Baby Touch and Feel Panda

Baby Touch and Feel Panda is a great book for baby and toddler. It helps build the love of reading and develops motor skills for babies. An adorable book to read for little ones. – Momma Braga


Babies and toddlers will fall in love with pandas while flipping through the pages of this interactive early learning book about these adorable animals.

Meet the black and white panda family and their energetic babies, plus their charming red panda cousins in this delightful educational board book. Get ready to explore all the different textures, from Panda’s fur to their rough tongue, while learning all about panda life!


Baby Touch and Feel Panda is an adorable book that will allow you to go on an exciting Panda adventure. It is a delightful read that will help foster language development and early learning.

The touch and feel concept is fantastic! We love how you are able to touch and feel which helps build a young child’s motor skills and stimulates their senses. The bright photos are excellent in keeping children focused and interested in the story.   

 We were able to have a couple of different age groups try out the book for us. First, Nikki who is six-years old, read the book to her three-year old cousin who was very intrigued with touching the textures along the way. It was beautiful see the two of them follow Panda’s adventures together.

We then had my seven-month old nephew grasp the book. He was very interested in the texture and it was the perfect for his tiny adorable fingers! I am sure one day his big sister will love reading this book to him in the very near future. 🙂

After combining all the little opinions we had test the book, we give this book 5 Pandas out of 5! This is the perfect book for babies and toddlers to really develop that love for books and reading. It offers great interaction and learning. A must have!

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