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Sock on the Loose

Sock on the Loose has answered the timeless question on where do our loose socks go! This clever, witty and adorable children’s book will have everyone wanting an encore reading at bedtime.” – Momma Braga


Socks come in twos, snuggled up in your shoes. At night they sleep tight, matching pairs in a row. Until – wait a minute! Oh no! Where did blue sock go?

After its twin doesn’t come back from the wash, Blue Sock decides it wants to explore the great big world outside of its drawer. Just like you, there are so many things a sock can do when given the chance to try something new!


Sock on the Loose is brilliant as it is witty, clever and just too adorable! We just loved it from beginning to end. We have all been there when magically a sock goes missing. Ever wonder where they all go?

I know that we have wondered it plenty of times when only one sock returns from the great laundry world. Therefore, this story was inspiring and made us imagine all the possibilities!  We love stories who let us take the story beyond the storybook. Ones that inspire conversation and imagination. We truly had a lot of fun with this one!

For this #MelAndNikkiReview we give it 10 socks out of 5! If you are looking for that perfect story to read with your little ones, then this is the book. Full of adventure, imagination and giggles along the way. Sock on the Loose is the must have story of the year and has made it to the Momma Braga Recommended List!

This book is recommended for children ages three to six. If you would like to purchase this adorable book, click here.

Special Extra

Sock on the Loose was such an inspiration to us that we had some extra fun! We joined the #SockOnTheLoose Campaign and created Charlotte Star with our loose sock. If you have a loose sock, you can have some fun with it and create your very own character.

Then imagine all the possible adventures your loose sock can go on. Don’t forget to take some memorable photos! Here are some of our adventures and make sure to check out our Instagram page to see our imagination come alive with Charlotte.

About the Author

Conor McGlauflin is a designer and sock enthusiast who grew up on the coast of Maine. He graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design and currently lives in Brooklyn with his family. After five years, he’s still on the lookout for a special striped sock. If you happen to see it, please let him know. This is Conor’s first book.

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

-Momma Braga

*This book and sock was provided in exchange of an honest review. All opinions expressed are our own and we do not make commission off of book sales.

Simon and Chester Super Detectives!

Simon and Chester Super Detectives will bring out the inner detective in us with mystery, friendship and tons of laughs along the way! This is a must read graphic novel for young readers.” – Momma Braga


Welcome to the world of Simon and Chester, ghost and boy duo extraordinaire. These best friends like to kick butt and take names. They are about to solve the MYSTERY OF A LIFETIME (Oh, and eat some snacks probably).

Join Simon and Chester in their first adventure, and fall in love with this hilarious odd couple by fan favorite author and illustrator Cale Atkinson.


Simon and Chester Super Detectives is the must have graphic novel of the year! It brought out the inner detective in us with mystery, friendship and tons of laughs along the way.

You will fall in love with this duo! Their friendship truly is unique as who can say they are best friends with a cool ghost?!

As they work together to solve the adorable mystery, you learn that Simon can be a little dramatic and Chester seems more of the logical thinker. This is an excellent combination and it adds to the humor throughout the book.

Nikki’s favorite part is when Simon says, “My legs!” You will need to read the story to understand why that comment alone had Nikki laughing for days!

For this #MelAndNikkiReview, we give this book 10 pugs named Von Curly Tail out of 5! An amazing graphic novel that will have you laughing from beginning to end. Even though it has great humor, there is still a great story to read. Did I mention that the illustrations are fantastic?! This novel has made it to our Momma Braga recommended list of 2021!

“I loved this book! It made me laugh so much! Can we read the next book when it comes out?” – Nikki, Age 6

This book is recommended for children ages six to nine. If you would like to purchase this book, click here.

About the Author

Cale Atkinson of Sir Simon, Unicorns 101 and Where Oliver Fits fame. He lives lakeside with his family in Kelowna, British Columbia, and he is assisted in his artistic endeavors by Charlie, a wise noble floof. Cale has never met a ghost, but he would like to, if only to learn the truth about ghost toots, floating and the afterlife.

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

-Momma Braga

*This book was provided in exchange of an honest review. All opinions are our own and we do not make commission off of book sales.

Flying High | The Story of Gymnastics Champion Simone Biles

Flying High is a captivating and empowering story on how determination and hard work truly pays off!” – Momma Braga


A lyrical picture book biography of Simone Biles, gymnastics champion and Olympic superstar.

