In The Quiet Noisy Woods | Book Review

Storytime is always fun at our home and is something that Nikki looks forward to each night. This time the book that we were going to read was one that Nikki hand picked herself and it is no surprise that it was a book on animals (she has a soft spot for animals).

We are delighted to introduce our readers to, In the Quiet Noisy Woods written by Michael J. Rosen and illustrated by Annie Won.


In the quiet, noisy woods…two wolf pups yip-yap-yowl, squirrels chit-chitter-chatter, a bird sings chick-a-dee-dee-dee, a wild’s turkey’s wings fwap-fwap-flap, a fox swosh-whoosh-rushes, a deer stomp-stomp-stamps, mourning doves whift-wish-whistle, and a hawk scree-scree-screeches.

Run alongside two playful wolf pups as they search for their pack, all the while discovering the sights and sounds of their forest home.


In the Quiet Noisy Woods, it takes us through the forest as we visit the different sounds that bring it to life. We follow two young wolves as they run through the forest and that is when we are introduced to all the sounds. An adorable children’s book that will have you intrigued at one will he found next.

We adored this book and we love how the sounds became a pattern as we repeated what was heard previously. We thought this was a great way to have the child memorize and participate in the story. You also can’t help being captivated by the beautiful illustrations in the book too. We also loved that at the back of the book, it offers a description of each animal in the book. It was an amazing extra touch!

Therefore, for this #MelAndNikkiReview, we give 5 howls out of 5! We recommend this book for ages three to seven.

“Come and listen to the quiet and NOISY songs of the forest…”

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Until next time…Happy Parenting!


-Momma Braga



* The book was provided to Momma Braga in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed her solely belong to Momma Braga.

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