this was a great learning experience for her and that is always a bonus for us. Nikki also loved being able to read the book to her younger cousin, Adriana, who also loved singing along. You can’t go wrong with a catchy story to get everyone engaged in storytime.

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Madame Badobedah | Book Review

A hotel is a great place to live if you’re an adventurer, There are rooms to explore, guests to spy on, and secrets just waiting to be discovered.
Mabel likes to keep an eye on all the comings and goings at the Mermaid Hotel. When a mysterious old lady moves in, with a jewel-filled trunk and a beady-eyed pet tortoise, Mabel vows to watch her every move. Because this guest, Mabel decides, is a supervillan. But even supervillans have a soft side, and as an unlikely friendship grows between the pair, their fantastical exploits take them well beyond the corridors of their hotel home.

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Fry Bread: A Native American Family Story

“The story of fry bread is the story of American Indians: embracing community and culture in the face of opposition.” – Kevin Noble Maillard


Told in a lively and powerful verse by debut author Kevin Noble Maillard, Fry Bread is an evocative depiction of a modern Native American family, vibrantly illustrated by Pura Belpre Award winner and Caldecott Honoree Juana Martinez-Neal.

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Great Children’s Books for Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving around the corner in the United States, we have two great children’s books that will add to the festivities.

Be Thankful, Pout-Pout Fish

Gobble! Gobble! It’s Thanksgiving under the sea, and Mr. Fish has much to be grateful for. Toddlers will love swimming along with the pout-pout fish as he turns little pouts into big smiles in this original board book.

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The Lost Christmas | Book Review

It’s time to decorate the tree for Christmas — but Grandad can’t find any of his ornaments! The hunt for the missing decorations takes the children up and down in Grandad’s bric-a-brac-filled house and out into a winter wonderland. And when every ornament is on the tree at last, Grandad has a wonderful holiday surprise in store.

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There’s an Elf in Your Book Brings Witt and Fun

“There’s an Elf in Your Book is witty, fun and asks the biggest question on all our minds…Did we make it on the nice list?” – Momma Braga

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The Crayons’ Christmas | Book Review

‘Tis the season for all of us to write our holiday wish lists. But everyone – even the crayons – know the best presents are the ones that you give. In this unique book, readers get to see how Duncan, the crayons, and their families celebrate the holidays. With real, folded letters from the Crayons that you can pull from their envelopes and read, games, punch-out ornaments, a poster, and a pop-up tree, this book is the perfect gift for fans of The Day the Crayons Quit and The Day the Crayons Came Home.

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Peppa Pig and The Christmas Play

“Peppa Pig and the Christmas Play will show you the power of a promise in the most adorable way.” – Momma Braga

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Maisy’s Christmas Party | Book Review

You’ve got mail! When Maisy invites her friends to a holiday party, she receives several pull-out gifts that she’s happy to share with fans.

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We’re Going on a Bear Hunt | Christmas Activity Book

Inspired by the animated special based on a beloved classic, this treasure trove of activities, fun facts, and more than a hundred stickers is the perfect gift for a magical time of year.

There’s so much to make, do, and discover in the countdown to Christmas! Whether kids like staying indoors to make crafts or stepping outside to explore, they’ll find plenty of ideas in this gem of a book. Would you like to create a wreath, design your own cards, pr make a special cake for the birds? How about learning some seasonal jokes, looking for winter creatures, or completing a Christmas tree calendar with stickers? With easy-to-follow instructions, charming illustrations, and plenty of holiday spirit, this hands-on guide to making the most of the season will children entertained and inspired.

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The Little Snowplow Wishes For Snow

“The Little Snowplow shows us the power of a birthday wish and we absolutely adore it!” – Momma Braga

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Red Rover Curiosity on Mars

“Red Rover is a gorgeously illustrated tale that explores the vast, inhospitable landscape of Mars and the adventures of the little rover that calls the planet its home.”

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The Shortest Day | Book Review

As the sun sets on the shortest day of the year, early people would gather to prepare for the long night ahead. They built fires and lit candles. They played music, bringing their own light to the darkness, while wondering if the sun would ever rise again. Written for a theatrical production that has become a ritual in itself, Susan Cooper’s poem “The Shortest Day” captures the magic behind the returning of the light, the yearning for traditions that connect us with generations that have gone before – and the hope for peace that we carry into the future. Richly illustrated by Carson Ellis with a universality that spans the centuries, this beautiful book evokes the joy and community found in the ongoing mystery of life when we celebrate light, thankfulness, and festivity at a time of rebirth. Welcome Yule!

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Rainbow Rangers Rocks Reading Time

Reading time just got a whole new set of colors streaming in! Let us introduce you to the Rainbow Rangers!

Rainbow Rangers is an American computer-animated television series produced by Genius Brands which premiered on Nick Jr. on November 5, 2018. The series follows seven 9-year-old magical girls – Rosie Redd, Bonnie Blueberry, Indigo Allfruit, Anna Banana, Mandarin Orange, Pepper Mintz, and Lavender LaViolette – who are represented by the colors of the rainbow.

Now the series can be taken to bedtime with the book series. We got to review four of the books and are delighted to share it with all of you.

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Gigantosaurus Series Takes A Chomp On Reading Time

If you have a little one in your home, you may have encountered The Gigantosaurus TV series. If not, let us give you a little bit of the low down.

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Elbow Grease Is Back In A New Story

Elbow Grease may be little but he’s got grit and gumption to spare — and he’s back! It’s time for Elbow Grease to face off against the gnarly monster machine Motozilla. Luckily, Elbow Grease can count on his four big brothers to rev their engines and help him try to beat the beast! From multi-talented mega celebrity John Cena comes this exciting story about the importance of believing in yourself. Full of action-packed illustrations and characters kids will cheer for, this fun and fast-paced book proves that teamwork makes the dream work!

