The Miracle Cat Book Review

A story that reflects trauma, perseverance, forgiveness and empowerment. The love from a “miracle cat,” transformed the author’s life in ways that the author never expected and it was truly inspirational to read. – Momma Braga


The Miracle Cat is the author’s personal journey of perseverance, overcoming trauma and forgiveness of self and others.

Ceuzinha was once a young woman with bug dreams and a passion for writing but then she experienced sexual assault and both her dreams and voice were lost. Lost until, Leopardo, the miracle cat came into Ceuzinha’s life and helped her recover her repressed memories, courage and voice.

Now as a woman in her early sixties, with Parkinson’s disease, Ceuzinha has reclaimed her power and shares her story of resilience, strength, and the healing power of love.


The Miracle Cat is a novel for adults. It is a very powerful personal story of the authors’ life. A life that is truly remarkable considering everything she had gone through. Full of hopes and dreams, they were quickly diminished when she was assaulted. The enormous guilt that she held onto reflected in many things she did in life.

Until, Leopardo, the Miracle Cat saved her with his unconditional love. The power of his love is what gave her the courage and strength to face what had happened in her past. That is turn, helped her heal and most importantly allowed her to forgive herself.

A remarkable story of perseverance, empowerment and love. Ceuzinha is an amazing woman who conquered so much and is always looking to help others in need. It takes real courage to write a personal story especially one as a raw as this one. I admire Ceuzinha who pours her heart and soul into this book and her mission is a noble one.

Noble Cause and Author’s Mission

Ceuzinha’s ultimate goal is to be able to assist others in their healing process. But not only that, but to help animals by using all profits from her book, The Miracle Cat. The money made will be used to set up a shelter where all cats and dogs can go to be taken care of for the remainder of their life, free of threat, violence or hunger.

This novel is Ceuzinha’s memoir and includes letters that she personally writes of forgiveness to many people in her family including her rapist. It felt like it was the ending needed to complete the healing process for her. A journey that I am sure was not an easy one but Leopardo, The Miracle Cat, made it all possible for her.

To purchase a copy of this novel, click here. Let us support this wonderful author’s ultimate goal as every cat and dog deserve the unconditional love that they give to so many people.

About the Author

Maria do Céu Oliveira-Cabral, mostly known as “Ceuzinha” was born in São Miguel, Açores, Portugal where she lived until 19 years of age. In 1976 she immigrated to Canada.

As a widow, Ceuzinha presently lives in Caledon, Ontario with her son and several cats along with various adopted squirrels, birds, skunks and other strays that she feeds regularly as they venture into her backyard.

The author has worked in cleaning services, food industry, Portuguese language instructor, Telecommunications, Air Portugal, social work (employment field as a workforce specialist).

While working full time, Ceuzinha enrolled for continuing education at Sheridan College graduating in Management Studies, and Human Resources Specialist. She also graduated from Labour Education with a focus on Human Rights and Women’s Rights.

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-Momma Braga

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