Before she was a record-breaking gymnast competing on the world stage, Simone Biles spent time in foster care as a young child. Nimble and boundlessly energetic, she cherished every playground and each new backyard.

When she was six years old, Simone’s family took shape in a different way. Her grandparents Ron and Nellie Biles adopted Simone and her sister Adria. Ron and Nellie became their parents. Simone was also introduced to gymnastics that same year, launching a lifelong passion fueled by remarkable talent, sacrifice, and the undying support of her family.

From her athletic early childhood to the height of her success as an Olympic champion, Flying High is the story of the world’s greatest gymnast from author Michelle Meadows and illustrator Ebony Glenn.


Flying High is a great children’s book to empower children to believe in themselves and know that with hard work you can accomplish your dreams.

We loved learning about Simone Biles and reading her amazing journey. There is a great bonus in the back of the book where you get more details on Simone and some fast facts. We love this added touch!

“I loved learning about Simone and I love gymnastics too. She worked hard and she made her dreams come true. That is my favorite part!” – Nikki, Age 6

For this #MelAndNikkiReview, we give this book 5 gold medals out of 5! The story is inspiring and the illustrations are captivating to young readers. A beautifully captured true story of an amazing woman, Simone Bile and a must read.

This book is recommended for children ages four to eight. If you would like to purchase a copy of this book, click here.

About the Author

Michelle Meadows is the author of Brave Ballerina: The Story of Janet Collins; Hibernation Station; Piggies in Pajamas; and Super Bugs. She lives in Delaware and loves to write at the beach.

About the Illustrator

Ebony Glenn is the illustrator of many award-winning books for young readers, including Brave Ballerina: The Story of Janet Collins; Mommy’s Khimar; and Not Quite Snow White. She lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia.

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

-Momma Braga

*This book was provided in exchange of an honest review. All opinions expressed are our own and we do not make commission off of book sales.

The Secret Fawn

The Secret Fawn is a beautiful children’s book that helps little ones see the beauty around them and have them believe that they are capable of seeing even if they are the youngest. A must read.” – Momma Braga


Gorgeous cut-paper art illuminates this sweet, heartfelt picture book about how special being little can be. For fans of Finding Wild and Little Fox in the Forest.

A little girl is always missing out on the wonderful things her family gets to see and do, just because she is the youngest and smallest. She misses seeing shooting stars because she goes to bed too early; she can’t pick the first apple of autumn because she’s too short; and, this morning, everyone else got to see a deer . . . except her. She goes into her backyard in search of the deer, a sugar cube tucked in her pocket. She sees a flick of brown in the orchard — is that the deer? No, it’s just the neighbor’s friendly dog (Shhhhh, Nala!). Is that it by the pond? No, that’s just a bird, playing in the water. Just when she’s about to give up, she spots a fawn, beautiful, quiet and small . . . just like her.

The Secret Fawn beautifully captures the power of nature to inspire children and shows how connecting with animals can help kids who feel left out or overlooked.


The Secret Fawn is breathtaking visually and the words are captivating to the soul. As we follow a little girl’s quest to find a deer as she feels she misses out on everything since she is the youngest.

In her quest, she sees the beauty around her and finds something even more special as she encounters a fawn. Lesson being that it doesn’t matter how young you are, you can see something even better. We just loved reading this story and connecting with it.

“The little girl thinks she misses important things but she sees something special and just for her. That was my favorite part!” – Nikki, Age 6

For this #MelAndNikkiReview, we give this book 10 fawns out of 5! It will captivate the youngest of hearts and it is an amazing book for young readers to immerse themselves in. Remember beauty is all around us at any age, you just need to look. 😉

This lovely book is recommended for children ages three to seven. If you would like to purchase this book, click here. When you get this book, make sure to take off the paper cover to reveal a new cover! We love it!

About the Author

KALLIE GEORGE is an author, editor and creative writing teacher living in Vancouver, B.C. She has written numerous acclaimed books for children, including The Lost GiftSecrets I KnowDuck, Duck, Dinosaur and The Melancholic Mermaid, as well as the The Magical Animal Adoption Agency series and The Heartwood Hotel series. She has also taught writing workshops for children and adults across Canada, as well as in South Korea, and currently teaches at Emily Carr University.

