Elves are the Worst

Elves are the Worst is absolutely the best! An amazing message about teamwork makes the dream work. This book has made it to our Reading Countdown to Christmas list! ~ Momma Braga


Gilbert the Goblin infiltrates Santa’s workshop to prove that goblins are better workers than elves in the side-splitting latest installment in The Worst! picture book series, where even the strangest of creatures can become the best of friends. Everyone knows that elves have a reputation of being the hardest workers around—especially when it comes to the holiday season—but as far as Gilbert the Goblin is concerned that’s nothing but ho-ho-hogwash. A goblin’s to-do list is just as long as any elf’s; they just don’t feel the need to sing songs about it. To prove he can outperform any reindeer-watching, wrapper-paper-wielding, toy-tinkering elf, Gilbert puts on his merriest disguise to infiltrate Santa’s workshop. But can one lone goblin do the work of a whole team of elves?


Elves are the Worst is absolutely the best! Gilbert the Goblin wants to prove to the world why elves are the greatest and why goblins should be given a fair share. You can’t help but giggle along as Gilbert tries to outshine the elves solo.

We adored this book and we will be adding it to our Reading Countdown to Christmas line up this year! The message that we loved in this book is that everything is possible when you work as a team. It isn’t just one elf that makes the difference, but when they all work together is when magic happens.

Elves believe in the power of T.O.Y.S.


For this #MelAndNikkiReview, we give this book 5 Candy Cane Kittens out of 5! I have to admit the ability to change candy canes to kittens made me love this story more. The illustrations are just as captivating as the story. Just a creative piece of literature that we will enjoy every year to read.

This book was my favorite because it was so funny! Gilbert is my favorite character and I am glad that he realized that teamwork makes the dream work. – Nikki, Age 9

This book would make a perfect story to read as Christmas approaching and a great stocking stuffer idea too! If you would like to purchase a copy of this book, click here.

About the Author

Alex Willan thinks that Christmas trees and eggnog are the best, but trying to find parking for gift shopping is the worst! Alex is the author-illustrator of Unicorns Are the Worst!, Dragons Are the Worst, Yetis Are the Worst!, and the Jasper & Ollie series as well as the illustrator of Got Your Nose, written by Alan Katz. Alex lives in Chicago with his dog, Harley, who is just as majestic as any reindeer.

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