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Suffragette: The Battle For Equality

A New York Times best-selling illustrator turns his talents to a lavish history of the women’s suffrage movement in the U.K. and the U.S. just in time for the hundredth anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment.

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Mother, No Other Like Her Tributes To A Mother’s Love

Mothers play an important and special role in the lives of their children. I know that I personally admire my mom for all that she does for her children and grandchildren. A mothers’ love is unconditional and has no bound.

At times it can be difficult to truly articulate the inspirations our mothers give to us. However, one Toronto author has done it in colouring book format that you will want to see.

We are honoured to introduce you all to, Mother, No Other Like Her, which was inspired by the author’s mother’s life.

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We Toot! | Book Review

We Toot! is a great children’s book that talks about a topic that many people shy away from and that is tooting. With a dash of humor and understanding, these six friends learn that tooting is normal and they should love their bodies for the way they are.

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Dasher Brings A Tale Full Of Hope, Love and Magic

“Dasher is a captivating tale that gives us all the feels of the Christmas Spirit with the story of Dasher.” – Momma Braga

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Just Because Is A Charming Bedtime Story

Why is the ocean blue? What is the rain? What happened to the dinosaurs? It might be time for bed, but one child is too full of questions about the world to go to sleep just yet. Little ones and their parents will be charmed and delighted as a patient father offers up increasingly creative responses to his child’s nighttime wonderings. Any child who has ever asked “Why?” – and any parent who has attempted an explanation – will recognize themselves in this sweet storybook for dreamers who are looking for answers beyond “Just because.”

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Judy Moody Book Quiz Whiz

Judy Moody is in it to win it. Win the Book Quiz Blowout, that is. Judy and her brother, Stink, are two-fifths of the Virginia Dare Bookworms, and they’ve been reading up a storm to prepare for Saturday’s face-off against second- and third-grade readers from the next town. Judy’s trying out all kinds of tactics, from hanging upside down like Pippi Longstocking to teaching herself to speed read The Princess in Black, and Stink has fashioned a cape of book trivia sticky notes to help him remember all the penguins in Mr. Popper’s Penguins. But when Judy, Stink, and their fellow teammates discover the other group has a fourth-grader (no lie!), they get a bit nervous. Are the Bookworks up to the challenge?

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Fairies VS Unicorns

Have you ever had the disagreement of which one was better: Fairies or Unicorns? Do you have a specific magical creature that you love the most?

Well, we have been presented with this very question by one of our favorite book publishers, Tundra Books. Of course there is no better way to determine our answer with two new stories that feature each character in depth. From beloved BC creators Ashley Spires and Cale Atkinson come two new picture books celebrating those most magical of creatures, fairies and unicorns!

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Smell My Foot!

“A silly but adorable young readers book that will have everyone laughing out loud and learn a very important lesson too!” – Momma Braga

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Twins | Book Review

“A heartfelt celebration of twins and all the ups and a few downs that come along with it.” – Momma Braga

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Snowmen At Halloween | Book Review

“Snowmen at Halloween encompasses great imagination and breathtaking illustrations that every child will enjoy to read.” – Momma Braga

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If Animals Went To School

“An adorable children’s book that can help with the first day of school butterflies.”
– Momma Braga

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Why? | Book Review

Bear just wants to water his flowers, but Rabbit needs to know: why? Bear is looking forward to a peaceful night of stargazing, but all Rabbit cares about is: why?

As the two friends spend time together through spring, summer, and into fall, Rabbit persistently and simply asks Bear why, encouraging the readers to figure out for themselves the reason for each question that Bear patiently answers, over and over again…until there’s a question that he has no answer for.

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My Grandma and Me | Book Review

When Mina is growing up in Iran, the center of her world is her grandmother. Whether visiting friends next door, going to the mosque for midnight prayers during Ramadan, or taking an imaginary trip around the planets, Mina and her grandma are never far apart.

This autobiographical story is at once deeply personal and genuinely universal. And it is a gorgeous celebration of the way love can be more powerful than the constraints of time and space.

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Dino Does Yoga

“Dino brings yoga to the hearts of children in this adorable children’s book.” – Momma Braga

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Don’t Drink the Pink

“Don’t Drink the Pink is a children’s book full of imagination, heart and a story that can resonate with a child and adults alike.” – Momma Braga

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Unstoppable Me | Book Review

Unstoppable Me is about the sort of energetic child we all know and love – full of fun and play…and a bit exhausting! In this book, we see an unstoppable little boy, run, jump, and soar through his day. He takes a little time to refuel, then he’s back at it – zooming and zipping around. From #1 New York Times bestselling author, Susan Verde, comes a poetic and joyful book about the celebration of an active child.

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Go For The Moon | Book Review

The Moon is out tonight. In the morning, three brave men will fly there and try to walk on it.”

The Apollo 11 astronauts have prepared carefully for their attempt to be the first men to land on the Moon. The young narrator of this book has prepared carefully, too: He explains the design of the spacecraft the flight from Earth to the Moon, and the drama of touching down – while shadowing the astronauts’ voyage with one of his own.

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Carson Crosses Canada | Book Review

“Pack your bags as we travel alongside Carson through Canada. It is a grand adventure with an even grand surprise for Carson at the end.” – Momma Braga

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The Not-So Great Outdoors

“What’s so great about the great outdoors? It’s not like there’s anything out there! No buildings, no electricity, no playgrounds. But could there be something…even better?”

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Little Senses Series

“The Little Senses series, inspired by creator Samantha Cotterill’s own life, illuminates the experience of children on the autism spectrum as they navigate life’s everyday overwhelming moments with the goal of destigmatizing and normalizing their behaviors.”

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The Fog | Book Review

Warble is a small yellow warbler who lives on the beautiful island of Icyland, where he pursues his hobby of human watching. But on a warm day, a deep fog rolls in and obscures his view. The rest of the birds don’t seem to notice the fog or the other changes Warble observes on the island. The more the fog is ignored, the more it spreads. When a Red-hooded Spectacled Female (Juvenile) appears, Warble discovers that he’s not the only one who notices the fog. Will they be able to find others who can see it too? And is the fog here to stay?