About the Illustrator

ELLY MACKAY is an acclaimed paper artist and children’s book author and illustrator. She wrote and illustrated the picture book Red Sky at Night, as well as Waltz of the Snowflakes, If You Hold a Seed and Butterfly Park, among others. Elly’s art was also featured on the covers of Tundra’s reissues of L. M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables and Emily of New Moon series. Her distinctive pieces are made using paper and ink, and then are set into a miniature theater and photographed, giving them their unique three-dimensional quality. She frequently collaborates with author Kallie George, and their first picture book together, The Secret Fawn, will be released in Spring 21. Elly lives in Owen Sound, Ontario, with her two children.

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

-Momma Braga

*This book was provided in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are our own and we do not make commission off of book sales.

Bee My Valentine Craft

A “Bee My Valentine” craft will buzz with fun for your little ones. It is simple to make and it makes an adorable piece of art. You can hang it up as a décor piece or it can be gifted to a loved one.

Just gather your supplies and let’s get started!

Bee My Valentine

Materials Needed
  • Construction Paper (Black, Yellow, and Blue)
  • Glue
  • Black Marker
  • Googly Eyes
  • Scissors
  • First, you can create your heart shapes to make it easier for the little ones. We did two black hearts; two blue hearts; 1 yellow heart and double yellow heart.
  • The double heart can be achieved by drawing two hearts side by side. Fold it to make it look like a card.
  • Then, you can create the antennas by cutting out a rectangle shape for the bottom in black and a small yellow heart to attach to the top.
  • Add some glue to the back tip of the (yellow card) heart and add one of the black hearts. Then add some glue to the back tip of the next yellow heart and then add the last black heart.
  • Add the blue hearts as wings by gluing the tips to the back of the bee.
  • Lastly, you can add the googly eyes by gluing them to the bee’s face and add the beautiful smile with black marker. Don’t forget to add the antennas to your bee.
  • Optional, You can have your child write a message inside the card. We added, “Bee My Valentine.”

There you have it! These bees will be buzzing with love for the whole family.

We would love to see your DIY Love Frames and share them with us! Use hashtag #MelAndNikkiCrafts.

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

-Momma Braga

Sharon, Lois & Bram’s Skinnamarink

Sharon, Lois & Bram’s Skinnamarink will remind generations of the most delightful song that brought people together. It has so much meaning to it and has been loved by many and now you can share this joy with your children. It is a must read for all!” – Momma Braga


Based on the classic folk song made famous by a beloved trio of children’s entertainers, this picture book is best sung aloud! “Skinnamarink” is a timeless anthem of love and inclusion.

What does “skinnamarink” mean? You may not find its definition in a dictionary, but the meaning is clear to the generations of children who sang along: friendship, happiness, sharing, community and, ultimately, love. This song has been sung in weddings and in classrooms. It can be fun and silly — especially with the accompanying actions! And it has a way of bringing people together.

Through Qin Leng’s wonderfully imaginative illustrations, this delightful picture book tells the story of a community coming together. Young and old, from little mice to a big elephant, people and animals gather into a spontaneous parade as they follow the sound of music.

Sharon, Lois and Bram formed as a trio of children’s entertainers in Toronto in 1978 and went on to create two top-rated children’s television shows, most notably The Elephant Show, and to release 21 full-length albums (many of which reached gold, platinum, double platinum and triple platinum). In 2018, Sharon and Bram celebrated their 40th anniversary and they continue to entertain children and share their message of love.


Sharon, Lois & Bram’s Skinnamarink is a beloved children’s story and will be a favorite for generations to come. A true classic that everyone will love to read or sing (we loved singing it)! As an 80s baby, this book had a deeper meaning for me as I grew up watching The Elephant Show. It was one of my favorite shows to watch and my mom would sing me the song every time. It was one childhood memory that I remember so clearly and one that I cherish. Even though English was not my mom’s strength, she sang it so beautifully. Of course she had the actions down!

The song “Skinnamarink” as mentioned in the synopsis carries so much meaning. It is a song about friendship, togetherness, community, happiness and love. I have sung this song to my daughter when she was little and she was just as excited as I was to have the book now to sing-a-long with. We go all out with our books! 😉

This story brings out the message of love loud and clear. We love the beginning introduction were you find out how the song came to be and in the story they added a few new lyrics. Nikki and I loved this book so much that we made a video singing the very last part of the song which has always been my favorite part.


For this #MelAndNikkiReview, we give this book 10 elephants out of 5! An anthem for all generations about love, compassion and community. The illustrations complete the book beautifully as it is diverse and inclusive to all. If you are looking for that perfect book for Valentine’s Day or just a book to share with someone you care, this would be the one. We highly recommend it and for the first time this year, this book has made it to our Momma Braga Most Recommended List.

