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I truly believe that by sharing one another’s stories and experiences, we can learn so much from them. We get connected through the story and try to get a better understanding of the path that someone has been walking. This is why I am honored to share stories from other parents and people in general. Everyone we feature on Momma Braga have inspiring and touching stories. Enjoy each one of them! – Momma Braga

Sing You to Sleep Will Rock You to Dreamland!

Multiple studies have said that music can work wonders on our sleep. Music is like a magic wand, waving away stress hormones such as cortisol that can disrupt our slumber. This is great news since being stressed or anxious can lead to a bad night’s sleep. The best part? Listening to music can lower cortisol levels, easing our worries and lulling us into a peaceful slumber.

We truly believe in the power of music and often listening to music or lullabyes have helped us fall asleep faster and better. This is why we are very excited to introduce you to, Sing You to Sleep.

We had the opportunity to interview the producer, Dan Watt and Tony Award nominee and Drama Desk Award winner, Anika Larsen for this special piece.

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Sonshine Classic Markets Brings Heart and Community Together

It is more than likely you have heard of markets that are hosted in different communities as a way for local and small businesses to sell their products in person. It is a great opportunity for businesses to expand their clientele and a way to connect with the community at large.

We have gone to many markets and there are a select couple that we truly enjoy going to. One that we have gone a few times to see is The Sonshine Classic Market and the last one we went to was the Halloween Edition which was spooktacular!

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Empowering and Heartfelt as Everybody Dance Movie Inspires the World

An impactful statistic and introduction in the movie trailer for Everybody Dance. One that definitely sparks our interest as we are always inspired by people breaking barriers to those with special talents and abilities.

We were recently introduced by The Baby Spot to the film’s producer and director, Dan Watt and we were very excited to be able to secure an interview with him. We were able to dig right in and get to know Dan and how Everybody Dance came to be.

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A Mom’s Perspective: A Son Living With Chiari Malformation

Life is a journey and we all have a story to tell. We love telling real stories from real families who are making a difference.

It is our honour to share a story that has touched our hearts and many others who have had the pleasure to meet Steven Spice.

Steven is only 10 years old and is already making his mark inside the sports entertainment world. He is charismatic, brave and one of the strongest kids we know.  Even though Steven is living with Chiari Malformation, he doesn’t let that bring him down.

We had the opportunity to sit down with his amazing mom, Crystal to learn more about Chiari Malformation and the difference they are hoping to make.

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The Mama Coach: Making Motherhood Easier

Motherhood is no walk in the park and any new mom past or present can agree to that. There is so much to learn and do that sometimes you feel that your village may not even be enough.

Well, we have just discovered an amazing place that offers that support that many new moms may need and that is The Mama Coach in Toronto.

The Mama Coach is a team of Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners who are committed to making motherhood easier. Their programs are based on science, empathy, and support. It is that extra village that every new mom should have by her side.

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Lil Babe Accessories | Accessorizing One Bow At A Time

A bow can be more than just a bow as it is used as an accessory piece to our assemble. Accessorizing is a skill for many and for me, not so much.

This is why I appreciate and value those who are extra creative and accessorize to a beautiful new level.

One person in particular is my sister, Karen. She has always been the most creative one and one that can really put a great assemble together with style. This is why it is no surprise that she has created some beautiful accessory pieces for her baby girl to wear.

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Changing Weight Loss Motivation Through Zero Excuse Go

Obesity has and continues to be a big issue in today’s society and experts say that by 2025, over one third of Canadians will be obese. Obesity also leads to other big issues such as back pains and other major increased health risks such as Fatty Liver as an example.

Changing our bodies can be difficult and our passion to stay motivated fizzles out quickly when we just feel like there is nothing else we can do to help ourselves.

This problem is one that the medical professionals have seen countless of times so they have developed an online system so people can lose weight from anywhere in the country, and never once have to visit a doctor’s office.

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The “Once Upon A Time” Of Ever After Entertainment

Every story starts with Once Upon A Time and we love getting the story of how it all began. That is what makes stories so wonderful to tell.

