In The Book With…Nikki’s Unicorn Adventure

“Nikki’s Unicorn Adventure is an enchanting story full of magic, adventure, and best of all the main character is your child!” – Momma Braga


In this enchanting story, your child will find out just how fun it really is to become a real unicorn as they explore the many magical setting of this rainbow-filled paradise!

Along with a special message on the opening page, this unicorn book for kids features any name on the cover and intertwined into the hand-drawn illustrations. The reader will become the spirited unicorn who sets out to find the best place for unicorns to have fun. From the beautiful meadows to the delicious Candyland, there’s no time for horsing around as the reader is transported from one page to the next, galloping through the magical places. You can even choose which edition you would like from the soft back, hardback or classic hardback


Nikki’s Unicorn Adventure is the story that our Nikki has been waiting for! “Wow! I’m finally a Unicorn,” Nikki exclaimed. It was with great delight to read this magical adventure and see what Nikki the Unicorn was all about. Instantly you are captivated by the bright illustrations that are all hand-drawn beautifully. It was a well written adventure and Nikki got excited seeing her name in each page. We loved how the publisher inserted the child’s name into each page and the child has to find it within the page. It added an extra special touch that we adored!

Personalized stories really bring a uniqueness to reading time and we loved being able to write a message for Nikki at the beginning of the book and add a special photo of her at the end of the book. It just brought the whole personalization full circle and it was heartfelt.

For this #MelAndNikkiReview, Nikki’s Unicorn Adventure gets 10 million rainbows out of 5!!! A very outstanding rating and by our expert herself, Nikki who knows children’s books. 😉 The story is well written, the illustrations are captivating and the main character (your child) finds the perfect place to call home. We can say it is the perfect unique story for your little one. It also makes the best gift for the Unicorn enthusiast in your life.

If you would like to purchase your own personalized unicorn book, click here. You can also check out the many other options that are available to be customized to make reading time a little extra special.

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At In The Book, we believe in the power of reading. The power that helps develop, educate, instill confidence, and most importantly, create a lasting bond between parent and child.

We recently donated over 50 personalized books to charities who work with underprivileged and sick children in the US and UK, and have produced a series of video for parents with top tips on how to read to their children.

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-Momma Braga

*This book was provided in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are our own.

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