Me, Myselfie & I | Book Review

Who doesn’t like taking a good selfie?! With all the filters and options available to make them look great, it is hard to pass on taking one. I don’t usually take selfies but my daughter has become a selfie queen as she loves to take pictures (I’m to blame as I love taking photos of her!). You can selfies is part of our family portfolio to say the least.

Therefore, it was only fitting that we got an opportunity to review, Me, Myselfie & I. A Cautionary Tale, written by Jamie Lee Curtis and illustrated by Laura Cornell. 

This children’s book gives us a look at one family’s mom who according to her children is “old-fashion” so they decided to buy mom a smartphone for her birthday. The kids were very excited to show mom how to use the new device and how to take selfies. Well, mom got very excited with this new skill that she learned and took selfies of every single moment.

“I’m SELFIE crazy!”

It truly got crazy until her kids realized it was way too much. They made mom stop and made her realize that not every moment needs to be captured on camera. But the time spent together enjoying each other’s company is what matter most.

“The BEST time of all, SELFLESS family love.”

We adored this book and we truly enjoyed the message about spending time together as a family. Turning off the technology and just having some quality time is a refreshing reminder for us all. We also couldn’t help but giggle throughout the book as mom really take some interesting selfies of ever single moment such as the selfie at a stranger’s wedding. But as outrageous as some of the moments are, you can’t help but know that it is true. The book flowed nicely and the messaging was perfect. The illustrations complimented the book nicely and we loved the diversity in the book as well. This is why we give this book 5 selfies out of 5! 

Now we couldn’t help but look back at some of our own selfies or better yet our daughter’s selfies which are plenty. Since the age of three she started to take my phone and take photos. The neat part about her photos was being able to see things through her perspective or her view of the world. Soon after she discovered that she could take pictures of herself and boy did she have fun with this option!

Have you ever gone on your phone and checked your photo album to see pictures that you never took? I have had this happen to me and find 100s of photos that I never took but my little one decided to play photographer for the day. The best part is seeing all her silly photos which always makes me smile and thought in honor of this new children’s book, I would share some of her silliest selfies.

Would love to see any silly selfies you or your children have taken by using #MommaBragaSillySelfie.

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

-Momma Braga

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