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Wipe Clean Travel Books Just In Time For Summer Vacation

Summer vacation time is quickly approaching as the school year ends and summer begins for most kids. At this time many families have already or are planning summer vacation. This might mean a car trip or even an airplane ride. But how can your kids be entertained on the trip without the use of a tablet?

We are delighted to introduce you to two books that can be used on your next summer trip: Wipe Clean Vacation Time Activities and Wipe Clean Road Trip Activities.

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Hair Love | Book Review

Zuri’s hair lets her be her. It coils and kinks to perfectly match a princess tiara or a superhero cape. But an extra-special day calls for an extra-special style!

Comb in hand, Daddy steps in to help Zuri find the perfect fit. With heartwarming text and radiant illustrations, Hair Love celebrates the curls that are uniquely yours, the bond between dads and daughters, and the joy that fills you up when you get to express yourself freely.

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Babymoon | Book Review

Inside the cozy house, a baby has arrived! The world is eager to meet the newcomer, but there will be time enough for that later. Right now, the family is on its babymoon: cocooning, connecting, learning, and muddling through each new concern. While the term “babymoon” is often used to refer to a parents’ getaway before the birth of a child, it was originally coined by midwives to describe days like these: at home with a newborn, with the world held at bay and the wonder of a new family constellation unfolding.

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Count on Me | Book Review

Some people see the beauty of the world through art.

Some people see the beauty of the world through music.

Our heroine sees the beauty of the world through…math?

Other’s don’t understand her passion, but she doesn’t mind. There are infinite ways to see the world. And her way is through math.

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Where’s Waldo? Exciting Expeditions

On the road again? Planning a vacation? Be sure to pack this compact compendium full of things to spot, story games to play, and puzzles to create, featuring the elusive Waldo and his wily friends. Want a creative challenge to boot? Check out the writing prompts for making up your own stories, plus bonus journal pages inviting you to record your own travel escapades and a creative story game with twenty-four cards. Move over, Waldo – there’s more than one intrepid traveler in town!

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It’s Not A Bed, It’s A Time Machine

Bedtime means lights out, with dark corners and spooky sounds. But it also means…ADVENTURE!

Because it’s not a bed, it’s a time machine! And you’re about to ride it to the coolest time of all – the age of the dinosaurs. Get ready to make a tyrannosaurus-sized friend who’ll help you become the Boss of Bedtime.

So pay attention! While tonight’s sleep will span millions of years, it’ll feel like it’s over in the blink of an eye.

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Now? Not Yet! | Book Review

“Peanut wants to swim NOW, Moe says NOT YET! A sweet and cheerful book about overcoming differences.”

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Summer | Book Review

In Summer, the burning hot sun hangs in the sky, and animals race to find a spot of shade in the grasslands. They finally find shelter under a tree, but neither the elephant, the rhino, the leopard, nor the fox want to share.

It’s not until the animals witness a selfless act of love that they realize there may be a way to help each other.

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Judy Moody and Friends: Searching for Stinkodon

“Surprises are in store as Stink excavates his backyard in search of a relic from an extinct beast – and Judy lends him a little sleight of hand.”

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Leaf It to Dot | Book Review

“When Dot goes on a scouting trip with Dad, her tablet helps her spot incredible things – but it’s awesome to see nature with her own eyes, too.”

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Animalicious | Book Review

From A is for Anonymouse and I is for Incredibull, to K is for Kangarude and R is for Rocktopus, this ABC book will have readers laughing out loud as they learn the alphabet with animals they may never have seen — or even heard of — before.

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Peg + Cat: Math in the Bath

The Emmy Award-Winning animated TV series, Peg + Cat, comes to us in this new children’s book called Peg + Cat: Math in the Bath: A Level 1 Reader.

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Maisy’s Series | Book Reviews

Maisy is a beloved mouse that has many adventures and you can follow along in many of her books. We got a chance to review three from the series and are excited to share them with all our readers in our #MelAndNikkiReview!

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The Nature Girls | Book Review

We are surrounded by nature and it is truly a beautiful sight when we take it all in.

It is also important for children to learn about  nature and what better way then through a book. We are delighted to introduce you all to, The Nature Girlsby Aki.

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Borrowing Bunnies | Book Review

Ever thought about adopting or fostering a rabbit?

Then you will love reading this new children’s book, Borrowing Bunnieswritten by Cynthia Lord; photographs by John Bald; and illustrated by Hazel Mitchell.

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My Easter Basket | Book Review

For many an Easter tradition is egg hunting and it truly is a fun activity. Imagine all that excitement in a children’s books?!

We are delighted to introduce My Easter Basket, written by Roger Priddy and illustrated by Jennie Bradley.

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The Night Before Easter | Book Review

Easter is quickly approaching and it is a holiday that we love celebrating in our home. We also just love the Easter bunny and this is why we are delighted to share a great Easter book with all of you.

Introducing The Night Before Easterwritten by Natasha Wing and illustrated by Kathy Couri.

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The Condo Kids | The Case Of The Disappearing Pool Monster

The Condo Kids are back in a whole new adventure and I can’t contain my excitement! I have been waiting for the next book to arrive and it finally has.

In case you missed our “The Condo Kids” reviews on Adventures with Bob the Barbary Sheep and Project Haunted Condo, feel free to click and check them out.

We are delighted to introduce you to the next book in the series, The Case of The Disappearing Pool Monsterwritten by Jackie Burns and illustrated by Ana Patankar.

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The Astonishing Maybe | Book Review

Gideon hates the idea of moving to Nevada from the East Coast. It’s so empty and hot in his new neighbourhood. Only one person his age lives nearby: the girl next door, Roona.

