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Ms. Flygirl and Sky Daisy is a great book for young readers with a variety of different adventures that they can immerse themselves in.


Ms. Flygirl and Sky Daisy is the first book in the Flygirl series by Miho Madarame. This collection of short fantasies for kids (ages 6-8) as well as kids at heart chronicles the adventures of Ms. Flygirl and her yellow helicopter Sky Daisy. She saves a big tree in a tricky card game, helps a red hippo (a moving mail box!) deliver pink lemonade, and makes a deal for land with a bossy fox. When she is stranded on an uninhabited island, she is saved by a bottlenose dolphin. These witty but warm stories celebrate the spirit of adventure in all of us.


Ms. Flygirl and Sky Daisy is a great book for young readers that provides a variety of different adventures that they can immerse themselves in. It is a great introduction to a small chapter series as there is very limited illustrations, allowing the child to imagine what the scenes would look like.

Each story is full of a different adventure and our favorite was the story was with a red hippopotamus who serves as a mailbox. He is stumped on how to deliver a glass of lemonade to a little boy’s grandpa until Ms. Flygirl saves the day. A delightful read!

For this #MelAndNikkiReview we give this book 4 stars out of 5! Ideal for young readers with a great imagination and ready for adventure!

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About the Author

Miho Madarame was born and grew up in Tokyo, Japan.

She graduated from Tokyo University of Education (now Tsukuba University) and then studied in graduate school in Humanities at The University of Chicago. She holds a BA in English literature, MA in Humanities, and ABD in History of Culture.

In 1984 she won a literary competition of children’s literature, and her first book Princess Flies in the Sky was published by Poplar Publishing, one of the biggest publishers for children’s books in Japan. Subsequently, she wrote 30 more books. She also translated many children’s books from English into Japanese, including Peter Pan and the Thomas the Tank Engine series.

After she moved to the United States, she studied drawing at the Glassel Art School in Houston, TX.

She currently divides time between Scottsdale, Arizona and San Diego, California.

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