Anna At The Art Museum

Anna at the Art Museum is a beautiful children’s book that appreciates the beauty of art. A masterpiece from start to finish! – Momma Braga


Art is for everyone – even a bored little girl.

Going to the Art Museum with her mom is no fun at all for Anna. Everything is old and boring and there are so many rules: Don’t Touch! Do Not Enter! Quiet! A vigilant guard keeps a close eye on the energetic little girl, but even so, Anna manages to set off an alarm and almost tips over a vase.

A half-open door draws Anna’s attention, but the No Entry sign means yet again that it’s off-limits. This time, however, the guard surprises her by inviting her to go in. Here she finds a “secret workshop” where paintings are being cleaned and repaired. Staring out from one of the canvases is a girl who looks grumpy and bored – just like Anna herself. With the realization that art often imitates life, Anna discovers the sheer joy to be hard from the paintings on the wall, especially those that reflect what is happening all around her.


Anna at the Art Museum is the perfect children’s book to inspire future artists and an appreciation of the arts. We personally love the arts and expressing ourselves creatively in our home.

In the story, Anna appreciates art once she opens up her heart to it and sees the real beauty in it all. Art can be the interpretation of life and she sees how art is relatable to every day living. Truly beautiful story to read with your little ones.

Art piece behind the book is an art piece I created at a workshop.

For this #MelAndNikkiReview, we give this book 5 stars out of 5! This book brings lots of love to the arts and the art featured in the book is real art pieces. We absolutely loved reading the end of the book as it describes each art piece. The pieces featured in the book are from a wide range of artists from many different eras and countries. We loved learning about each one and it was incorporated into the book beautifully.

We highly recommend this book to children ages four to seven.

I loved learning about art and see where the paintings are from. I am glad that Anna didn’t find it boring when she gave it a chance. – Nikki, Age 7

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About the Author and Illustrator

Hazel Hutchins has written over fifty books for children and young adults and has received numerous awards for her work.

Gail Herbert’s collaborations with Hazel Hutchins produced the award-winning picture book Mattland, and The Truth About Wind (2020).

Lil Crump is a graphic and visual design artist with training in fine art and bookmaking.

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

-Momma Braga

*Please note that this book was provided in exchange of an honest review. All opinions expressed are our own.



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