Gid notices right away that Roona is…different. She wears roller skates and a blanket as a cape when she needs to feel strong. What he doesn’t bargain for, however, is how far outside his comfort zone Roona will take him, as she enlists his help in finding her long-gone father. For a kid who’s not allowed to ride his bike more than a few blocks from home, this will be an adventure that changes his life.

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Secret Engineer: How Emily Roebling Built the Brooklyn Bridge

We have been enjoying Women’s History Month as we have been reading some amazing books on women who are remarkable. In today’s book review, we are keeping up with this theme and introducing you all to Secret Engineer: How Emily Roebling Built the Brooklyn Bridge, written and illustrated by Rachel Dougherty.

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Bedtime for Little Bulldozer

For some parents (myself included), getting little ones off to sleep can be difficult. This is why this next book review is so perfect!

We are delighted to introduce, Bedtime for Little Bulldozerwritten by Elise Broach and illustrated by Barry E. Jackson.

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Wild Horse Annie

We have been enjoying Women’s History Month as we have been reading some amazing books on women who are remarkable. In today’s book review, we are keeping up with this theme and introducing you all to Wild Horse Anniewritten by Tracey Fern and illustrated by Steven Salerno. 

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Pocket Books Embrace Women’s History Month | Book Reviews

We are continuing our theme of celebrating Women’s History Month with three delightful pocket bio books and we are excited to share a bit about each one.

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A is For Awesome!

March has been designated as Women’s History Month and it is a great month to highlight great achievements.

In our reading lineup this month is A is for Awesome! 23 Iconic Women Who Changed The Worldwritten by Eva Chen and illustrated by Derek Desierto.

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Spend It! | Book Review

A children’s book that involves teaching the concept of spending is what can be expected from Spend It! by Cinders McLeod.

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Circle | Book Review

A children’s book that involves shapes, adventure, rules and a bit of imagination is what can be expected from Circlewritten by Mac Barnett and illustrated by Jon Klassen.

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I Want My Hat Back | Book Review

We are always intrigued by books that are different and that make us laugh out loud. That is exactly what you can expect with I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen.

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The Super Life of Ben Braver | The Incredible Exploding Kid

Packed with black-and-white art and comic strips throughout makes the second addition to The Super Life of Ben Braver series a hilarious adventure series that is perfect for the Marvel and DC superhero lovers in your life!

We loved the first book in the series and were exciting to see the second one being released. We got to read it in advance and we wondered how the adventures would continue.

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The Happy Book | Book Review

As a parent we realize that it can be difficult for a child to understand and express their feelings at a young age (let’s be honest, as we get older it can still be difficult). It appears that in the toddler years, these emotions are more intense as they try to figure it all out and as they get older they start to slowly start to learn. We are still in the high emotion phase with our four-year-old as she tries to grasp and understand her feelings.

Therefore, The Happy Book by Andy Rash, was a great welcome in our home.

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Dollop And Mrs. Fabulous | Book Review

Imagination play is one of the best parts of being a child as there are never any limits to where the imagination can take a young mind. Play often offers freedom on how to use your imagination but what if there were so many rules such as no Nnjas allowed at a tea party? Well, sisters Dollop and and Lili are put to the test in this children’s book that we are reviewing today.

We are delighted to introduce our readers to, Dollop and Mrs. Fabulous, written and illustrated by Jennifer Sattler.

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In The Quiet Noisy Woods | Book Review

Storytime is always fun at our home and is something that Nikki looks forward to each night. This time the book that we were going to read was one that Nikki hand picked herself and it is no surprise that it was a book on animals (she has a soft spot for animals).

We are delighted to introduce our readers to, In the Quiet Noisy Woods written by Michael J. Rosen and illustrated by Annie Won.

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Thomas Wildus And The Book Of Sorrows

An adventure awaits in the newly released, Thomas Wildus and the Book of Sorrow, written by J.M. Bergen.

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Bearnard’s Book | Book Review

Wouldn’t it be grande to have a story written about you? But what would it be about? For Bernard the Bear, he found himself in this exact situation.

We are delighted to introduce you all to, Bernard’s Bookwritten by Deborah Underwood and illustrated by Misa Saburi.

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Loved To Bits | Book Review

At one point or another, we may have had a special toy or even blanket that we help onto a little tight growing up. It’s natural and absolutely adorable. This is the concept behind an adorable children’s book called Loved To Bits written by Teresa Heapy and illustrated by Katie Cleminson.

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Hug Me | Book Review

Imagine love giving hugs but you had no one to give it to! That is exactly what happens to Felipe who is the star of this adorable children’s book, Hug Me. This book is written and illustrated by Simona Ciraolo in her debut picture book.

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Robot In Love | Book Review

Everyone deserves to find love and to be happy even if you happen to be a robot. This is exactly the concept behind the children’s book, Robot in Love written and illustrated by T.L. McBeth.

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Love | Book Review

Love comes in many different forms and their meaning is unique to each individual. That is the beauty about love as there are so many ways to express it.
Love, a children’s book expresses love in the simplest form to have children understand all its glory.

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My Heart | Book Review

Books around love are easy to spot, especially this time of year with Valentine’s Day approaching. However, a perfect children’s book that empowers young readers to listen to the heart within are hard to come by.
We are delighted to introduce our readers to a book that does just that, My Heart written and illustrated by Corinna Luyken.

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Brave Ballerina | Book Review

February is Black History Month and is a time where we celebrate the many achievements and contributions of Black Canadians and Americans.

This is why we are excited to share a book review that helps recognize the story of one inspirational woman. This children’s book is a lyrical picture book tribute to Janet Collins, the first African American principal dancer at the Metropolitan Opera House.

We are delighted to introduce you all to, Brave Ballerina written by Michelle Meadows and illustrated by Ebony Glenn.

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If Animals Said I Love You | Book Review

Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day quickly approaching and we love it!

We are starting the Valentine’s Day celebration off with a book review on a children’s book called If Animals Said I Love YouIt is a board book edition; written by Ann Whitford Paul and illustrated by David Walker.

