The Girl with the Magic Ponytail

The Girl with the Magic Ponytails brings magic to life in one little girl’s ponytails through her adventures. You will be immediately captivated by the vibrant illustrations and fun loving storyline.” – Momma Braga


Riley is an imaginative child with a great big secret flowing through her extra-long, chocolate brown ponytails. With a flip, a swoosh, and a twirl, she sparks a special kind of magic with her ponytails, allowing her to set sail on the high seas with a neighborhood dog, latch onto a shimmering star, skate on the ribbons of a rainbow, and even time travel to a pre-historic land where she meets up with a ginormous friend.


The Girl with the Magic Ponytails brings magic to life in one little girl’s ponytails through her adventures. We were immediately captivated by the vibrant illustrations and fun loving storyline. It offered us the light-hearted story that allows us an opportunity to escape into imagination world.

As you follow Riley along her adventures, she shows us all about seeing the magic around us. This story was a great reminder that anything is possible if you just imagine.

For this #MelAndNikkiReview, we give this book 10 rainbows out of 5! Full of adventure, fun, hope and imagination. A fantastic story for reading time and a great one for early readers too. Nikki loved reading this book herself and it is an often request for reading time. A must read!

“With a flip and a twirl, a swoosh and a curl, Riley sparks adventure and imagination with her fantastical magical ponytails.”

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About the Author

Karen J. Young is a Los Angeles-based writer and editor specializing in food, tourism, and human interest stories. When not at a computer, she loves to wander and discover new places. Do you want to know where to find the best grilled cheese in the world? Just ask! A graduate of the University of California Berkeley, Karen’s career has transversed through the worlds of journalism and entertainment as a newspaper and magazine editor, website founder, book editor, public relations/social media consultant, and food festival curator. She is the mother of two grown children who often chide her for having a bad case of ‘FOMO,’ and has a little white dog who goes by the name of ‘Lu.’ Her secret desire is to be a private investigator. The Girl with the Magic Ponytails is her first children’s book.

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-Momma Braga

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