Three Easy Salad Recipes That Will Save Your Meal

Nothing like a salad. They are perfect for any occasion and time of the day. If you incorporate some protein such as seafood, the flavor and benefits increase, plus it becomes a much more complete dish. Below are 3 incredible options that you will surely want to try.

In addition, salads are a healthy and versatile dish that you can combine with sweet or savory ingredients. These recipes not only are very nutritious, they can be combined and modified with any other ingredient. Find in this link another option for a simple, easy and quick salad recipe with shrimp and rice.

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Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe

Morocco is a very rich country, not only in terms of history and architecture, but also when it comes to its gastronomy. Moroccan cuisine is the result of a mixture between the Arab and Berber traditions and the influence of Southern Europe customs.

Its diet is based on fresh vegetables, dairy, meat (although not pork, because of the Muslim religion they follow) and a delightful blend of spices, an area in which they excel.

Moroccan restaurants might not be great for vegetarians or vegans since traditional dishes include meat more often than not. However, when made at home, you can easily adapt your recipe. Keep reading to learn about some traditional dishes of this cuisine and a recipe you can follow below!

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Best and Most Nutritious Rice Desserts

For a long time now, I have been looking for dessert recipes. But not any dessert recipes; I want different, healthy, and easy ones. It was an arduous task but not impossible.

I was in the supermarket and saw two ladies talking about the different types of rice and which was the best for making a dish.

I was interested because they said words like desserts, easy, and fast. That it is, I need to learn how to make desserts using rice.

My findings were greatly surprising. I know rice was the preferred staple in the entire world. What I did not know is the number of dishes that can be prepared at home with it, including the various sugary preparations.

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Easy Mexican Rice Recipe

Few foods are as easy to prepare and as enjoyable as rice. However, even if you like it a lot, you might be a bit tired of eating plain old white rice every day. If so, then I have good news for you: with very few ingredients, you can easily transform that simple white rice into a tasty and versatile dish. I’m talking about Mexican rice or red rice. It could become your new favorite Mexican dish.

Orzo: An Ingredient With Mediterranean DNA

Mediterranean cuisine is a style of cooking that originated in the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, such as Spain, Italy, Greece and Morocco. It is characterized by the use of fresh and healthy ingredients, such as vegetables, fruits, fish, olive oil and aromatic herbs. In addition, it also focuses on simple preparation and valuing the natural flavors of food. The Mediterranean diet has been proven to be beneficial as a healthy and balanced diet.

Orzo is a common ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine. It is used in many traditional dishes, such as salads, soups and stews. It is appreciated for its smooth texture and ability to absorb flavors, making it a versatile addition to many Mediterranean recipes.

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The Essential Ingredient of Your Meals: White Rice

For quite some time now, there has been a controversy among nutritionists about white rice in terms of its nutritional intake. Some call it a source of empty calories, while others think it is okay to consume it in moderation. But what is the right thing to do?

Several studies have been conducted that support the consumption of white rice in a daily diet, as long as it is combined with other products of higher nutritional value, in addition to advising against its excessive consumption.

Based on these studies we present below the contribution that white rice can offer you, tips for a better use of it in the healthiest way and references of some recipes for you to prepare and enjoy it at home.

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Dry January: 6 Mocktail Recipes

If you lived it up over the holidays, you may decide to abstain from alcohol for 2023’s first month and adhere to what is known as “Dry January”.

This choice may appear disheartening at first – especially at the end of a stressful workday – after all, who can imagine a cocktail hour without the cocktail?  But there’s no reason to give up that relaxing hour with colleagues and friends and not enjoy what you’re drinking as well.

Your decision to go dry may be inspired by a desire to lose those extra holiday pounds or to detox, or you may just be reigning in your entertainment budget a bit. Even if you opt to forgo alcohol, you don’t have to give up your cocktail hour thanks to a delicious mocktail enjoyed among friends.

We’ve come up with six tasty recipes to start you off on the tastiest “Dry January” to date.

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Nikki’s Shake ‘n Bake Chicken Wing Recipe

When you blog for fun and your child has been around it since she can remember. It isn’t a surprise that she jumps on the opportunity to do a video for a class assignment.

