Jorie And The River Of Fire

A.H. Richardson does it again in the third installment of her series with Jorie And The River Of Fire.

The synopsis states: “Jorie and her best friend are summoned by the mysterious white cate Snowka to undertake the journey to the enchanted land of Cabrynthius beneath the Tarn to face the daunting task of finding the Great Wizard who has disappeared and feared kidnapped by the wicked Lord Fodomalk. Armed with the Magic Stones, they face a frightening land full of fiery volcanoes and unpleasant creatures, where their courage is tested. On the up-side of the Tarn, the grownups have an adventure or tow of their own. Come along with Jorie and Rufus in another unforgettable adventure as they dive back into the dark mystic waters of the Tarn.”

Jorie and the River of Fire by A. H. Richardson is another amazing fantasy packed with adventure and imagination. It seems that with each book, it gets better and better.


For this #MelandNikkiReview, we give it 5 Fires out of five for it’s new revelations, characters, and the sense of danger in the story. It keeps you in suspense as you follow the main characters on their quest. In this book there is also a romance storyline between Rufus’ grandfather and Jorie’s aunt and that is a great touch to the series.  The chapters are easy to read and flows beautifully. It is full of action and lessons that we can all learn from. We would recommend this fantasy novel to anyone over the age of nine.  This is the third book of the series and is a great series!

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