Jorie And The Magic Stones

Fantasy books is a genre that can transport us to the most magically places and lets us believe that anything is possible. A. H. Richardson does this and more in her novel, Jorie And The Magic Stones.

The synopsis states: “Jorie is greeted in the magic land of Cabrynthius as the Child with Hair of Fire who will find the missing Stones of Maalog, foretold in an ancient book about dragons. She and her friend Rufus are challenged to find the Three Stones and restore them to the Great Grootmonya.

The nine-year-olds face evil dragons, greedy creatures, caves of fire, rocky mountain trails, even a poisonous butterfly as they discover their own courage, stamina, and friendship. This is a tale of imagination, enchantment, and the unexplainable.”

The Great Stone lies near the Great Stone

Where a monarch may sit on a granite throne.

The Stone sleeps far from mortal eye

Where the bones of the ancient Atir lie.

Jorie and the Magic Stones by A. H. Richardson is an amazing fantasy adventure that will be enjoyed by all as there is no minimum in age to appreciate it. The pivotal character is fresh and engaging. Jorie will draw you into her world with her infectious prying ways, sense of adventure and positive energy. She is also inquisitive, brave, wise beyond her years and yet still a child at heart. The balance articulated in the story is well executed by A.H, Richardson who also effortlessly captured the atmosphere perfectly.

I always love books that teaches and provides us with messages. In Jorie and the Magic Stones, it teaches children to never give up no matter how hard the task may be and to never judge someone based on how they look. One of my favorite messages is that we all have “an inner magic that takes many forms, such as love, friendship, courage, and tolerance.”

For this #MelandNikkiReview, we give it 5 fiery dragons out of five for it’s intriguing characters, vivid descriptions, and unique story line. We would recommend this fantasy novel to anyone over the age of nine.  This is the first book of the series as there are two more books in the series. It looks like it is a great series!

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