The New Kid Has Fleas | Book Review

The New Kid Has Fleas is a fantastic children’s book that shows us that when given a fair chance, people can surprise you. They could even become a great friend!” – Momma Braga


There’s a new kid in class, and they’re . . . different.

They dress different. Talk different. Eat different.

And the word on the playground is: they have fleas.

But, one of their classmates wonders, what if we got to know the new kid? Visited their home (wolves’ den)? Met their parents (wolves)? Shared a snack (squirrels)?

Maybe then the new kid wouldn’t be so bad after all.

School’s in session for a howlingly fun “lesson” in preconceptions, differences, rumors, karma, and not just being the new kid, but befriending them.


The New Kid Has Fleas will capture the hearts of readers as it shows us that when given the “New Kid” a chance, they can surprise you. We loved the topic of the new kid and how many kids may feel this way when starting somewhere new. Seeing the kids showing kindness once they got to know the new kid, is heartfelt and beautiful.

I personally can relate to being the “New Kid” when my parents moved to a new city as I started Grade 10 (must have been the hardest time to even fit in). However, I do remember a couple of people who really made me feel welcomed which made a world of a difference for me.  This book reminded me of that time and made me appreciate the experience.

For this #MelAndNikkiReview, we give this book 10 fleas out of 5! The story is entertaining and the illustrations are captivating. A great duo that we are grateful for bringing this great story into our home. We highly recommend this book to all!

I love this book as it is important to be kind to new people! My favorite part was learning the new kid’s name which is Kiki. That happens to be my nickname. – Nikki, Age 6

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About the Author

Ame Dyckman has been the New Kid lots of times – even as a grown-up! – and appreciates everyone who’s nice to a New Kid. Ame lives in New Jersey with her family, her cat, and several squirrels. (The squirrels DO have fleas but that’s okay.) You can learn more about Ame’s books online and on Twitter, where Ame posts book news, goofy poetry, squirrel photos, and pretty much everything that pops into her head!

About the Illustrator

Eda Kaban has illustrated many popular books for children, including Pirates Don’t Go to Kindergarten! and Even Superheroes Have Bad Days. Born and raised in Turkey, Eda now lives in Oakland, California, with her husband, son, and two Siamese cats.

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

-Momma Braga

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