Blue Mountain: A Hidden Summer Bliss

As you step out, you feel like you have entered a different country full of charm, tranquility and beauty. This is how we would describe Blue Mountain Village.

“A cobblestoned pedestrian village framed by turn-of-the-century Ontario architecture, the Village offers a wide variety of family accommodations, activities, events and attractions including over 40 unique shops and restaurants, zip lines, ropes courses, hiking, biking, Segway tours and much more. An incredible natural retreat, the Village offers as much – or as little – as you’d like to do.”

Only 90 minutes away from Toronto, Ontario, Blue Mountain Village is a great escape from your every day and a great destination to vacation.

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Travelling With Your Dog to Niagara Falls Canada

Planning a vacation can be a daunting task especially if you want to include your furry family members. In this day in age, there are many places that accommodate pets; however, your options may be limited.

We quickly realized why many people like to plan alternative choices for the furry family members and we respect that decision. For us, it was very important to include our French Bulldog, Tyson, in our family vacation especially in his first year of life with us.

Our vacation plans are always local as we like to keep things simple especially after our daughter arrived eight years ago. The thought of a plane had me cringing. This is why the natural getaway for us was Niagara Falls. We have been there many times before and we just love everything it had to offer.

The question was…Is Niagara Falls, specifically Clifton Hill area, pet friendly? The answer to this is actually a complex one as we found it to be half and half. Let us explain this by breaking it down through our experience.

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Ripley’s Selfie Studio Brings Out Your Inner Glow

Up on the Clifton Hilltop, you will be able to explore and express yourself in Instagram worthy selfies. Ripley’s brings an exciting new attraction to Niagara Falls in the Selfie Studio.

With more than 20 different themes at your fingertips, you can be your authentic and creative self to snap many fun memories.

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The Advantages of Watching the Stunning Sunset at Sea

The closer we are to the sea, the better we tend to feel, especially when we pair those unique experiences with romantic and inspiring sunsets. For those of us who aren’t lucky enough to live on the shore, watching the sun disappear down the horizon is a rare experience, but it is also a memory we tend to cherish and treasure the most. If you have ever wondered why this might be, here are some of the biggest benefits of watching the beauty of the sunset over the sea that might just encourage you to plan your next vacation that much sooner.

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Best Honeymoon Destinations on a Budget in India

There is no doubt in the fact that weddings are the ultimate celebration of love and eternal union. However, they can be extremely stressful and exhausting. The life that comes after that suffers a lot sometimes as weddings are an expensive business. Honeymoon is something every couple looks forward to and therefore, it is important that you know about some places that are the best honeymoon destinations on a budget in India. All these places will allow you to re-connect with your partner and finally catch some moments of peace together. Read the full article and decide where you want to go.

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Visiting Everglades National Park with Kids

If you ever decide to visit a true gem of the United States – Everglades National Park – you must bring your kids along. With such varied wildlife and amazing scenery to observe, spending a weekend or just a single day in Everglades will be a true adventure. No idea where to start with your exploring? That’s why we’re here to offer you a full spectrum of activities for an entire family.

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5 Creepy But Family-Friendly Spots You Can Visit When Traveling In Asia

Traveling is an excellent way to lose stress. Most of the time, people enjoy traveling to other countries because they get to experience a lot of new things. Aside from the sights and sounds, people often get to experience a new culture. The food is also a good reason why most people travel to different countries.

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The Best Way to Travel Around China With Kids

Travelling anywhere with your children can be very challenging, but also rewarding if done right. Taking your children to China means opening them up to new sights, sounds, and smells, all whilst learning about this ancient civilisation that is rapidly connecting to the 21st century, but still maintaining the charms of a traditional way of life.

We’ve put together this brief guide on where to go with kids, and when to do it, so that both you as parents and your children can get the most fulfilment from your next trip to China.

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20 Fun Things To Do In Hamilton, Ontario With Families!

Just over a half an hour from Toronto, Ontario, lies Hamilton, a city that is flourishing so quickly it is not to be missed. After recent price hikes in the Toronto and greater Toronto market, we find Toronto city ex pats settling in Hamilton. A steel city from its past, Hamilton is in a flux of change of construction and rebuilding. Many chefs, artists and businesses are flourishing here and now Hamilton’s many secrets are being discovered.

