Skeletina And The Greedy Tooth Fairy

Skeletina And The Greedy Tooth Fairy is a tale to encourage telling the truth and of course taking care of your teeth. A delightful story for children and another great adventure from Skeletina!
~ Momma Braga


Follow Skeletina as she helps an ordinary girl navigate her extraordinary dream in Skeletina and the Greedy Tooth Fairy, a charming picture book about nightmares, bravery, and honesty by Susie Jaramillo, and the otherwordly follow-up to Skeletina and the In Between World.

Skeletina’s day starts just like any other in the mixed-up, upside-down, in-between world she calls home. That is, until she hears a strange sound coming from right inside her house. There’s a little girl crying behind the walls, and her teeth keep falling out! But Skeletina knows who can sniff out the truth.

Join fun-loving and fearless Skeletina on another in-between adventure as she helps a frightened little girl conquer her fears and turn a scary dream into something much more fun!

Welcome to the in-between world, where the living go when they are fast asleep and where ghosts hang out when they have unfinished business. Visitors who come to the in-between world can confront their fears or see a loved one who has recently left the world of the living. Luckily, anyone who visits the in-between world can face their fears and anxieties with friends at their side. In the in-between world, anything is possible!


Skeletina And The Greedy Tooth Fairy is another amazing Skeletina adventure as she is an amazing character to follow. In this adventure, Skeletina helps a child by the name of Olivia conquer the Greedy Tooth Fairy.

Can you imagine losing all your teeth after eating a chocolate bar?! I think I would be just as devasted as Olivia. But with Skeletina’s help, Olivia sees that the only way to defeat the Greedy Tooth Fairy is to admit the lies that she told. With each truth told, she was able to overcome the Greedy Tooth Fairy!

For this #MelAndNikkiReview, we give this book 5 chocolate bars out of 5 (no tooth was lost for this rating)! 😉 A great tale of telling the truth and to take care of your teeth. We love when authors are able to transport us through a different world with a great message underneath. The illustrations are bold, colorful and truly add a beautiful touch to bringing this story to life.

This book is super cute and I love how they teach kids that it isn’t good to lie. I would not want to lose my teeth! – Nikki, Age 9

If you would like to purchase a copy of this children’s book, click here. This book is also available in Spanish! Make sure to also check out Skeletina’s first adventure too if you haven’t already, Skeletina and the In-Between World.

About the Author

Susie Jaramillo serves as the President and Chief Creative Officer of Encantos, an award-winning entertainment-driven edtech company creating direct-to-learner family brands that both kids and parents love. Susie is also the creator of Canticos, the Emmy-nominated Latino-inspired bilingual nursery rhyme series which launched in 2016, and is also the author/illustrator of over 20 children’s books.

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