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Hands Up! | Book Review

We love reading books that are so simple but with an impactful message. With Black History month quickly approaching (February), Hands Up! would make a great addition to your child’s reading line-up.

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Bad Kitty Kitten Trouble | Book Review

Who doesn’t love funny cats? I know I sure do!

The New York Times bestselling series, Bad Kitty by Nick Bruel is back with a new book titled, Kitten Trouble.

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When Santa Was A Baby | Book Review

We all have stories of when we were babies and I am sure we are holding on to stories of our children that we will one day share with them. But what about the iconic Santa Claus?

What is his story and how was he as a baby? If you are wondering or if your little one is wondering then look no further.

We are delighted to introduce you all to When Santa Was A Baby. This humourous and fun loving children’s book is written by Linda Bailey and illustrated by Genevieve Godbout.

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The Day Santa Stopped Believing in Harold | Book Review

I have heard many children question the belief in Santa Claus but what if Santa actually questioned the belief of your child?

Interesting concept, isn’t it?! It definitely was to me and our next book feature does just that!

I am delighted to present to all of you The Day Santa Stopped Believing in Harold written by Maureen Fergus and illustrated by Cale Atkinson.

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Haibu Lost in New York | Book Review

Stories are a great way to get an important message to children in a creative way. This is exactly what Haibu Lost in New York written by Blake Freeman with Tara Price does.

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A Unicorn Named Sparkle’s First Christmas | Book Review

A combination of Christmas and unicorns may sound like a dream come true for many children. In fact, it sounds extra magical to me.

We are delighted to introduce you all to A Unicorn Named Sparkle’s First Christmas written and illustrated by Amy Young.

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Merry Christmas, Little Elliot | Book Review

Storytime this time of year is extra special when we get to read Christmas stories as we count down to the big day.

We are delighted to introduce, Merry Christmas, Little Elliot by Mike Curato. 

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Tough Cookie | Book Review

‘Tis the season for Christmas books! It is our favorite time of year and we will be introducing some great new books that you will all adore.

Our first book up for review is Tough Cookie: A Christmas Story which is written and illustrated by Edward Hemingway. This book would make a delicious part of your reading line-up!

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How Sara Josephine Baker Saved The Lives of America’s Children | Dr. Jo

Teaching history to children in book form is a magical way to tell the story.

We are excited to introduce our readers to Dr. Jo How Sara Josephine Baker Saved The Lives of America’s Children which is a new book that does just that; telling history in a child friendly way.

This book is written by Monica Kulling and illustrated by Julianna Swaney.

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The Real McCoys Series | Book Review

Mystery and comedy is what you can expect from the REAL McCoys series and they are great books for middle grade readers!

We had the pleasure of reviewing both books for this review – two for one deal!

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Eleanor Wyatt Princess And Pirate | Book Review

Empowering little girls to be who they want to be is a message that we love in our household. Especially since we are raising a little girl of our own. We believe that it is best for children to know that they can be whatever they want to be. This is why we are in LOVE with this book that we will be introducing all of you to.

Eleanor Wyatt Princess and Pirate, written by Rachael MacFarlane and illustrated by Spencer Laudiero the book you will want in your reading line-up!

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Corduroy Takes A Bow | Book Review

A beloved children’s favorite, Corduroy is back in a brand new adventure as he takes the stage.

Corduroy Takes A Bow is a bow-tiful story about Corduroy is taken to the theater for the very first time. It’s so magnificent and exciting that he just had to explore on his own. From the orchestra pit to the prop table to the dressing rooms, Corduroy sees it all. With all the action happening to get a better view, Corduroy ends up getting the best view of all – the stage!

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Unicorn Oo Brings A Personalized Touch To Your Child’s Storytime | Book Review

Having your child part of reading time is always great and it is even more special when your child is the main character in the story. Bang on Books is a web store for personalized children’s books. The books are adventure stories where children’s photographs are magically transformed into illustrated characters that go on exciting adventures. The stories are all; hand illustrated, written and printed in house at their offices based in the UK.

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Elbow Grease Brings Out A Positive Message To Children | Book Review

Words of encouragement and empowerment for many. It’s three little words that have the greatest impact. This is why we are thrilled to introduce all of you to Elbow Grease.

Elbow Grease is a children’s book written by John Cena and illustrated by Howard McWilliam. Now if the writer’s name sounds familiar, it should as he is very well known especially in the world of wrestling entertainment. John Cena is a versatile entertainer and dedicated philanthropist. Now he has taken the stage of child’s author to share the important lessons he has learned over the years, such as never giving up whether you win or lose.

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Potato Pants! | Book Review

I love potatoes! It is one of my favorite side dishes but never in my wildest dreams would I think that potatoes would need potato pants!

Well, they certainly do if you are in the new children’s book, Potato Pants! written and illustrated by Laurie Keller. Laurie Keller is the acclaimed author-illustrator of several bestselling picture books, including Do Unto Otters, Arnie, the Doughnut, The Scrambled States of America, and Open Wide: Tooth School Inside, among numerous others.

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Skelly’s Halloween | Book Review

We love Halloween in our home especially when it comes to trick-or-treating! Nikki loves to dress up and of course get all the chocolates that she can get.

This is why we were so excited to receive, Skelly’s Halloweenwritten by David Martin and illustrated by Lori Richmond. It is a fitting book for us to read this season.

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Z Goes First | Book Review

Have you ever wonder if the letters like where they stand in the alphabet? I know that I have wondered that a few times in my childhood. Luckily for me there is an author who has answered my childhood question.

Z Goes Firstwritten by Sean Lamb and illustrated by Mike Perry. This new children’s book has us giggling all the way through the alphabet!

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The Day That A Ran Away | Book Review

School is back in session and we have got our hands on some great new books! We just love reading the latest and greatest books. This new children’s book is no exception and it is perfect for the school year.