In this Grade 2 assignment the kids are asked to write down a recipe of their favorite meal. While I heard some pick something simple like a sandwich, my child decides to do a meal that has a few more steps involved and details required. The teacher gave the option to include photos or a video if a child would like to do one.

Naturally Nikki wants to include a video of making her favorite, Shake ‘n Bake Chicken Wings. Nikki worked hard on the assignment to make sure nothing was forgotten and of course I helped with the filming and the oven portion of the cooking.

We are delighted to share her work and video with our readers as we are incredibly proud of her perfect score! Here is Nikki’s first blog recipe post!

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Momma Braga’s Cracker Cake Recipe

Dessert is always a great addition to any meal and one that I am well-known for making in my circle is cracker cake. 

At first, many cringe their noses as it is hard to visualize what this would taste or look like. However, once you get over the name, it truly is delicious. This is why many call this cake a pudding cake but we like to stay original and authentic. 😉

I love making this dessert as it is very simple to make and it is a very light dessert to eat. I have been asked by many how I make it and I am finally sharing it on my blog. I want to give a special thank you to my Aunt Connie who was the one who taught us how to do this amazing dessert.

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Bread Stuffing Recipe

The beauty of recipes is that everyone can add their own little spin to make it their own. With Easter approaching, a meal that I enjoy making is roasted chicken with bread stuffing. Over the years, it has been my mom’s special dish and I doubted my ability to do the same. However, I gathered the confidence that I needed and now I can make the stuffing too!

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Vegetarian Lasagna | Momma Braga Recipe

Our lasagna recipes have been a great hit and we decided to share one more which is our vegetarian one. It was very easy to make and absolutely delicious.

Let’s roll up our selves and get cooking!

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Roasted Chicken Recipe

Chicken is always my go to dish as that is the one meat that is best for my health. At times it can get tiring making grilled chicken; therefore, I shake it up a bit by making roasted chicken.

This dish is not an every day meal since it takes a really long time to cook but worth every minute!

Here is my recipe on roasted chicken and it is absolutely delicious!

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Easy Oven Roast Beef Recipe

Our recipes have been very popular on our blog and I want to thank everyone for taking the time to show us the love! In today’s post, I am sharing an easy over roast beef recipe that I created by taking what I liked best from my mom and sister’s recipe.

I am a very simple person and like keeping ingredients as simple as possible. After going on Pinterest almost daily for two weeks straight to look at roast beef recipes, I just got deflated. I didn’t think I could make it as it all seemed hard and complicated. Even the ones that said, “Easy.” I combined my usual ingredients and added a little extra to really bring this recipe to the delicious level that had everyone wanting more.

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Momma Braga’s Spaghetti Recipe

Quick and easy meals are always great in a busy household. We have hectic schedules especially every two weeks when my husband switches his work shifts. This is why some weeks, I am looking for the easiest meal that is filling and tastes great.

Everyone can make spaghetti and there are so many additional ingredients you can add to make it your very own. We have never really been a spaghetti family but this one we just fell in love with and it was a healthy one! Here is our Spaghetti recipe.

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BBQ Chicken Kabobs | Recipe

A summer favorite recipe is BBQ chicken kabobs and it’s easy to make!

We love making it as much as we love eating it.  😉 Here is our recipe.

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Why People with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease are starting to Go Vegan

Fatty Liver Disease does not only mean you have received a scary diagnosis, it means that you will have to commit to a lifestyle change. The foods you once enjoyed you may no longer be able to eat. Holiday meals with family and friends may mean your loved ones can splurge on sweets and delicious foods but you will always have to hold back. Lastly, eating right and exercising regularly is not only good for your body, it can save your life. Coupled with the inaccurate assumption that all people with liver disease drink alcoholic, those with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease have a lot to take on.

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Momma Braga’s Roasted Potato Recipe

Growing up I always had a soft spot for potatoes as it was my go-to side every time my mom would ask what I wanted as a side. The amazing thing about potatoes is that you can make them in so many different ways. So this weekend, I tried a different way of making roasted potatoes by using a cupcake tray. Yes! Cupcake Tray!

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Momma Braga’s Roll-Up Lasagna Recipe

Pinterest is such a wonderful medium that offers such great ideas and it seems that I found some extra time on my hands so I ended up looking at some recipes. I came across one that took the lasagna and literally rolled it up!

