Always Anjali

Always Anjali embraces culture and the importance of our given names in this beautiful children’s book. Full of heart, friendship and best of all embracing yourself. A must read for every child! – Momma Braga


Meet Anjali! She’s the spunky star of this picture book with a timeless message about appreciating what makes us special and honoring our different identities.

Anjali and her friends are excited to buy matching personalized license plates for their bikes–but Anjali can’t find a plate with her name. She is often teased about her “different” name, and this is the last straw. Anjali is so upset that she demands her parents let her pick a new name! When they refuse, Anjali decides to take a closer look at who she is–beyond her name–and why being different means being marvelous.


Always Anjali is a children’s book that embraces culture, uniqueness and most importantly embracing yourself.

Anjali faces her bully and discovers how amazing she truly is. Her name was a piece of her that made her even more amazing than she ever thought of before. We absolutely loved this message and seeing Anjali embrace this discovery with pose.

For this #MelAndNikkiReview, we give this book 5 stars out of 5! The illustrations are breathtaking and vibrant. The story itself is empowering and beautiful. A great combo for an amazing book!

I love this book so much! My favorite quote from the book is, “She knew there was greatness in not being one of the crowd.” That to me was powerful! – Nikki, Age 8

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About the Autor and Illustrator

Sheetal Sheth is an acclaimed actress, producer, author, and activist. She has starred in more than feature films and TV shows. Sheetal supports marginalized communities through her work as an actor and by appearing at workshops and panels to speak directly to issues facing those communities. She is an outspoken advocate, and has delivered talks and keynotes at festivals and charity galas. She has had op-eds published on CNN, the Daily Beast, and Thrive Global. She served in President Clinton’s AmeriCorps and is currently on the advisory board of Equality Now and an ambassador for the Representation Project, founded by Jennifer Siebel Newsom, the First Partner of California. Sheetal is also the author of Always Anjali and Making Happy.

Jessica Blank features strong connections to family and nature in her work. She crafts images that move between traditional drawing practices and digital painting. She graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art with a BFA in illustration and received her MFA in graphic design from Vermont College of Fine Arts. Jessica lives in the East Texas Piney Woods with her family.

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