My Cat Does Ballet Pirouettes Into Our Hearts

My Cat Does Ballet is an imaginative and fiction “tail” of a pawsome cat who can do ballet. An adorable children’s book that will bring in some ballet culture into reading time. ~ Momma Braga


Some cats pounce, snooze, or climb up the curtains. But one boy has a pet cat that does ballet, jumping after flies in perfect grands jetés and gliding across floors with smooth glissades. Perhaps they can teach you and your cat to do ballet too! This joyful and hilariously illustrated story is a charming pas de deux for felines and their friends.



My Cat Does Ballet is such a pawsome tail of a child and his cat who can do ballet. When his cat’s skills are questioned, he creates a teaching event for all the kids’ cats to train in ballet.

The story brought some ballet culture to reading time as we got to learn some ballet terms along the way. We loved the how the ballet terms were connected to what cats are known to do. It made reading the story much more fun!

For this #MelAndNikkiReview, we give this book 5 Pirouettes out of 5! We adored the storyline and vibrant illustrations. We did feel bad for the one dog who’s only trick was to play fetch, lol. Our Frenchie Tyson, enjoyed hearing the word cat throughout reading time. Even though there was none for him to chase. 😉

The added extras in the story were a wonderful bonus! It was great to learn about the ballet terms and what they mean. There is also a piece on how each child was named after famous ballet dancers (past and present). Absolutely genius!

I thought this story was funny. I guess when you really think of it, many animals do dance in their own way. I think if our cat Lily was still alive, she would do ballet too.
– Nikki, Age 9

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About the Author

Robert Heidbreder was born in Quincy, Illinois, and later moved to Vancouver, BC, where he became an award-winning primary school teacher. Living in Vancouver, he discovered his love of ballet. He attends as many performances as he and his wife can. Their two cats sadly have to stay at home. My Cat Does Ballet is his twenty-first picture book. Visit him at

About the Illustrator

Matt Schu is the illustrator of Cut!: How Lotte Reiniger and a Pair of Scissors Revolutionized Animation by C.E. Winters and My Cat Does Ballet by Robert Heidbreder. Due to growing up in the Pacific Northwest, he draws a lot of trees, houses, and cloudy skies. He lives with his cat in Portland, Oregon, and she can do an impressive tour en l’air. Visit him at

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~ Momma Braga

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