This book is recommended for children ages three to seven but we recommend it for ALL ages! If you would like to purchase this beautiful story, click here.

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

-Momma Braga

*This book was provided in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are our own and we do not make commission off of book sales.


Top 3 Reasons To Relocate Your Family!

More and more people are thinking about relocating their family. It could be for work reasons, safety, or maybe you just want a fresh start. Regardless of your reasoning, it could be an excellent move for your family. You may enjoy a much better life than you currently do, so it’s worth taking the plunge. 

Then again, it might not work for everyone. Still, if you’re debating whether or not to relocate, here are the top three reasons to give it a go:

It’s much easier than you think

Moving from one place to another has become increasingly easier as time goes by. Nowadays, you have companies that can help you with just about everything. Movers will pack all of your belongings away and take them to your new home. You even have companies like CarsArrive Auto Relocation that will pack up your cars and move them. Public transport systems keep cities more connected than ever, so it’s easy to come back and visit your old friends as well. Gone are the days where relocating meant you were cut off from your old life – it’s easier to mix your new and old lives together.

Open up new opportunities

Why do you live where you currently live? For most of us, it’s simply because we were born and raised there. So, ask yourself, are there actually any decent opportunities in this place? For you, and for your children – are the jobs good? Do people get paid well? Are the schools decent? You could open up a world of new and better opportunities by relocating to a different town or city. Suddenly, your qualifications give you access to new jobs with better wages, and your kids have access to the best schools around. Your family can thrive by moving to a new location, and you’ll soon wonder why on earth you stayed in your old home for so long. 

Discover new things

The third reason to relocate is that it lets you discover new things. As well as the opportunities in new places, you get to see new sights and enjoy a new way of life. Life in one city can be completely different from life in another, even if they’re in the same country. Also, you could think about relocating from the city to the countryside, offering you a new perspective on life. Then, you have international relocations, letting you discover a new culture altogether. If you stay in the same place your whole life, you only ever see the tiniest fraction of the world. Relocating offers a chance to broaden your horizons and see things that you’d never see if you stayed in your hometown. 

Clearly, the overall decision is up to you. Some of you might hate the idea of relocating, in which case this article might shine a light on some reasons to give it a try. For those of you that have been teetering on the edge of making a big move, perhaps this has convinced you that relocating can be beneficial.

Tips for Dealing with Baby Blues Naturally

A woman goes through a lot of physical and mental trauma when giving birth. Baby blues is a term used for postpartum depression. Women tend to feel guilty if they tell people why they feel depressed. Our society expects women to quickly adapt to a child and take care of all their needs. However, the sudden personality shift is hard to handle for women. Childbirth is difficult in itself, but it also has many other hardships, such as social withdrawal. However, many women tend to cope with baby blues quickly, while others take time.

Doctors do prescribe medicines for postpartum depression in extreme cases. On the other hand, some women seek therapy as it is difficult for them to self-heal. If you are looking for some good medicines, then PricePro is a great website. If you are unsure about how to order medications from Canada, you can visit the website to know the easy process. One thing the PricePro guarantees is the authenticity and quality of the medicines. They also have high-quality supplements and a booster to help postpartum healing. We have some natural tips for dealing with baby blues also. 

How to deal with baby blues? 

Ask for support 

If it is your first child, then it is highly likely for you and your husband to be clueless. If you want support from your husband, then you should not hesitate to ask for it. Sometimes, you can feel an intense wave of depression when you are tired. If you get a full night’s rest, then you genuinely feel better. If your husband is not around, then you must call for help. In such cases, help from your mother or sister works perfectly. You can also take a stroll in the park for 15-minutes to feel mentally stable. 

Take herbal supplements 

There are a lot of herbal supplements available online that work perfectly for fast healing. Sometimes, physical pain and discomfort can lead to mental disorders. However, it is crucial to keep your hopes high and keep striving. You can also ask your doctor for some herbal supplement recommendations for better and fast healing. A woman loses a lot of energy while giving birth, and it can take time for all the body functions to become regular. However, the antioxidants and fiber help in better digestion and fast fat burning. 

Talk to a friend 

Listening to other people’s experiences helps a person on a deeper level. If you are struggling to cope with postpartum depression, then you should talk to a close friend. A friend with a newborn would help better as they can give your first-hand advice. New mothers are so hard on themselves, and they feel emotional over every little thing. Breastfeeding can also cause a lot of depression amongst women if they think they are not doing enough. Talking to people with the same struggle genuinely helps a new mother feel better. 

