7 Tips for Removing Odor From Your Rental Property

Rental property owners must follow the necessary cleaning steps before renting the property to a new tenant. Too often, tenants don’t clean up the property well when moving out. This leads to lingering odors that could become overwhelming if the power is shut off. Vital steps for the rental property owner show them how to tackle a variety of odors and improve the way the property smells. How the tenant lived in the property could determine what smells have become trapped in the walls, carpeting, and the HVAC systems. Tips for removing odors help property owners improve the property and prepare it for a new tenant.

  1. Use Smoke Odor Eliminating Products

Even if the property owner adds no smoking to the lease, some tenants will smoke inside the property. Nicotine and residue from cigarette smoke coat the walls and cause a brownish-yellow hue to appear. It is possible to clean the walls to correct the wall color and remove the particles from sheetrock. However, it is not so easy to eliminate the stale smell of cigarette smoke from inside the home.

Cigarette smoke rises in the property and will spread into upper floors. When preparing the property for a new tenant, the property owner will follow strategies for removing the smoke smell from the home. Cleaning products designed to eliminate cigarette smoke can help property owners get rid of the odors. Rental property owners can get more information from Vamoose!

  1. Remove Any Items Left Behind By The Previous Tenant

Some tenants will leave some of their belongings in the property, and the items may have lingering smells. The property owner can remove these items from the home and use waste management services to remove them from the property. Once the items are out of their way, the rental property owner can clean the areas where they were left.

  1. Schedule a Deep Cleaning for the Entire Property

A complete deep cleaning for the entire property gets rid of all bacteria, germs, and lingering odors fast. A professional cleaning service can complete the deep cleaning for the property owner for a flat-rate fee. They will clean everything from the ceilings to the flooring. The cleaners remove all garbage from the property and clean all surfaces thoroughly. The deep clean gets rid of unwanted odors, and the property owner can choose the cleaning products they want for the services.

  1. Baking Soda Gets Rid of Food Smells

Baking soda is a great product for cleaning kitchens the refrigerators, and it will get rid of unpleasant food smells. The homeowner can open a box of baking soda and place it inside the refrigerator to neutralize the smells. They can also use a mixture of baking soda and warm water to scrub away food particles from countertops. It is also great for cleaning sinks and removing smells in the drain. Food could get caught in a garbage disposal or the sink drain. Some baking soda could get rid of these smells faster.

  1. Deep Clean Carpeting to Get Rid of Pet Odors

Deep cleaning the carpeting gets rid of pet odors that get trapped in the carpet fibers. Pet dander can fall deep into the carpeting, and pests such as fleas could infest the carpeting if it is not treated. Rental property owners must complete deep cleaning services to eliminate these particles. By cleaning the carpeting completely, the rental property owner can get rid of pet odors and leave behind a nice fresh smell in the property.

The type of pet the previous tenant had could also determine what types of odors were left behind in the home. For example, if they had cats, there may be lingering litter box odors. Dogs that aren’t groomed properly can cause terrible smells that get in the carpeting and any furnishings in the home.

Male dogs and cats are likely to mark their territory in or around the home. Pet urine smells can become quite the challenge to get out of a home. The rental property owner will need to use cleaning products that remove urine smells from the carpeting and other spaces in the home.

  1. Schedule Inspections and Remediation for Mold

One thing that most property owners know is that, while they may not see mold, if they can smell it, them there is mold somewhere in the property. If they had a water leak at any time, the property owners will need to set up an inspection to find the mold. Once it is located, they will need to set up mold remediation services to get rid of the mold and the unpleasant smell in the property. Remediation services complete full sanitation services for all the affected areas and complete restoration services for any damage.

  1. Install an Air Cleaner

An air cleaner can help the property owner improve the air quality in the home and remove unwanted scents. The air cleaner has its own filtration system, and the property owner can change the filter to get the most benefits. When cleaning the air in the property owner, they can also replace any clogged air filters in their HVAC systems. They could also set up seasonal cleaning services for the heating and cooling system. By cleaning out the systems before the next tenant moves in, they could get rid of any odors that are trapped in the HVAC systems.

Rental property owners must follow steps for improving the way their property smells. In between tenants, it is vital for the property owner to complete these steps and get rid of smells according to what happened in the home.

For example, if the tenant smoked in the property, the owner must clean the property and use products that neutralize the smell of cigarette smoke. If the tenant had pets in the property, the owner needs to complete a deep cleaning to get rid of dander and linger pet smells. If food was left behind, they will need to use baking soda to remove foul food odors. The steps improve the way the property smells and improve the air quality.


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