We love Ever After Entertainment (just see our raving review on them) and we wanted to know about how their “Once Upon A Time” came to be.

We had the honour to interview the founder of Ever After Entertainment, Stefanie to get the exclusive scoop.

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A Tale of Two Languages

By: Grace Cross

Like so many Canadians, I was raised in a different culture from the area I was living in. Many Canadians like myself, are teaching their children more than one language. But the second language is just not that, it is incorporating a culture into your household. A culture that is not surrounding you on the streets. In my friend circles, in my extended family and more, I was too French to be English and too English to be French. I believe that many people all over the world, have experienced this to varying degrees, many more difficult than my own. Here is my story as to why, no matter what, teaching your child a part of their culture is so important.

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Kids Up Front Toronto: Making A Difference One Ticket At A Time

Coming from a background of the non-profit world, I have the utmost respect for many charities who work tirelessly for their causes.

During my tenure as a fundraiser, I encountered Kids Up Front Toronto and was impressed by their mission and impact. So I was excited to introduce them to the youth clients and to all the staff members that I worked with.

Now as a parent blogger, I am excited to introduce this amazing organization to all of you and this is way overdue.

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How Winter Makes Me See Life

By: Grace Cross

Winter is synonymous with death, but I never saw it that way. Perhaps because I was a person who grew up amongst snow for eight plus months of the year, it would be sad that eight plus months of each year of my life resembled that of a morgue. The truth of the matter is, winter to me is not death at all. It is the most important season of the year. Where I am from, if you do not have a cold winter, you have a lot of bugs in the summer. You get a dry spell and the trees do not blossom with their usual vibrancy. To this point, when you look under the snow, many roots are planting, many flowers are beginning to blossom. The earth is deciding what the next year will bring. To me, winter is pause, winter is beginning. It is the most powerful season.

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How I Survived A Carousel Ride In Order To #MomWin

By: Grace Cross

The body can betray you sometimes. I want to be a person who goes on the scariest roller coaster and then immediately jumps on the second scariest roller coaster and lives to tell about it. I am not scared of heights and I love the views! However, my body wants to court the garbage pail, sending me and my lunch contents into a never ending stream of yesterday’s food choices.  I throw up. I get a headache for over 24 hours. First world problem, absolutely! In an alternate universe, I ride the highest roller coasters for days.   But like most people when something makes them feel bad, I avoid it. That is, until I became a Mom.

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A Mother’s Perspective: Plagiocephaly (Flat Head Syndrome)

A little while ago we introduced you to Mimos Pillow Canada and how it helps prevent and correct Plagiocephaly (Flat Head Syndrome). I need to first thank everyone for your amazing support on that piece as it was read by thousands – thank you!

I feel it is so important to bring awareness and information to light on a few parenting topics that sometimes gets missed under the radar. This is why I was honored to have the opportunity to interview a mom and the Canadian distributor of Mimos Pillows, Jessica.

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Kidpreneur Making A Difference Through The Nice Bench

It always amazes me to see young people wanting to make a difference in the world and it is empowering to see them make an impact. This rings true to Owen who is already making a difference in his community and his inspiration came from his own family.

Imagine being a parent and told that your child has Leukemia. Sounds like a horrible nightmare, doesn’t it?! The Armstrong family had this happen to them when their nine year old son, Caden, was diagnosed with Leukemia. This family battled and stayed strong together. Now their other son, Owen makes benches and uses the proceeds to help other families travel to get treatment for their child.

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A Widow’s Perspective: Life without Your Life Partner

Kim Sutherland is a working mom with two grown boys, ages 22 and 17. Kim has enjoyed a full time career in the travel industry for 20+ years. About ten years ago she opened up her own décor business, as she always had a desire to be an entrepreneur and gain some additional income.
Kim has a busy schedule; however, she is careful to build in time for herself, her family, and volunteering. Kim fosters Labrador Retriever puppies for Dog Guides of Canada. She provides a loving home, follows specific training guidelines to prepare the dogs for their future “service” to a Canadian with a disability. All of the above keeps Kim very busy, and she says she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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A Golden Adventure

Imagine packing up and going on a travel adventure from Canada to Central America and back in a motorhome for six months with your family. Sounds like an impossible dream?

