Graveyard Girls: 1-2-3-4, I Declare A Thumb War

1-2-3-4, I Declare A Thumb War is a Spooktacular novel to start off the Graveyard Girls series. A great middle grade book that will have middle graders wanting more to read! – Momma Braga


Meet Whisper, Frannie, Sophie, Gemma, and Zuzu, five friends friends from Misery Falls, Oregon. The town is abuzz as the 100th anniversary of the electrocution of Misery Falls’ most infamous killer, Silas Hoke, approaches. When a mysterious text message leads the girls to the cemetery – where Silas Hoke is buried! – life can’t get any creepier. Except, yes, it can thanks to the surprise storyteller who meets them at the cemetery, inspires the first-ever meeting of the Graveyard Girls, and sets the stage for a terrifying tale from Whisper that they’ll never forget.


1-2-3-4, I Declare A Thumb War is truly spooktacular and it sets the stage to a great series ahead! With a combination of humor and some spookiness, you will be pondering on the super natural.

For this #MelAndNikkiReview, we give this book 5 ghosts out of 5! This book was such a great read as it reminded me of my favorite novels to read when I was younger such as Goosebumps and The Babysitters Club. However, this chapter book is modern and much more captivating to read. Chilling with a dash of humor makes this a fantastic start to a series.

1-2-3-4, I Declare A Thumb War brings five friends together and each friend brings their own strength to the group which I loved! Can’t wait to see what this group will be doing next.

1-2-3-4, I declare this book a must read!

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About the Authors

Lisi Harrisonthe queen of teen comedy, has written 37 YA and middle-grade novels including Monster High and the #1 New York Times bestselling series The Clique, which has sold more than eight million copies. Lisi launched two new middle-grade series in 2021, Girl Stuff and The Pack. She lives in California.

Daniel Kraus is a New York Times bestselling horror author and co-author of both Trollhunters and The Shape of Water with Guillermo del Toro. His work has been translated into more than twenty-five languages. Daniel lives in Illinois.

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