Dim Sum Palace Enriches Us With Culture

Dim Sum Palace is a triple threat in our books as it celebrates family, food and culture! Oh my! A great read that will have young readers immerse in a delicious journey. ~ Momma Braga


A little girl’s love of dim sum spills over into her dreams, taking her on a fantastical food-filled adventure, in this picture book love letter to Maurice Sendak’s In the Night Kitchen. Beautifully illustrated with a gold foil cover, this is the perfect gift for foodies of all ages.

Liddy is so excited about going to the Dim Sum Palace tomorrow with her family that she can’t sleep. So when a delicious smell wafts into her room, she hops out of bed, opens her door and steps into . . . an actual palace of dim sum! There are dumplings, baos, buns and more delicious treats than one girl can possibly eat. Liddy just has to take a bite, but she slips and falls . . . into a bowl of dumpling filling. The chefs are so busy rolling, folding and pinching dough that they don’t notice they’ve prepared a most unusual dumpling for the Empress — a Liddy dumpling! Worst of all, she looks good enough to eat . . .


Dim Sum Palace enriches reading time with culture as we take a delicious journey of Dim Sum!

This book celebrates, culture, family and food. A triple threat of excellence in our books! 😉 Elegantly articulated through illustrations and words, you truly feel the author’s childhood memories. We loved that!

For this #MelAndNikkiReview, we give this book 5 dim sums out of 5! Full of heart with a dash of humor. Join a dreamworld of adventure that celebrates all the good in the world; food, family and culture.  The little details incorporated in the book such as all the culture food inside the front cover, it added that extra special touch.

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About the Author

X. FANG, who also goes by Susan, is a visual artist and maker of books for young readers. Born in Taichung, Taiwan, raised in Atlanta, Georgia, she now lives in rural Maine with her husband and their dog, Pamela.

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~Momma Braga

*Please note that this book was provided in exchange of an honest review. All opinions expressed are our own.

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