The Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party Experience Of A Lifetime

Chuck E Cheese the place where a kid can be a kid. Known for their pizza parties and arcade games, you can expect loads of fun for everyone.

After attending our first Chuck E Cheese birthday party back in April, it was only natural for our daughter to fall in love with this party idea. We are big on Nikki’s birthdays and we like to give her memorable birthday parties. They always end up being a lot of work for me to do; therefore, I was definitely on board to have the party take care of itself in a sense.

Here is our personal take on the Chuck E Cheese birthday party experience.

Booking Your Party

Booking your birthday party is easy and seamless online but rest assured you can contact the Chuck E Cheese location that you want to host your party at. You can book your party two (2) months in advance which is great for us as we tend to plan in advance. Special bonus is that when you book online, your birthday child gets additional tickets on party day. Who doesn’t like extra bonuses?! The birthday child also gets up to 3,000 e-tickets too!

When you book online, you provide an estimate of how many children and adults you will be inviting. You can always change your numbers closer to the event. It is recommended to let Chuck E Cheese know as soon as you know.

Party Packages

When booking your party there are different party packages that you can pick which we loved being able to have a variety of different packages available to choose from. To find out pricing of each package, it is best to contact your Chuck E Cheese location.

We went with the Mega Fun Party Packagesounds fun, doesn’t it?! Best part is that you can add any additional items that the package may not have included such as pizza and drinks for the parents. This was important to us as we wanted to make sure to include us parents too.

Package included so many great perks and even offered invitations that can be sent out to the guests too which we thought was cute. We didn’t do this part as we love making our invitations and this year we had an Encanto theme so our invites had to fit the part.

No Stress, No Mess And Just Mingle

I loved the fact that I didn’t have to worry about food, drinks, entertainment, set up or even clean up. All of that was taken care of for me by the great staff at Chuck E Cheese. Therefore, my job was to just mingle with all the guests which was an amazing change for me.

Nikki’s guests had such a great time with all the games (each child gets their very own game card with the credits from the birthday package you have selected) and the interaction with Chuck E Cheese as the birthday star is truly made like a star during the show. Nikki loved this so much as it truly made her feel extra special and a star!

Birthday Cake and Loot Bags

Chuck E Cheese offers a birthday cake in-house that can be added to your package and loot bags. However, Chuck E Cheese does offer the option of bringing in your own loot bags and cake. This worked great for me as I got to incorporate the theme into the party!

We ordered our Encanto inspired marble flavor birthday cake from Cake Krumbz which was absolutely stunning as usual!

For our loot bags, we created many of the goodies at home and these were all done with love. But we did get some great teams from some of our favorite shops such as Chloe’s Crayons who created Encanto scented chalk and we also added customized labels for each child from Mabel’s Labels.

It added that little touch to make the birthday fully complete and without the extra stress for me!


This birthday party was an experience of a lifetime and thrilled that we were able to do a Chuck E Cheese birthday party for Nikki. We would rate our experience with a 5 cheeses out of 5! The service was great from beginning to end and they truly made Nikki feel like a star.

The food, entertainment and overall coordination of the birthday party was great in our opinion and we truly enjoyed every minute of it! We felt like it was a safe place to have our family and friends at. The security feature in place is great where to enter and exit the location, you must take a selfie with your child with your own phone. This helps the staff know that you are coming in and exiting together. Perfect to ensure the safety of your child. Please note that they do not take this photo from you. We made sure to tell our guests this in advance to make sure going in was seamless. 😉

Thank you Chuck E Cheese at the Mississauga location on Argentia Road.

If you want to book your next birthday celebration at Chuck E Cheese, click here.

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

-Momma Braga

*Please note that this article is not a paid or sponsored post. All opinions expressed are our own.


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