The Swifts: A Dictionary of Scoundrels

The Swifts: A Dictionary of Scoundrels has murder mystery, adventure, wordplay and comedic genius for young readers. A great novel to read!
– Momma Braga


On the day they are born, every Swift child is brought before the sacred Family Dictionary. They are given a name, and a definition. A definition it is assumed they will grow up to match.

Meet Shenanigan Swift: Little sister. Risk-taker. Mischief-maker. 

Shenanigan is getting ready for the big Swift Family Reunion and plotting her next great scheme: hunting for Grand-Uncle Vile’s long-lost treasure. She’s excited to finally meet her arriving relatives – until one of them gives Arch-Aunt Schadenfreude a deadly shove down the stairs.

So what if everyone thinks she’ll never be more than a troublemaker, just because of her name? Shenanigan knows she can become whatever she wants, even a detective. And she’s determined to follow the twisty clues and catch the killer.


The Swifts: A Dictionary of Scoundrels is the perfect novel for a young reader to immerse themselves in a classic murder mystery. A clever story that is packed with games, wordplay and of course mischief. With the name Shenanigan, one could only expect mischief in spades and it delivers!

I absolutely loved reading this novel as I love murder mysteries with just enough suspense but not too much where I can’t sleep for days. The story has a great message in celebrating individuality as Shenanigan defines herself on her own. The realization that a name does not define who you are as a person.

We give this book 5 stars out of 5! A remarkable novel to read as it was unique, clever, witty, mystery, suspense and a lot of heart. We truly hope there are many more novels from Lincoln as this was truly brilliantly written!

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About the Author

Beth Lincoln was raised in a former Victorian railway station in the North of England. Her childhood fears included porcelain dolls, the Durham panther, and wardrobes that looked at her funny. She grew neither tall nor wise, and never learned to play an instrument – but she did write stories, a bad habit that has persisted to this day. When she isn’t writing, Beth is woodcarving, or making a mess of her flat, or talking the nearest ear off about unexplained occurrences. Her favorite things include ghosts, crisps, and weird old words like bumbershoot and zounderkite.

The Swifts is Beth’s debut novel. It grew out of her love of etymology, the gleeful gothic, and classic murder mysteries. She lives in Newcastle upon Tyne with her partner and hopefully, by the time you are reading this, a dog.

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

-Momma Braga

*Please note that this book was provided in exchange of an honest review and all opinions expressed are our own.

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