Changing Weight Loss Motivation Through Zero Excuse Go

Obesity has and continues to be a big issue in today’s society and experts say that by 2025, over one third of Canadians will be obese. Obesity also leads to other big issues such as back pains and other major increased health risks such as Fatty Liver as an example.

Changing our bodies can be difficult and our passion to stay motivated fizzles out quickly when we just feel like there is nothing else we can do to help ourselves.

This problem is one that the medical professionals have seen countless of times so they have developed an online system so people can lose weight from anywhere in the country, and never once have to visit a doctor’s office.

The answer was e-Health.

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine uses communication technology to give care to patients, wherever they are. Telemedicine uses trained professionals to give you daily support through technology. There is no need to travel to have your weight or progressed checked as the team is able to check in on your progress and communicate with you online at any time.

How does telemedicine help you lose weight?

Telemedicine keeps you motivated to lose weight as you will always have someone there monitoring and keeping track of your progress. It is like your very own personal cheerleading squad leading you the way to weight loss success.

At the beginning we are always more motivated to adopt healthy habits, but without constant motivation, that desire leads to no action being taken. Telemedicine ensures that the passion and motivation continue throughout. Since this service was created by a team of health professionals for their patients, it is aiming to lose weight in a healthy way.

Introducing Zero Excuse Go

The Zero Excuse Go telemonitoring and telemedicine program uses digital technology and secured high-definition videoconferencing to enable their healthcare professionals (nutritionist, psychologist, nurse and kinesiologist) to monitor on a daily basis your weight, your blood pressure, your blood sugar and your exercise (number of steps, number of minutes of exercise, number of calories burned, etc.).

The Zero Excuse Go program has personalized ongoing coaching allowing people to reach their target weight and to maintain it with their maintenance program. The maintenance program is one of the most important components of the program as it allows people to keep the weight off after the program.

This is the first and only Canadian service to use remote patient monitoring to help people lose weight.

The Zero Excuse Go program has already been making an impact by helping people get their life back by losing the weight they need to be healthy again. The program is aimed at each individual and it is customized based on each person’s needs. To learn more about the specialized needs, click here.


To read more testimonials and impact of the Zero Excuse Go program, click here.

The Zero Excuse Go works as it uses the technology needed to be easily accessible at all times and it is customized to each person’s needs. A person is not a number as they are a health team of professionals wanting each person to be healthy. Not only do they help you achieve your weight loss goal but they help you maintain it.

If you are looking to lose a substantial amount of weight (around 40-200 pounds), then check out the Zero Excuse Go Program. You may sign-up by clicking, here.


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