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Iconic Attraction Full of Knowledge, Science and Fun

“Inspiring a lifelong journey of curiosity, discovery and action to create a better future for the planet.” – Ontario Science Centre

Toronto, Canada is the city that I was born and grew up in. Therefore, it is a city that I hold dear to my heart. It has so much to offer to their residents and to those visiting from out of town. This could be why The Baby Spot (global parenting magazine) has named Toronto the city of the year for 2017.

There is so much to do and see in Toronto and one particular place that should be on everyone’s list is an iconic cultural attraction called, the Ontario Science Centre. It is full of knowledge, science and fun for everyone in the family with no age restrictions.

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5 Tips For A Trip To The Zoo

The zoo is one of my favorite places to go! It’s an amazing feeling to see all the wild animals in person and not to mention that the zoo if full of interesting facts about these animals too. When I found out that my sister wanted to take my niece to the Toronto Zoo, I just had to tag along. However, I knew that going with a two and half year old you just can’t pick up and go, so we had to make sure we were well prepared for the trip.

Here are my top five MUST haves that you should bring with you when going to the zoo. However, if you have never been to the Toronto zoo I suggest you check out their website first.

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My First Trip to Disney World

“A magical trip that will be remembered forever” – Momma Braga

If you ask any of my friends and family to tell you something about me, the most common answer would be my love for Disney. Even before becoming a mother, I was always a fan and made sure to buy the latest Disney movie that would come out. I had quit a collection before my daughter was born and the collection keeps growing with the new additions that are released. So it was no surprise that I always dreamt of visiting Disney World.

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Why Novotel Toronto Centre is Great for Families

We are not ones to travel much or stay in places that we don’t call home but recently we had a family trip to enjoy three events in downtown Toronto. To make it easier for us to access the events at a more convenient way, we decided to book a hotel close to the facility to make the travel with a toddler a little less stressful.

We booked our 2-night stay with Novotel Toronto Centre which is located at 45 The Esplanade which is in the heart of the St. Lawrence neighbourhood. The neighbourhood itself is very intriguing as it gives you an elegant old city feeling. Almost like an intimate community in itself.

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To Conserve, Educate and Inspire at Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is located in the heart of downtown Toronto. It is a fairly new attraction in Toronto and it offers a facility that you can experience the undersea world in a safe environment. Their mission is “to provide a world class experience that will foster education, conservation, and research, while providing fun and entertainment for locals and tourists of all ages.”

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Centreville: A Hidden Gem, A Ferry Ride Away from the Big City

Growing up in Toronto, there was many things to do as a family but one of my ultimate favourite places to go to was Centre Island or more specifically Centreville. I remember loving the ferry ride to get to the island and then spending the day on all the fun rides. Those are the moments that I remember and cherish to this day.

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4 Tips on Visiting Legoland with a Toddler

Legoland Discovery Centre Toronto is located in Vaughan, Ontario. They first opened their doors in 2013 so it is fairly new. I have always been intrigued to see what Legoland was all about and thought this would be great for us to do on one of our family’s staycation days this summer.

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3 Big Baby Steps to Taking a Vacation Break from your Babies

By Michele Giacomini

You love your kids. No one would ever dispute that. You work hard to provide for them and care for them, and there’s pretty much nothing you wouldn’t do for your sweet cherubs. You’re a Power Parent, pure and simple. You do it all, you do it well and you do it 24/7/ But let’s face it, being a parent can be exhausting!

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10 Tips on Visiting Canada’s Wonderland with a Toddler

Canada’s Wonderland is a 330-acre theme park located in Vaughan, Ontario, which is north of the popular city of Toronto, Ontario. The park first opened in 1981 as the first major theme park in Canada and remains as the country’s largest.

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Eight Travel Tips for Tots (and the Parents that Drag them Places)

*Special Guest Post by O. Michele Giacomini

It’s that time of year when parents stress out over planning and packing for a vacation, for which they will attempt to bundle up the entire house, including their kiddos, to take on their awesome adventure. Much of that stress comes from worrying about what to do with the kids WHILE travelling. But there’s no need to worry. Follow my tips and you can be sure to have a pleasant and memorable journey of joy!

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