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By: Jessica Link
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This page is all about my little buddy Elijah “Drax Shadow” Mainville. I first knew of Elijah when I heard about his “Tough Enough” submission video. Let me backtrack and fill you in a bit…In 2015, WWE decided to bring back one of their programs called “Tough Enough.” They put out a nationwide casting call searching for people to be on the show, they asked that anyone who wanted to be on the show send in a video showing why they were “Tough Enough.” They had thousands of submissions, but one in particular stood out. It was 8 year old Elijah Mainville, here is his video ElijahIsToughEnough. Stephanie, and Triple H were so impressed with Elijah that this happened, ElijahsWWEContract

Like Connor did, Elijah stole my heart! I started following his journey on twitter. His mom is a vloger, and has a channel on YouTube called MomsVlog80 where she gives you a glimpse at a day in their lives. After I started watching the daily vlogs, I felt closer to them, and more determined to do what I could to find a cure for this horrible disease. It’s just not fair, he’s had to deal with this stupid crap every day since he was 3 years old!! 3 freaking years old!!! The following link tells Elijah’s story in his mother’s words, please click here to read.


My family and I have become friends with the Mainville family. We had planned to try and meet up at Wrestlemania 32 this year, but cancer had other plans. It turns out that Elijah couldn’t attend the event. I felt so bad for him as it was something he was really looking forward to. Since we were going to Axxess (an event similar to ComicCon), and Wrestlemania I asked Melody (his mom) if he would like it if I skyped it for him, so he could see what was there, and hopefully talk to some of the wrestlers! I wasn’t sure it was gonna work, but I was determined to give it a shot. As luck would have it Cody Rhodes (Stardust) was at one of the Picture/Autograph stations. We waited our turn, and with Elijah on facetime, I handed my phone to Cody, and what happened next was pure magic! Elijah’s face lit up, as did Cody’s. They talked to each other like they were the only two in the room. Cody faced the phone at the audience and asked them to tell his buddy to get better, and the 200+ people in line did just that in unison. It was an awesome moment!! We continued to talk over the following weeks and decided to get together at Ronnie’s favorite place to eat Applebee’s! It was really cool getting to meet them in person. Melody was looking for a Disney store fix so they followed us to the nearest mall that had a Disney store. My oldest daughter (who is the same age as Elijah) pushed his wheelchair through the mall a little. He found this Marvel Legends “Ant Man” figure, and we told him that we would get it for him for his birthday. Stephanie McMahon was right, he does give awesome hugs. I tell you this story to say that cancer is REAL and it sucks, and its unfair, and it needs more awareness, so please if you want to “Help a family” please do not donate to one of those multi billion dollar charities, donate to a family directly, become a patron, and help Elijah, and his family.


Last night at 10:15 PM, I lost a piece of my heart. After six years of fighting for his life, Elijah passed away. Cancer is a cruel, cruel useless thing; it steals lives, crushes dreams, breaks hearts, and needs to be stopped. The world lost an amazing little boy last night, his smile could light up even the darkest room, his laughter was contagious, and his hugs were amazing. His “Hello, Hello, Hello’s” on the daily vlogs would always brighten my day. Trying to write this, I realize there are no words adequate enough to describe the loss, or the hole Elijah’s absence will leave in the hearts of everyone he touched.

The family has created a Go Fund Me page to help with funeral costs, if you are able to help please click here. No amount is too big or too small as any amount can help this loving family.

Thank you everyone for all your love and support!

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