The Day That A Ran Awaywritten by B.C.R. Fegan and illustrated by Lenny Wen has made its way onto the #MelAndNikkiReview!

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The Little School Bus | Book Review

A new school year is just about to start and it has parents excited (some kids not so much). With the new school year, comes some new reading and we are excited to introduce our readers to The Little School Bus. This book is written by Margery Cuyler and illustrated by Bob Kolar.

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Me, Myselfie & I | Book Review

Who doesn’t like taking a good selfie?! With all the filters and options available to make them look great, it is hard to pass on taking one. I don’t usually take selfies but my daughter has become a selfie queen as she loves to take pictures (I’m to blame as I love taking photos of her!). You can selfies is part of our family portfolio to say the least.

Therefore, it was only fitting that we got an opportunity to review, Me, Myselfie & I. A Cautionary Tale, written by Jamie Lee Curtis and illustrated by Laura Cornell.

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Neymar | A Soccer Dream Come True

The FIFA World Cup, often simply called the World Cup, is an international association football competition. The championship has been awarded every four years since the tournament began in 1930 (with the exception of 1942 and 1946 due to the Second World War). The World Cup is the most prestigious association football tournament in the world.

Therefore, it is no surprise that it’s an exciting time when the FIFA World Cup begins. You see the flags proudly displayed on cars, homes and of course team jerseys worn to support their teams.

We can’t forget the players who are playing on the field and how proud they are to represent their country on the biggest world stage.

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Fox and Raccoon | Storytime

Storytime is always an exciting time especially when new books arrive to be featured on the #MelAndNikkiReview! We love sweet and unique books as they make storytime that much special. This is why when we were introduced to the sweet and charming world of Juniper Hollow, we were in enchanted.

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Dada | First Words

The first word that is spoken is always an exciting time with your little one and the anticipation of what it would be, might have parents on the edge of their seats. I know this is how we were as we anticipated those first words from our daughter, Nikki.

I had a few friends and family who would tell me that the first word is usually momma or dada but a majority of them said it would be “Dada.” Of course, they were right as her first word was “Dada.”

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Brave Enough For Two Warms Our Hearts | Storytime

A Hoot & Olive Story has arrived in our home titled, Brave Enough for Two, written and illustrated by Jonathan D. Voss and we are so glad that we did!

“Hoot loves adventures. Olive does not. But as long as they’re together, they can accomplish anything.”

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A Buzzing New Children’s Book | The HoneyBee

Honeybees are marvellous creatures who produce the pollen that we need for our food, clothing and shelter. Many of us may already know that the honeybee population is in danger. Education is key to help this population thrive again and what better way then articulating the honeybee in a children’s story.

We received a beautiful book titled, The HoneyBee, written by Kirsten Hall and illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault.

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Perfect Gift For The Super Dad In Your Life

Many of us feel that our dads carry with them super powers as they seem to do things that no one else can do. Dads hold special places in the hearts of their children and it is important for us to acknowledge how important dad is. This is why we have the perfect gift idea for Father’s Day that your little one or even an older child can give to their “Super Dad.”

I See Me Books has done it again with another great personalized book to mark another great occasion, Father’s Day. We got the first look at a new book at I See Me Books called, Super Dad! 

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The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift From Your Little One

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, many start to wonder what would be the perfect Mother’s Day gift from a little one. I have often thought about that same very question myself and I have found the most perfect gift.

Let me introduce you to, Everything Is Mamma by Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy is one of the most popular entertainers in the world and NBC’s Tonight Show host. Therefore it is no surprise that he would write an adorable book just for Mama!

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Celebrate Earth Day with Earth | Children’s Book

Earth Day is celebrated annually on April 22nd worldwide. On this day, various events are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. It is important to do our part to protect our beautiful Earth and Earth Day is a great way to make sure we all remember that.

Now it might be difficult to explain Earth to your little ones but we have a great solution for everyone and it is called, Earth! My First 4.54 Billion Years. It is a children’s book written by Stacy McAnulty and illustrated by David Litchfield.

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Honey Nut Cheerios Launches Their Third Year Of Bring Back The Bees

Honey Nut Cheerios has launched their third year of Bring Back the Bees! If you haven’t heard the buzz about the bees then you have come to the right place!

Bees have been around for millions of years but in the last few years, their population has been on a dramatic decline. Did you know that bees are a crucial part of our agriculture? It is called pollination. In fact, one third of our global food supply is pollinated by bees. They keep our plants and crops alive. So it is very important to help the bees to thrive.

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The Reality of Motherhood With A Dash Of Humor

When we are new parents we tend to read every book that has been recommended to us. I know that I read my fair share of sunshine and rainbows before I had my daughter. Then once I became a mom, I got the harsh reality of true motherhood. Therefore, when I was approached by author Jillian M. Parsons with an introduction to her upcoming book I was just thrilled!

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Brave Jane Austen An Inspiring Story Of An Empowering Woman

Women’s History Month is an annual declared month that highlights the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society. It is celebrated during the month of March in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, corresponding with International Women’s Day on March 8.

This is always a great time to reflect and look back in history on the women who have paved the way for us today.

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Children’s Graphic Novel Teaches Kindness Through A Jungle Adventure

We are delighted to introduce our readers to a new Children’s graphic novel called New Shoes, written by Sara Varon.

“Francis the donkey is the best shoemaker in the village. He uses only the finest materials: coconut wood for the soles, goat’s wool for the insoles, and wild tiger grass for the uppers.

One day he receives a special order from Miss. Manatee, the queen of calypso (and his own personal hero). But he’s all out of tiger grass! To make the perfect pair of shoes, Francis must journey deep into the jungle…and that means leaving his village for the first time.”

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My Mamma Wants To Eat Me Up

We truly love our books at our home as it is the most peaceful time for all of us. We especially love books done by local authors as those are extra special for us. This is why we were delighted to receive, My Mamma Wants To Eat Me Up, written by Faiza Venzant and illustrated by Patrick Girouard.

