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As a parent we realize that it can be difficult for a child to understand and express their feelings at a young age (let’s be honest, as we get older it can still be difficult). It appears that in the toddler years, these emotions are more intense as they try to figure it all out and as they get older they start to slowly start to learn. We are still in the high emotion phase with our four-year-old as she tries to grasp and understand her feelings.

Therefore, The Happy Book by Andy Rash, was a great welcome in our home.


Camper is happy as a clam and Clam is a happy camper. When you live in The Happy Book, the world is full of daisies and sunshine and friendship cakes…until your best friend eats the whole cake and doesn’t save you one bite.

Moving from happiness to sadness and everything in between, Camper and Clam have a hard time finding their way back to happy. But maybe happy isn’t the goal — being a good friend is about supporting each other and feeling all the feels together.



A children’s book filled with the different emotions a child can feel is absolutely perfect! We love the journey that the book takes us and how we get to visit some of the different emotions and why each character was feeling that way. We were able to pause throughout the book to talk about each feeling. Happy, sad, anger, and scared are very well described for a young child to understand and the characters were great. Camper and Clam are a great duo!

The illustrations are colorful and fun. It fits in perfectly with the story and message about friendship as we go through the rollercoaster of feelings. A fun read for all and it offers so much to parents as it opens the conversation of feelings and friendship.

“They have lots of feelings like me. I like how they talk about it together.” – Nikki, Age 4

For this #MelAndNikkiReview, we give The Happy Book 5 rollercoasters of feelings out of 5! We recommend this book for ages three to seven.

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Until next time…Happy Parenting!


-Momma Braga



* The book was provided to Momma Braga in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed her solely belong to Momma Braga.

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