Beware the Monster!

Beware the Monster! will have you hungry for more reading. A truly adorable story for young readers. – Momma Braga Synopsis Can a monster ever eat too much? Wolves, ogres, and giants have … Continue reading Beware the Monster!

Superluminous | Book Review

Superluminous has glowed up our hearts with this beautiful story. Embrace your uniqueness and let it shine through is the perfect message for your little ones. A must read! – Momma … Continue reading Superluminous | Book Review

Anna At The Art Museum

Anna at the Art Museum is a beautiful children’s book that appreciates the beauty of art. A masterpiece from start to finish! – Momma Braga Synopsis Art is for everyone – … Continue reading Anna At The Art Museum

The Dog Who Wanted To Fly

The Dog Who Wanted To Fly is a great story that allows us to see that anything is truly possible if you just keep trying. A truly adorable book that we … Continue reading The Dog Who Wanted To Fly