Of course as soon as we received this special book (before it hit the bookshelves) we had to read it right away. But before I go into the review of the book, I want to provide our readers with a deeper look at to how important this book is to the author, Faiza.

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My Pet Wants A Pet

Pets are great additions to families and they bring us so much joy. But what if our pet wanted a pet to care for and love like we do?

That is exactly what happens in the book, My Pet Wants A Pet written by Elise Broach and illustrated by Eric Barclay.

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The Super Life Of Ben Braver

Packed with black-and-white art and comic strips throughout makes The Super Life of Ben Braver a hilarious adventure series that is perfect for the Marvel and DC superhero lovers in your life!

So what exactly is The Super Life of Ben Braver?

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Adventures In Veggieland Takes Us On A Taste Bud Adventure

Melanie Potock is no stranger to the Momma Braga audience as we have featured her and her amazing books a few times and we just love her!

Therefore, I am delighted to say that Melanie is back but with a new and exciting book called Adventures in VeggielandThis new book is designed to help your kids learn to love vegetables with 100 easy activities and recipes.

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Don’t Ever Look Behind Door 32

We love books in our home and we get very excited to read new releases or even books that have not yet hit the book shelves yet.

This is why we were thrilled to get a new children’s picture book, Don’t Ever Look Behind Door 32, written by award winning author B.C.R. Fegan and illustrated by Lenny Wen. This book is available this month (March 2018).

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Legends Of The Lost Causes

Imagine being in a world where you were fighting zombie outlaws in the wild west. Seems far fetched? Well, authors, Brad McLelland and Louis Sylvester bring the idea to life in the first book of a new series that just hit the book shelves. It is a new middle-grade fantasy action-adventure series in the Old West, Legends Of The Lost Causes.

Legends of The Lost Causes follows a ragtag gang of orphans on their quest to find the powerful Char Stone before the sinister Bad Whiskey.

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I Love You For Miles And Miles

There is no denying that we love books in our home as it gives us an opportunity to explore new ideas, worlds and characters.

This is why we were thrilled to receive a new book called, I Love You For Miles And Miles by Alison Goldberg; illustrated by Mike Yamada.

Of course it became top priority on our reading list as soon as it came to our door. We excitedly got ready for bed and got the book out to read. As we read each page, we were captivated by the beautiful illustrations and the message behind the book which is all about how much a child is loved.

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My Little Lovebug And Love Notes Make The Perfect Gift

I See Me has become one of our favorites for personalized books as they always go beyond with the extra little touches to make someone feel special. This is why we were very excited to hear about a new release and just in time for Valentine’s Day! 😉

My Little Lovebug is a photo-personalized storybook featuring your loved ones’ photos and names. Every page is beautifully illustrated with a cute and cheeky saying, with illustrated text by Jeanine Murch.

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Jorie And The River Of Fire

A.H. Richardson does it again in the third installment of her series with Jorie And The River Of Fire.

The synopsis states: “Jorie and her best friend are summoned by the mysterious white cate Snowka to undertake the journey to the enchanted land of Cabrynthius beneath the Tarn to face the daunting task of finding the Great Wizard who has disappeared and feared kidnapped by the wicked Lord Fodomalk. Armed with the Magic Stones, they face a frightening land full of fiery volcanoes and unpleasant creatures, where their courage is tested. On the up-side of the Tarn, the grownups have an adventure or tow of their own. Come along with Jorie and Rufus in another unforgettable adventure as they dive back into the dark mystic waters of the Tarn.”

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“How To Cake It” Makes A Delicious Read

We at Momma Braga had the pleasure of reading, How to Cake It by Yolanda Gampp and it was a delicious read to say the least. The book reflects on Yolanda’s own experience going from a beginner baker to a cake artist. It is designed to grow your skills whether you are just starting out or perfecting your cake skills.

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I See Me Books Warms Our Hearts With A Christmas Story

There is no denying that Christmas is my favorite time of the year! To me it’s the spirit of Christmas that I enjoy the most as to me it’s the most caring time of the year. Therefore, when we got the opportunity to review a new book by I See Me Books on Christmas – I was thrilled!

Nikki got her “Very Own Christmas” from I See Me Books and she was as excited as me (in all honesty I must have been a tad more excited then she was).

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The Condo Kids: Project Haunted Condo

The Condo Kids are back and just in time for Halloween!

I was very excited to see the next book release for the Condo Kids as I loved the first one, The Condo Kids: Adventures with Bob the Barbary Sheep. I was curious to see what kind of adventure the condo kids were going to go through in this next book.

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Jorie And The Gold Key An Adventuresome Enchantment

A.H. Richardson transported us to a magically place in Jorie And The Magic Stones and she doesn’t disappoint in her second book in the series titled, Jorie And The Gold Key.

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Captivating Uniqueness in a “Very Own Fairy Tale”

Imagine being transported to a magical garden of flowers and berries surrounded by fairies. Imagine if you were the one that they were going to announce as their fairy princess. Sounds magical, doesn’t it? It surely would be for a child.

Now your child can be part of a story just like this in I See Me Books personalized book titled, My Very Own Fairy Tale.

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“If My Dog Could Talk” Warms All Our Furry Hearts

Imagine if your dog could talk! What do you think they would say? You don’t need to wonder anymore as I See Me! has created a book on exactly that!

But not just any book but a personalized book for your dog. I was very intrigued by this idea as I do love animals and have a furry nephew by the name of Theodore. This was a great gift idea for my sister-in-law to share with my daughter. What makes this perfect is that it ties in two things that they both love, reading and Theodore!

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New Children’s Book Speaks to Children with Allergies

The new school year has already started and if your child has an allergy you may be a lot more worried than most. Now there is a child friendly book available that explains allergies beautifully that can better help educators, children and even parents to understand.

