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A children’s book that involves teaching the concept of spending is what can be expected from Spend It! by Cinders McLeod.


Sonny gets three whole carrots a week for his allowance and wants to buy everything with it! But he soon discovers his money won’t go that far, and his mom tells him he needs to make some choices. That doesn’t sound like much fun to Sonny, especially when he learns that the bouncy castle he’s been eyeing goes for ONE HUNDRED carrots. Ridiculous! But eventually, after a little math and a little more thinking, he has a blast discovering what’s really important to him and worth spending his carrots on.


Spend It! is absolutely splendid. We love how it touches on the concept of spending through the dilemma that Sonny has with his allowance versus what he wants to buy. The simplicity of the message is brilliant and done in a way that a young child can grasp quickly. This is such a great book that it should be introduced in all homes and even at school. It is important to teach our children about money and spending at a young age. It is a great to set them up for success.

The illustrations are precious and make it really fun for children to follow along. The characters are big, bright and just so adorable! Perfect for this age group.

Therefore, for this #MelAndNikkiReview, we give Spend It! 6 carrots out of 5! We recommend this book for ages three to five and it will have young readers laugh and learn simple math concepts.

“We have to be careful how much we spend because some things are expensive. That is why I save my money in my piggy bank for one REALLY big thing.” – Nikki, Age 4

About the Author

Cinders McLeod also wrote Earn It! and is the creator of the book and comic strip Broomie Law. Her illustrations have appeared in the Guardian, the Express, the Observer, the Independent on Sunday, the Glasgow Heald, Scotland on Sunday, the Globe and Mail, CBC, Macleans, and the Ottawa Citizen. Her work has been recognized by the Society of Newspaper Design, National Magazine Awards, National Newspaper Awards, Advertising and Design Club of Canada, Thames Television, and The Guinness Book of Records. Cinders is also a singer-songwriter-doublebassist, with a CD (Beyond our Means) on Billy Bragg’s Utility Label. She lives in Toronto, Canada.

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-Momma Braga



* The book was provided to Momma Braga in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed her solely belong to Momma Braga.

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