3 Big Baby Steps to Taking a Vacation Break from your Babies

By Michele Giacomini


You love your kids. No one would ever dispute that. You work hard to provide for them and care for them, and there’s pretty much nothing you wouldn’t do for your sweet cherubs. You’re a Power Parent, pure and simple. You do it all, you do it well and you do it 24/7/ But let’s face it, being a parent can be exhausting!

Many parents find it hard to take a break from taking care of their children (We’re talking full-on vacation here!). Whether it be the cost, the time, or the unsurity of leaving your babies behind, the arguments for taking a vacation sans kiddos are countless. BUT YOU SHOULD!

Much like weekend break from the work week, parenting is a tough job that moms and dads alike need to put on a temporary hold occasionally, so they can continue to care for their children with gusto. So if a traditional vacation is not in your near future, why not try for a mini-vacay!

Here are some pointers for parents needing to press the pause button on parenting.

Try some of these solutions to some of the top excuses, and you’ll find yourself taking a relaxing break before you know it.

Baby Step 1 Tip – Funding a Flop

Pinching those pennies pays off. While it would be nice to make an escape for a week or two, the reality is, it can be expensive to be gone so long. Here’s a great compromise, Casinos!

Now I know what you are thinking, but I am NOT advocating that you go hit the tables to help fund your next vacation getaway. What I am sharing is that one doting mom I know signed up at her local Indian Casino to be a “member.” When she shared this with me I was surprised, because she’s not a gambler. She explained that she gets great overnight deals that include drastically reduced accommodations, discounts for the restaurants, and full access to the pool and fitness center. She says it’s like her own “mini resort getaway” right down the road.

For about $100 US she sometimes gets a one or two night stay, and dinner out. Most importantly, her pocketbook hasn’t been hit too hard, and she looks forward to going home to her kids, refreshed and renewed.

You can also check with other larger hotel chains that allow you to sign up for deal notifications.

Another parent friend shared her “recycling” tip. She saves recycling money in a jar, and when the jar fills up, it’s BREAK TIME. Her kids know it too, and they look forward to her overnight escape as they generally get to go to their grandma’s house for a proper spoiling. WIN-WIN!


Baby Step 2 Tip – Not Enough Time in the Day

Less is more. If time is an issue, plan to carve out what you can. If that means instituting Date Night or Date Day once a month, do what you need to in order to make that happen! We all know that dates don’t have to be extravagant and expensive in order to be incredible! So pack a Sunset picnic, or grab some bikes and hit the trails, or maybe go take a scenic hike. The down time will be well worth the effort. Plus, once you get the hang of it, you’ll be ready for weekend getaways in no time!


Baby Step 3 Tip – Nobody does it Better

Nobody’s perfect, and that’s okay. We know that when it comes to parenting, you do it best. But your babies need a break from you too, so call in The B Team. Hey! If the professional sports teams can do it, you can too!

Who could be your B Team Players? Trusted adults, of course! Try trusted relatives or trusted friends. Some mom groups set up weekend swaps, so that they can watch each other’s children while couples and single parents alike can get a well-deserved break (and some of those breaks end up being “staycations”).

Regardless if you take a two day break, a one day break or just half a day, the benefits of the recharge not only benefit you and your partner, but they benefit your children too. Remember, baby steps, baby steps, baby steps. Cuz when mama’s happy, everyone’s happy.


Michele “Miss OMG” Giacomini is a Lifestyles Writer and the author of Looking for B.O.B. (Brightsides of Bull$#!+). She writes about everything chocolate, wine, food, travel and shoes…for everything else, she just makes fun of it. You may follow her on her blog at DayTripperMag.com or Twitter: @DayTripperMag1

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