Well, it is a true reality for The Golden Family. The Baby Spot first featured this cool family to their global audience back in July to tell their amazing story. After reading their story and the Golden Family being big fans of Momma Braga, we just had to collaborate and get more details on their great adventure for all of you.

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Life with a Daughter with Type 1 Diabetes

Isabella is a 12 year old young lady who is very smart, energetic and enjoys music and Irish dancing. She also loves to socialize with friends and play with her dog. Isabella is also a Netflix junkie and binge watches shows constantly. She is a daughter and sister to a 20-year old sister named Cassandra and she is well loved by all!

You could say that she sounds like a typical young lady; however she is battling a lot more than a typical young person would and that is Type 1 Diabetes since the age of eight.

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A Run in with My Younger Self

By: Jax Menez Atwell

I’d fallen asleep but found myself awake in a strange place.  An alley.  A dark alley with dim lighting from a lamp above, some fog and mist for affect.  There before me was my younger self.  It appeared he was listening to me.  What was I saying? 

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Life with Crohn’s Disease

Many times one person’s battles or struggles are invisible to the naked eye. When we don’t see what is happening on the inside we automatically assume that there is nothing wrong with a person. However, there are so many diseases and conditions that control our insides in a way that is hard for someone to understand who are looking from the outside.

This rings true of Crohn’s Disease and I have the honor to share Amanda’s story on how living with Crohn’s Disease is for her. What makes this story extra special for me is our family connection as she is my sister-in-law and my daughter’s Auntie.

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Life of a Mom with Mitochondrial Disease

One of my favorite parts of blogging is being able to tell others’ stories to help expand our understanding of what others’ may be going through. I believe that by communicating our experiences and journey, we can learn so much from one another. It helps create a community of support with acceptance. This is why I am so honored to have been trusted to share Kailey’s story with all of you.

Kailey is a wonderful wife, mom and person and also has Mitochondrial Disease but more specifically CPEO+.

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The Cherry Story On Pet Ownership

Many people are very familiar with Don Cherry especially in the hockey world. Mr. Cherry is known as an ice hockey commentator for CBC Television and co-host of “Coach’s Corner.” He also has had a very successful career as a hockey player and NHL coach. You can always expect his candid commentary and very unique suits that he wears. However, there is much more to this extraordinary person and that is his love and passion for animals.

With this passion, it is no surprise that he and his daughter, Cindy, started the Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation with the mission to provide financial assistance to registered pet rescue organizations and educate the public on animal welfare across Canada.

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Elijah “Drax Shadow” Mainville

By: Girlie’s Corner

This page is all about my little buddy Elijah “Drax Shadow” Mainville. I first knew of Elijah when I heard about his “Tough Enough” submission video. Let me backtrack and fill you in a bit…In 2015, WWE decided to bring back one of their programs called “Tough Enough.” They put out a nationwide casting call searching for people to be on the show, they asked that anyone who wanted to be on the show send in a video showing why they were “Tough Enough.” They had thousands of submissions, but one in particular stood out. It was 8 year old Elijah Mainville, here is his video ElijahIsToughEnough. Stephanie, and Triple H were so impressed with Elijah that this happened, ElijahsWWEContract

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Lights for Elijah

By: Girlie’s Corner

I have this massive goal, and with everyone’s help, we can make it happen! My goal is to fill social media with posts of Christmas lights, I want to bring a smile to a very special boy’s face.

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Life With An Autistic Son

Parenthood is this rollercoaster journey that has us constantly learning about ourselves. We learn to embrace and enjoy the beautiful moments and we learn to cope with the challenges that parenthood brings us. Everyone’s experience and journey is as different as every child is. Even in one family with more than one child can differ depending on each child. Even though everyone’s experience is different, we can still learn from each one’s experience and never judge it. We do not know one’s full story, the battle they are fighting, or the experiences they have, unless we take the time to talk.

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