So I decided why not take my lasagna recipe and try their idea out! The end result was absolutely delicious!

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Tomato Soup | Recipe

A soup that my mom would make for us is tomato soup but it isn’t exactly what you think as we don’t actually use tomatoes. 😉

If you are looking for a simple and hearty soup recipe then this may be the one for you.

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Baked Garlic Lemon Salmon | Recipe

Growing up in a Portuguese household, it wasn’t uncommon to have a fish dish for dinner. However, the one type of fish my parents did not do was salmon. Only when I got older did I notice that salmon was often served at the special events that I would attend and after eating “one bad one.” It was a dish that I stayed away from but it was time to go back to salmon.

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Clam Stew Recipe

A very easy and simple recipe that my husband adores in our home is the Clam Stew. We like to do this meal every once in awhile and we love how simple it is.

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Zucchini Lasagna Recipe

Lately we have been trying to make better eating choices and this meant eliminating some traditional dishes. We haven’t had cheese in a very long time and wanted to have it for a special dish. After some lengthy research and discussions with friends, we realized how zucchini can be used as a substitution for pasta! This was one of the food items that I have eliminated from my eating lifestyle so I thought why not try a Zucchini Lasagna!

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Momma Braga’s Chicken Vegetable Soup

Chicken Vegetable soup is always a favorite in my household, especially on a crisp day or even when one is under the weather.

If you are looking for a simple and hearty soup recipe then this may be the one for you.

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Fillet Sole Recipe

It is always a compliment when I get requests from loyal readers of Momma Braga and today’s recipe post is inspired by one of them.

A recipe that I love doing and is also one of my favorite dishes is fillet of sole. Growing up in a Portuguese household, fish was consumed at least one to two times a week. One popular dish is the fillet of sole.

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Canja Da Galinha (Portuguese Chicken Soup) Recipe

The beauty of recipes is the variations that can be done with them. This is why I love sharing the way my family makes some traditional Portuguese dishes as every family does it a little different but all still so great.

One of my favorite soups growing up is Canja da Galinha which is Chicken Soup. It is perfect for a cold winter’s day and it is just so very yummy! My mom just made this recently and it made me remember some great childhood memories. So I asked her to share her recipe and she was delighted to share it with all of you.

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Portuguese Potato Salad With Tuna

A few weeks ago I was chatting with one of my uncles about my blog and the feature of recipes. We went through a different list of some of our favorite dishes and then he asked if I shared the Portuguese Potato Salad with Tuna recipe…I haven’t! So thank you Uncle John for inspiring this share!

Growing up this was a dish that my mom often made and it was so yummy but I think families will appreciate how quick and easy it is to make.

Full Recipe Here 

Momma Braga’s Mini Pizza Recipe

This recipe is one of my favorites and super easy to do especially for your family. I remember my mom making this for us to eat when we went away to our trailer many years ago. Get ready to learn how to make mini pizzas and enjoy them at your next family dinner.

Full Recipe Here

Momma Braga’s Portuguese Beef Stew (Carne Guisada)

Beef stew (Carne Guisada) is a favorite in my household and one that I grew up with. Like with many recipes there are so many different ways of making it! Here is how my family makes this popular dish.

Full Recipe Here

Momma Braga’s Lasagna Recipe

Lasagna is a popular dish and one that originated in Italy. Even though I am not Italian and do not claim to be a lasagna expert, but I do enjoy making this dish for my family and friends to eat.

Full Recipe Here

Bifanas (Beef Sandwich) Recipe

Bifanas is a popular dish in the Portuguese community and I learned how to make it recently with my mom. To my surprise it was really simple and didn’t take too long to make. Normally this dish is done using pork but we use beef instead.

Full Recipe Here

Portuguese Braised Peas with Eggs and Chourico Recipe

A couple of weeks ago, I shared my very first recipe blog post and it was a hit! Thank you to everyone who enjoyed it and shared the recipe. Since it was such a hit, I decided to share another recipe and this time it is one from my mom.

Full Recipe Here


Momma Braga’s Portuguese Style Rice Recipe

Being a daughter of Portuguese parents I have been exposed to the world of Portuguese cuisine and I am a fan of it. I truly enjoy Portuguese food and even though I am not a food expert there are a few things that I have learned to make such as the rice that is usually accompanied by many Portuguese dishes.

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