Princess Tiana Birthday Party Ideas

Every year we commit to a birthday theme that our daughter picks. It is our way to bring magic to her big day. This year to mark her 7th birthday, she decided to have a Princess and the Frog theme as she loves Princess Tiana.

This theme was incredibly fun to do as we had to use our imagination and creativity to create our decor as there isn’t much in the market to purchase on this beloved princess.

Here is how we created a Princess and the Frog inspired birthday party.

Princess and The Frog Birthday Invitations

Birthday invitations sets the stage for any party theme. We did a lot of research on Pinterest and found a few designs that we liked. Once we were set on which one we wanted to go with, ID Inspired Designs made our vision come alive.

To really add some uniqueness and beauty to our invitations, the envelopes were sealed with a waterlily. Our waterlily was handmade and customized by ID Inspired Designs. We absolutley loved it!

Princess And The Frog Inspired Loot Bags

You can’t have a party without a little loot bag for your special guests! We love putting together a little goody bag for the kiddies to enjoy. For our Princess and the Frog theme, we used purple loot bags that we got from Party City.

I downloaded a silhouette image of Princess Tiana and the FrogΒ  and I traced it on some glitter gold cardstock that we purchased from Michaels. I carefully cut out the silhouette images and glued them to the loot bag. Creating a customized loot bag to fit our theme like royalty. πŸ˜‰

The fun part was finding items that would work in the loot bags! We added some bubbles, toys, activities and a plushy. Our trusty and best label company, Mabel’s Labels provided us with tags for the loot bags and some labels for each little guest. It is the personal touch that makes each child feel extra special. If you have kids coming to your party who have allergies, Safe + Fair’s birthday popcorn is a great foodie item to add in.

Princess Tiana Birthday Cake and Desserts

A birthday cake is a symbol of joy and celebration. This is why we like to incorporate our theme into the cake design. We sent a few design ideas to the incredible Cake Krumbz who created our cake masterpiece. It is always best to come up with a few different design options and ask for pricing as it will help you pick the best design at a price that fits your budget.

We wanted another dessert that embodied our theme and this is where the cookies from our favorite shop, J_Em Sweet Shop came in. The beautiful cookies became that extra touch that added to the magic of our Princess Tiana theme. Both the cake and cookies were such amazing additions to our event.

Princess And The Frog Birthday Decor

Birthday themes can be easy to decorate for as there can be many options that relate to a variety of themes. Princess Tiana has some decor items but it included all the other princesses. Therefore, we had to be a little more creative!

Dessert Table

We needed to make our cake and dessert table stand out! We first used a gold tablecloth and placed it on the table. Then we added the purple sparkly tablecloth over it. We took the middle of the purple tablecloth and bunched it up and secured it with a safety pin. For a beautiful effect, a golden pom pom tissue paper to the middle (secured it with a safety pin). *If pom poms are purchased, you do need to assemble them.

Once the tablecloths were set, we added a frog that we purchased from our local dollar store. Also added green napkins, green small plates (looked like lily pads from Party City), loot bags, the birthday invitation, “Tiana’s Cake Table” sign and other pieces to make it pop.

In every birthday party we have gone to, kids love to blow out the birthday candle. So we got water lily candles. Once the birthday girl blew out her candle, an adult lite a candle and placed it on a plate to have a child guest to blow it out. This way each child got to blow out a candle too and not the same as the birthday wish. πŸ˜‰ Once the candle was cool enough, it was placed in a ziploac bag which the child got to take home with them. They absolutely loved this!

Table Setting

We kept it simple for the table setting and it looked classy at the same time. We used a cream color tablecloth, a white plate that had green and yellow trim, a green napkin, bronze color cutlery and cup. All these items were found and purchased at Party City.

We included the gold pom poms as part of our middle decor and we named our tables with signs. The main table was “Tiana’s Palace.”


The center of the table we placed white gems in a bowl and added water (filled it half way). For dramatic effect, we added some blue food coloring. πŸ˜‰ We were very lucky to find light-up water lillies at our local dollar store that activate when in water (this took me a long time to figure out!). It truly added beauty to each table.

Wishing Tree

We have watched Princess and the Frog countless times and we needed an important piece incorporated in our birthday celebrations. In the movie, there is the evening star so we created a wishing tree. We created stars out of cardstock and added a ribbon to them as a way to hang them. Each guest would write a wish they have for the birthday girl and add it to the tree. This was a great hit and everyone loved this added feature.

The evening star is shinin’ bright. So make a wish and hold on tight. There’s magic in the air tonight and anything can happen. – Tiana

Princess And The Frog Birthday Outfit

Last but definitely not least, a princess needs a birthday outfit and we got the perfect one from our favorite boutique, The Petit Tutu Boutique. We love the tutus and it makes running around on the big day easy for a child. The customized shirt with Princess Tiana completed the outfit and our very own Princess was ready for her big day.

We can’t forget about accessories as every princess needs one! We went with a Princess Tiana hairbow to complete the outfit from Lil Babe Accessories. It added that extra sparkle! *Make sure to use promo code: MOMMABRAGA at Lil Babe Accessories to get 20% off your next accessory order!


That is how we created a memorable Princess and the Frog themed birthday party. The person who loved it the most was the birthday girl herself. That alone made all the planning and organizing worth it!

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

-Momma Braga

*Please note that this post is not a paid or sponsored article.



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