Final verdict 

Postpartum depression is common, yet not many people talk about it. It is about time that we remove some taboos around motherhood and setting standards. Motherhood is different for everyone, and each woman takes their time to heal. 


Five Fun Ways To Keep The Kids Occupied At Home

We’re in the middle of a pandemic and one of the hardest things that you can do is keep your children entertained. Between trying to keep them focused on school work to focusing on your own job from home, you need to think about how you can keep your children from being sucked into boredom. Extra time as a family may feel like a blessing, but the best thing that you can do is to ensure that you have put together everything possible to get the kids laughing and feeling happy.

Being stuck inside is hard, but with the five fun tips below, you can ensure that the kids are occupied at home no matter what. Let’s take a look!

Image Source: Pexels

Get Engaged

The kids need to be engaged as much as possible, from getting them to write their own book and publish it with Studentreasures Publishing, to getting them outside in the garden to play. School work is fantastic and all, but they need something creative to do. Placing a mud kitchen outside and letting them go to town with their mess will help them to use their imaginations. Allowing them to write and illustrate their own book will give them the chance to be more interactive in their activities. The point here is to engage the kids as much as possible and get them using their minds for whatever they can!

Get Active

Children need to burn off a ton of energy if they’re going to be able to sit and concentrate when they need to. If you’re indoors, finding time to get active isn’t always easy, and your children need to get the right amount of physical activity to burn off their energy, you need to get them active. Joe Wicks does PE on YouTube and there are plenty of other free ways that you can get the kids exercising at home, too. You can host your own mini relay and Olympics – you just have to get creative with your equipment.

Get Cooking

You need to keep the kids fed so that they have the energy to keep learning and moving, and you can weave a lesson in there with cooking skills. If you get the kids cooking with you, they can learn about where their food comes from, how to cook it and how it should be presented. You can get them children’s chef sets with knives that are safe for them to use, and you can create simple recipes together – which is also a great way to get the pickiest eaters to eat better!

Get Simple

If the kids are sick of book learning at the table, why not rely a little more on Mr Attenborough? You can use documentaries and popcorn to get them into something they want to learn – you will be shocked at how much they want to know about koalas or bees! It’s a great way to inject fun and education into the same sentence!

Get Creative

At home, the kids have less social freedom – especially during lockdown. Let them get messy, and use silly string and paint to have total creative fun. They’ll keep coming back for more and this is how you ensure that you know your kids are happy, healthy and entertained.


Maya’s Big Scene | Book Review

Maya’s Big Scene sets the stage for the biggest production that Clark Alley has ever seen. A must read story for young readers!” – Momma Braga


Maya is a playwright with lots of ideas and BIG ambition, and the kids in her Mile End neighborhood are excited to bring her newest drama to life. It’s a play about freedom, equality and respect for all. But as her friends try to express ideas of their own, Maya demands complete obedience and loyalty. This is HER queendom after all! When Maya makes a scene, will her subjects revolt?


Maya’s Big Scene sets the stage for the biggest production that Clark Alley has ever seen. Maya is a drama queen and wants the best production for the neighbourhood. However, when she makes a big scene on getting things done her way she realizes the importance of having others contribute to the production.

This children’s story is fantastic as it opens up conversations with kids on freedom, equality, respect and working together. Nikki and I spoke about how it is important for us to respect other people and the importance of working together.

For this #MelAndNikkiReview, we give it 5 stars out of 5! We have loved this story so much that Nikki has said, “Encore” a few times and we had to read it again. This story has a comic style to it which made it fun to read and Nikki enjoyed trying to read this story too!

“My favorite part is when Maya realizes that she isn’t being very nice to her friends and that they should work together. It isn’t nice to be bossy!” – Nikki, Age 6

This book is great for children between the ages of four and eight. If you would like to purchase a copy of this book, click here.

About the Author

Isabelle Arsenault is a Quebec illustrator whose passion for illustrated books has earned her an impressive number of awards and distinctions. She has achieved international recognition and has won Canada’s prestigious Governor General’s Literacy Award for Children’s Literature three times. She received a BolognaRagazzi Award in 2017 and was nominated for the Hans Christian Andersen Award in 2018 and 2020. Three of her picture books have been named New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Books of the Year. Isabelle lives with her family in Montreal.

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

-Momma Braga

*This book was provided in exchange for an honest review and we do not make commission off of book sales. All opinions expressed are our own.