The Sharey Godmother

The Sharey Godmother is fairy-delightful! Colorful illustrations with a story full of heart and a message that is great for all ages. A must read! – Momma Braga Synopsis Discover … Continue reading The Sharey Godmother

Mr. Mole Moves In

“Mr. Mole Moves In captivates readers with it’s art form bringing the characters to life. Along side with the beautiful message of compassion and friendship. A must read!” – Momma … Continue reading Mr. Mole Moves In

Tough Like Mum Tugs The Motherhood Heartstrings

“Tough Like Mum tugged my heart strings with the powerful message that being tough means showing our vulnerability and asking for help. I highly recommend this book to all mums!” … Continue reading Tough Like Mum Tugs The Motherhood Heartstrings

I Do Not Like Yolanda

“I Do Not Like Yolanda is an amazing children’s book that allows kids to see that you need to give people a try and get to know them. Sometimes our … Continue reading I Do Not Like Yolanda

Mars! Earthlings Welcome

“Mars! Earthlings Welcome has arrived in style and you will definitely want to include it in your party (we mean reading) line up! A creative and fun way to learn … Continue reading Mars! Earthlings Welcome

Sock on the Loose

“Sock on the Loose has answered the timeless question on where do our loose socks go! This clever, witty and adorable children’s book will have everyone wanting an encore reading at … Continue reading Sock on the Loose

Flying High | The Story of Gymnastics Champion Simone Biles

“Flying High is a captivating and empowering story on how determination and hard work truly pays off!” – Momma Braga Synopsis A lyrical picture book biography of Simone Biles, gymnastics champion … Continue reading Flying High | The Story of Gymnastics Champion Simone Biles

Sharon, Lois & Bram’s Skinnamarink

“Sharon, Lois & Bram’s Skinnamarink will remind generations of the most delightful song that brought people together. It has so much meaning to it and has been loved by many and … Continue reading Sharon, Lois & Bram’s Skinnamarink

My Love Is All Around

“My Love Is All Around is the perfect children’s story that beautifully depicts the love between a parent and child.” – Momma Braga Synopsis Mommy and Baby Bear discover all the … Continue reading My Love Is All Around

Maya’s Big Scene | Book Review

“Maya’s Big Scene sets the stage for the biggest production that Clark Alley has ever seen. A must read story for young readers!” – Momma Braga Synopsis Maya is a playwright … Continue reading Maya’s Big Scene | Book Review