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3 Non-Toxic Flooring Options for Your Home

With society’s rising concerns on health and wellness, the choice to go for non-toxic substances comes as no surprise. This is clearly shown in what articles we have at home, from ensuring that our floors are safe up to the bits and pieces on our cupboards. These choices are especially highlighted when you have children at home.

For starters, let’s look into the flooring of your house, which occupies a significant area of your living space. It is important to ensure that your flooring is free from toxic materials, as the presence of harmful chemicals can be a source of indoor air pollution. So, in order to avoid the largest environmental health risk in the world, learning about the proper flooring to use can prove to be advantageous. In fact, while carpeting is a popular choice, carpet installations are to be avoided as they are a large contributor to indoor air pollution.

Here are some useful information about alternative choices for flooring materials and how they could impact indoor air quality that you should look into:

  1. Ceramic Tile Flooring

Generally, a safe, non-toxic flooring option that is also easy to maintain are ceramic tiles. Glazed ceramic flooring tiles are resistant to water, humidity and stain penetration, which makes them an ideal flooring for moist areas in the house such as bathrooms or kitchens. However, unglazed ceramic tiles have to be sealed in order to protect their surfaces from water.

Ceramic flooring is also very durable, they are difficult to crack. A quality ceramic tile installation can last for as long as twenty years or even longer if it is well-maintained. Also, if a single tile succumbs to severe impact and cracks, then you can easily replace the cracked tile.

  1. Vinyl Flooring

Opting for vinyl flooring is a popular choice among consumers because they are durable, versatile, and economical options. Vinyl flooring can come in large, continuous, flexible sheets or as modern tiles or vinyl planks. Unlike vinyl floor tiles, a vinyl sheet floor is completely water-resistant. Aside from being impermeable, vinyl flooring is also easy to install, fairly durable, and resilient. They are also available in a variety of appearances and are affordable flooring materials.

For those looking for vinyl flooring in Melbourne at Market Timbers, check out their assortment of non-toxic flooring materials. They offer a hybrid vinyl/cork flooring system that replicates the natural look of timber flooring.

  1. Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is the best option for anyone with allergies because it improves air quality. The surface allows for easy removal of dust, pollens, dander, and other allergens. Aside from enhancing the look of your home, there are a lot of major benefits of hardwood flooring. These include being low maintenance, versatile, durable, and cost effective. Not only do wooden floors save you money, but they are also natural, eco-friendly, and more sustainable. Instead of replacing hardwood floors, they can be refinished so it costs less than getting new flooring.

Wooden floors are timeless, and if you want, you can sand and stain them to make them darker.

Indeed, picking flooring can be a daunting task with the variety of materials to choose from and each of the flooring types has an assortment of options too. Other factors such as moisture retention, wear resistance, maintenance, durability, and costs should also be taken into consideration. Plus, the impact of toxic substances on health and wellness should be a significant influence on your choices for flooring materials, so you can look into these three flooring type options.



Momma Braga’s First Work Week

“The beauty of working in a brand new field and job, is the opportunity to learn in leaps!” – Momma Braga

It has always been in our family plans that I would go back to work one day as a second income in our household can help us financially breathe a little easier. With my mom’s retirement this month and with her plans to take care of my daughter. It was time for this momma to re-enter the workforce.

I have not been in the workforce for two and a half years since I had my daughter. At the time I did have employment which I unfortunately was laid off from prior to the end of my maternity leave. But I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason.

During my two and half years I always stayed in touch with everyone that I knew as networking is so important in today’s world. I was fortunate enough that a few of my connections always mentioned that when I was ready to go back to work to let them know as they would have an opportunity for me.

So that is exactly what happened and I am so fortunate. I got a position as an Executive Assistant with a growing construction company in Toronto. This field is very different from my fundraising and social services background but that’s what makes this so intriguing to me!


Most of my time we will be in the office doing the behind the scenes coordination and organizing with the daily everyday business. I am the owner’s right hand in ensuring that everything is getting done and in a timely fashion. There are many other pieces of my new job that I will slowly be learning and doing which makes each day feel exciting! I also have the opportunity to visit the sites to check in with our projects too. It is such a diverse role that appears to have been made just with me in mind. 🙂

My first week went well and I enjoyed every day of it. I guess when you really enjoy what you are doing, it makes the week go by really quickly.

I learned so much already such as linear and square footage; different types of trades and their responsibilities; invoicing; quoting; etc. There is so much more but it would make this blog post way too long to read! But you will have to tune in to Momma Braga to read about my progress in the construction world as I am sure there will be so much more this year!

I think my favorite part of my first work week was being able to visit some work sites and see what the skilled trades do (I also get to wear awesome safety boots which are super comfy! They sure beat wearing high heels for 8hrs). It is simply amazing the work that goes into making a home. Much respect to them who despite the weather are working hard to ensure that deadlines are being met.


So week one is now complete with a lot of settling in, learning and just feeling great about myself. It really felt great to be working again and contributing financially to my family. Looking forward to seeing where this adventure takes me and to make my own mark in a whole new world!

Even though I will be working full-time and fulfilling my duties as a mom, I will still be here as Momma Braga. I am working on some exciting new articles and my next one is how my daughter has been transitioning from being with mommy 24/7 to being with grandma.

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

– Momma Braga
The Baby Spot 2017 Blogger of the Year