Marshmallow Martians Show and Smell

Marshmallow Martians Show and Smell is the laugh-out-loud book of the year! A comical story of aliens who have an adventure of smell on Earth. That alone tells you that it is a hilarious story to read. ~ Momma Braga


Meet the Marshmallow Martians: a group of curious aliens who can’t get enough of planet Earth! This hilarious, fast-paced graphic chapter book will tickle young readers’ funny bones!

In this adventure, the Martians–along with their space cat, space dog, and marshmallow robot assistant–learn about something called “show and smell.” (Does that sound right? It sure doesn’t smell right!) They go in search of Earth’s smelliest smells to bring back to their home planet, Moop. Where will they find the best smells? An amusement park, of course!


Marshmallow Martians Show and Smell is a hilarious graphic novel that will have your young reader laughing out loud throughout the story.

Nikki has loved this novel as soon as it arrived. She has read it countless of times and I can still hear her laughing from afar. When I asked Nikki what made the book so funny, she turned to me and said, “They smell a lot of things and some of it isn’t very nice to smell. That is what made it so funny!”

For this #MelAndNikkiReview, we give this book 5 stinky socks out of 5! But in a good way and not in a bad stinky way (lol). It is a fun read and there is a bonus included in the book where you can learn how to draw Snug! This would be a great novel to get children excited about reading and a great summer book.

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About the Authors

DEANNA KENT and NEIL HOOSON are a writer-artist duo in Kelowna, Canada. Together, they’ve worked on some of the biggest brands for kids and families—including books, marketing campaigns, and interactive experiences. Deanna loves twinkle lights, black licorice, and Edna Mode and may be the only person on the planet who says “teamwork makes the dream work” without a hint of sarcasm. Neil is king of Les Paul guitar, makes killer enchiladas, and really wants aliens to land in his backyard. By far, their greatest creative challenge is raising four (very busy, very amazing) boys and their giant dog, Hugo.

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~ Momma Braga

*Please note that this book was provided in exchange of an honest review. All opinions expressed are our own.

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