Different styles to make a Satin Ribbon Bow

Making a satin ribbon bow is easier than you think! There are many different styles to make this type of bow, and in this article, we will be discussing three of them. The first style is the hair bow, which looks like a cute little ponytail on the top of your head. This style can also be worn as an accessory when running errands or going out with friends. Next, we have the loopy bow, which has loops all over it and looks super cute in any color combination! Lastly, we have the floral bow- perfect for springtime weddings or summertime picnics and many more bows.

Hair Bow

You can begin by cutting a 4″ x 4″ square of fabric, from solid silk using spray starch to keep it crisp. Fold the ribbon in half and bring the two ends together. Hair Bow is one of the superb satin ribbon craft ideas which is easy and so much in trend. Sewing a bow out of satin ribbon entails stitching along the stitch lines. Leave an opening at the bottom center for turning. Doing this is very important because it helps to shape the bow. Fold the rectangle in half and flip it inside out through the opening. Push the corners of the ribbon out with a chopstick or blunt instrument to resemble a shape. After you have secured the ribbon, gently work out any unnecessary folds. Still holding the fold while folding in the top and bottom, bring these two ends to meet on the back. To create a bow, lay the ribbon on its side in your sewing machine and stitch a quick zig-zag stitch along the “sides” of the middle. Set aside. Cut a scrap of fabric 2″ wide x 4″ tall. Fold in half lengthwise and press or sew into the fold to make it neater. Open the center of the ribbon up and fold each side into it. Press. Fold the whole thing in half on your first fold mark. You don’t have to tie a knot at the end, and you can stop as soon as you create something that resembles a bow. Wrap the ribbon around the center of the bow, overlapping slightly. Cut the ribbon to a length that suits your needs. Apply fray check if you want to prevent the ends from fraying. Allow the ribbon to dry for a few minutes. Join the strip ends together around the bow using either hot glue or a strong sewing stitch.

Wire Bound Bow

To make a ribbon bow, measure and cut enough ribbons to create the desired size of the bow. The length of the ribbon should be long enough to make loops and a tail.

Place the ribbon on a flat surface with the glossy side up and the dull side down. Both sides will be shiny for a double-sided satin, so it doesn’t matter which side faces up.

Take both loops of your bow and pinch them together. Now take the tails and make two additional loops, one on each end. When you’re finished braiding, you should have two sets of loops facing outwards as well as two tails facing inwards (looking like an ‘X’). Make sure that there is enough space.

When folding the large ribbon, it resembles a long tube; hold down one side of the bow with your finger and then scrunch up as much of the center of the bow around that point.

Use fine wire to bind the neck of the bow and ensure it is tight.

To hide the wire inside the bow, use a piece of ribbon and glue its back to the wrong side of the bow.

Satin Basic Bow

One rule when making a bow is to make sure it’s the appropriate length for the bow desired. Lay the ribbon out flat. Allow extra ribbon for easing the bow into shape and make it a few inches longer.

For a classic bow, bring the two ends of the ribbons over to where they meet in the middle. Twist the ribbon 180 degrees in an “L” shape, then overlap the two loops. Shape each loop if you want an obvious bow or shape the loops so that they’re hidden to create a sleeker look.

Adjust the proportions to make a fuller, broader bow. Make sure that both the loops and tails are in the same size/length.

Flip the left loop over the right one. Take the loop around the back of the bow. Thread it through and pull tight at its center.

Floral Bow

Cut a length of ribbon. Determine the measurement of your length. 115cm/45inches is standard for floral bows. By placing several loops side-by-side and wrapping the front over them, you can create a flower-shaped bow. Satin ribbon is a versatile type of material, which can be used in multiple ways.

Measure the loops. To measure the ribbon, loop it around your arm or a ruler and note where 20 cm/8 inches is. Make loop 20 cm from the end of the ribbon. Hold the ends of the ribbon together with your thumb and forefinger.

Fold the loop. Bring one side of the ribbon up to make a 2.5cm/1 inch loop on the left of your folded pocket stick, where it’s pinched between your thumb and forefinger.

Make a loop on the right side, exactly like you did before. To make an even more versatile bow, try joining the end of the loop to end by alternating each time. You should make about three to five matching loops to finish the bow.

Wrap the bow with thin gauge wire. To ensure the bow is not too tight, the first twist tightly to secure and cut off excess wire. Wrap ribbon over the wire to cover it. Glue or stitch in place.

Fan out the loops to make them rounded and flower-like shaped.


When it comes to tying a bow, there are no rules, and you should always do what feels right. Experiment with different styles of ribbon bows until you find one that suits your needs!

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