The Essential Ingredient of Your Meals: White Rice

For quite some time now, there has been a controversy among nutritionists about white rice in terms of its nutritional intake. Some call it a source of empty calories, while others think it is okay to consume it in moderation. But what is the right thing to do?

Several studies have been conducted that support the consumption of white rice in a daily diet, as long as it is combined with other products of higher nutritional value, in addition to advising against its excessive consumption.

Based on these studies we present below the contribution that white rice can offer you, tips for a better use of it in the healthiest way and references of some recipes for you to prepare and enjoy it at home.


This cereal (rice), one of the most consumed worldwide because of its flavor and its easy and quick preparation, is part of the culinary tradition of many cuisines. This is due to the fact that it has been consumed for a long time. Its use has diversified in diverse and dissimilar preparations from which multiple exquisite recipes have been derived that will delight your palate.

Consumed in the right quantities, it can provide health benefits.

In principle, it has the ability to provide instant energy, as well as to stabilize blood sugar levels and delay the aging process. It has also been shown to play an important role in supplying the human body with the necessary vitamin B1.

Likewise, it has the ability to stimulate metabolism, regulate digestion, and reduce high blood pressure and help in skin care.

Believe it or not, it aids in weight loss, stimulates the immune system and provides protection against dysentery and chronic diseases.

Nutritional values

Regarding nutrition, there is some interesting data to be considered. For instance, white rice offers fewer calories, less carbohydrates, fat and fiber, and less of the mineral phosphorus than brown rice. But it contains comparable protein as well as selenium and is richer in the B vitamin (niacin) required in many body functions. The B vitamins it contains have a positive effect on your nerves. In addition, rice is an important source of magnesium, is low in cholesterol and is easily digestible.

This data shows that white rice offers some nutritional contribution to your body. Consider pairing it with foods rich in dietary fiber and minerals to boost the nutritional profile of your meal.

Combining rice in a healthy way

There are several ways to incorporate white rice into daily meals to bring out the healthy benefits. One of them is to check the nutritional information of foods and choose to accompany those rich in the components that white rice lacks to enhance its nutritional power.

For instance, you can combine white rice with peas or beans. Peas and beans are rich in fiber and antioxidants. They have also been shown to improve blood sugar and “good” cholesterol levels as well as blood pressure. When combined with white rice, they make a complete protein, which is especially beneficial to the body.

Also, vegan recipe ideas with white rice, peas and other fresh ingredients are highly recommended.


White rice can be healthy, especially when it is accompanied with the right products rich in proteins. Of course, only if consumed in excessive amounts, white rice could cause certain health disorders. Thus, the call is for moderation in its intake.

White rice remains more widely consumed than brown rice, potentially due to cultural practices.

Its faster cooking time and its softer texture make this rice an appetizing option for many people, who find it more favorable.

The short grain white rice variety is considered healthy as it contains the most nutrients and is rich in omega-6 fatty acids, which are known for their pro-inflammatory properties.


Just check the following link in which some important information is given concerning the preparation of white rice either on the stove or in the microwave. The link also contains some recipe suggestions and data as to the rice variations available.

Below there are some easy-to-prepare recipes for you to learn and cook, which we recommend for your family and friends:


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