Epic Ellie and the Invisible Dragon is a story that describes all aspects of allergies including where allergies come from and how they are triggered, how to prevent an allergic reaction and recruiting an Allergy Buddy. They use child-friendly analogies and illustrations which would makes it a great educational tool for everyone to help reduce the stigma that comes with allergies, especially food allergies in schools.

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Jorie And The Magic Stones

Fantasy books is a genre that can transport us to the most magically places and lets us believe that anything is possible. A. H. Richardson does this and more in her novel, Jorie And The Magic Stones.
The synopsis states: “Jorie is greeted in the magic land of Cabrynthius as the Child with Hair of Fire who will find the missing Stones of Maalog, foretold in an ancient book about dragons. She and her friend Rufus are challenged to find the Three Stones and restore them to the Great Grootmonya.

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Hey, Boy Reminds Us Of The Love Of A Pet

In this latest #MelandNikkiReview we read “Hey, Boy” which was written by Benjamin Strouse and illustrated by Jennifer Phelan.

This story is about how a boy finds a dog and they bond right away. The boy takes the dog home, dreaming of all the adventures they will have and the games they will play. But when the boy gets hurt, he and his new best friend are separated. Even thought they are not together, they never stop dreaming of the adventures. They do reunite and their friendship did not fade.

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Sea Monkey and Bob Defeat Gravity In This Heartwarming Children’s Book

A colorful and adorable book written by Aaron Reynolds and illustrated by Debbie Ridpath Ohi has made it onto our #MelandNikkiReview and we are so delighted it did!

Our eyes were captivated by the bright colors and beautiful illustrations and as we read the story, it captured our hearts too.

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Action Packed Adventure in The Kingdom of Oceana Novel

We received a teen novel recently for our #MelandNikkiReview and even though Nikki is too young to enjoy a novel, it gave me the opportunity to read one on my own.

The Kingdom of Oceana by Mitchell Charles takes us on an action-packed journey in Hawaii.

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The Condo Kids Have Arrived…Finally a Book For Modern Times

I have lived in a condo for the last eight years and was so excited to hear about a new book tailored around condo living, specifically on the adventures of The Condo Kids. Condo living has been a growing reality in today’s day with many families. Therefore, this book seems fitting with the times that we live in and I was thrilled to see it hit the book shelves.

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Olivia The Spy Pirouettes Into Our Hearts

Let me first introduce you all to Olivia who is an adorable pig and is a legend in her own time with awards (including a Caldecott Honor and two Book Sense Children’s Book of the Year awards), stars galore, and a place on bestseller lists everywhere. Olivia books have been translated into 24 languages and are sold in 40 countries worldwide, and has been adapted into an animated television series. You may have even seen her on clothing. I know that we have an Olivia winter jacket and it is beyond adorable!

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#BabyLove: My Toddler Life

We just love getting new books and when they are on unique topics we are even more intrigued. The latest autographed book added to our collection is called #BabyLove: My Toddler Life and it is written and illustrated by Corine Dehghanpisheh.

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Fist Bumps with a Twist!

When I heard that Jaime Windle, author of Blowing Kisses was releasing another children’s book, I was very excited! I was intrigued to see what she would write about next and she didn’t disappoint with her next topic. Jaime’s second book is titled, Fist Bumps and illustrated by Elisa Moriconi.

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Baby Self-Feeding Book is Empowering Parents

“Your baby’s relationship with food starts with her first bite.”

I had the recent pleasure of reading, Baby Self-Feeding, by Nancy Ripton and feeding therapist Melanie Potock (Coach Mel), MA, CCC-SLP. This book provides solutions to help empower parents to create lifelong, healthy eating habits for their children.

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Brunhilda’s Backwards Day

My daughter, Nikki and I were very excited when we got a new book to add to our story time line up called, Brunhilda’s Backwards Day. This book is written and illustrated by Shawna J. C. Tenney.

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Betty and the Loaf-of-Bread Sit

This week a new book landed on our list that introduces young readers to a lovable cat’s adventure in a new book called, Betty and the Loaf-of-Bread Sit. This book is written by Marisa Wiens and illustrated by Laura Toews. Betty and the Loaf-of-Bread Sit takes young readers on an adventure with Betty as she finds the perfect sit for her adorable and lumpy self. After many failed attempts at finding the best sit, she finds herself hungry and ends up finding the perfect sit. Betty even decides not to eat after all as the “sit” was just too comfy!

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Bringing Family Mealtimes Back Into Our Homes

“Food is love, in so many ways.”

The moment I found out that I was pregnant with my daughter, I was thrilled! Of course, like many new moms, I read many books regarding motherhood and some were good but none really stood out for me until now.

I had the recent pleasure of reading, Raising A Healthy, Happy Eater, by Pediatrician Nimali Fernando (Dr. Yum), MD, MPH and feeding therapist Melanie Potock (Coach Mel), MA, CCC-SLP. This book provides a stage-by-stage guide to setting your child on the path to Adventurous Eating.

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A Mermaid Called Marissa

This week a new book landed on our list that introduces young readers to the ocean in a new book called, A Mermaid Called Marissa. This book is written and illustrated by Georgie Cornwell.

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Blowing Kisses

Story time a couple of nights ago was a little extra special as we had a new book to read called, Blowing Kisses. This book is written by Jaime Windle and illustrated by Elisa Moriconi.

Blowing Kisses is an adorable children’s book that takes us on a kiss journey. The adventure first starts by making a kiss and not just any kiss but one with a special wish. The next part is deciding on who gets this special kiss and then off the kiss goes. After traveling it lands on mom who is greatly touched by the kiss and special wish that warms her heart. To end the journey, mom sends one back.

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One of our Favourite Books, Grace

Nikki and I love story time and one of our favourites is, Grace. The reading is easy and the beautiful illustrations are so colourful – perfect to entice a toddler’s eye.

Grace is a story about a girl who loved to dance but after trying and trying, Grace gave up. To cheer herself up, she started to draw and found out that this was her very special talent that she could even share with her dancing friends.

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