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A Mother’s Perspective: Plagiocephaly (Flat Head Syndrome)

A little while ago we introduced you to Mimos Pillow Canada and how it helps prevent and correct Plagiocephaly (Flat Head Syndrome). I need to first thank everyone for your amazing support on that piece as it was read by thousands – thank you!

I feel it is so important to bring awareness and information to light on a few parenting topics that sometimes gets missed under the radar. This is why I was honored to have the opportunity to interview a mom and the Canadian distributor of Mimos Pillows, Jessica.

In this interview we discuss her personal experience with her son who had Plagiocephaly and some helpful advice to other parents. We also take a deep look into her business, Mimos Pillows Canada.

Tell me a little bit about your family.

“My husband and I have two adorable sons. Ethan is now 4 ½ years old and just started Junior Kindergarten and loves it and Oliver is 15 months old and chases Ethan around wherever he goes. We also have a golden doodle named Jackson.

What signs or symptoms did you see in your son that alerted you to something not being right?

“When my first son Ethan was eight weeks old, my sister and her family had come to visit and meet him. We brought them up to our cottage for a few days and I remember the exact moment I looks at Ethan’s head, looked at my sister and said, “do you notice that one side of his head is flat?” It made me instantly panic as I remember when he was born my midwives said to me, “wow, he has a perfectly round head.” When I noticed his flat spot I had never heard of this happening to babies before so I was paranoid and instantly hit up google finding that it was actually quite common and that I needed to do something about it sooner than later.”

What were the steps that you and your family do to help your son’s Plagiocephaly (flat head)?

“The first thing I did was make an appointment with our paediatrician and she recommended that I find a Health Professional (either a physiotherapist, chiropractor or osteopath) that specialized in paediatric cranial sacral therapy and treating torticollis and would provide me with some stretches to do with him. I made an appointment and started taking Ethan in 3 times per week. Torticollis is when a baby has tight neck muscles on one side, making the baby always position their head the same way. This can be caused by them being used to that same position in the womb.

After noticing Ethan’s plagiocephaly I continued looking on the internet to see if there was anything else I could do beside the cranial sacral therapy and physiotherapy to help his chances of rounding his head out and avoiding helmet therapy. I came across Mommy forums in the UK discussing this “miracle pillow” called Mimos. I was lucky to find someone in Oakville selling one second hand that she had ordered from Europe so I bought it right away and began to use it WHENEVER my son was on his back such as the crib, swing, stroller, play mat, etc.

It totally worked!

After having my second son Oliver, his little head was also perfectly round and I was determined to not go through the stress of having to correct plagiocephaly again. Instead began using the Mimos Pillow from day 1 and was so amazed when his round little head stayed round. What a relief!

When Oliver was about eight months old and still had a round head. On a whim, I emailed the head office of Mimos in Barcelona, asking if they had a Canadian Distributor and they replied that they didn’t. So after explaining my experience with Mimos and my background, I was told by the company that in the 25 countries that they sell from around the world were distributors who were parents who also fell in love with the product. From there the contract was signed and I become the Canadian National distributor.”

If you could tell a younger self some parenting advice, what would it be?

“Parenting requires an immense amount of patience, and just when you think you have gotten yourself out of one difficult phase, another begins. Yoga and deep breathing has personally helped me with this. Also my mom’s favourite saying about parenting runs frequently through my head, “this too shall pass.”

I would also say that parenting is also the most amazing thing and watching a child discover themselves, the world and love is truly magical. There is also nothing else quite like two sons laughing with each other. ☺”

What would you like other parents to know about flat head syndrome and about Mimos pillows?

“A lot of parents don’t know that Mimos can be used preventatively which is key. Starting from day one in the newborn phase is the best way to avoid flat head syndrome altogether and avoid the associated stress. Mimos should be on every expecting mom’s baby registry.

Infants’ skulls are softest the younger they are so using Mimos especially between 0 to 4 months is so important. As the fontanels (soft spots) in the head close, the skull is less malleable.

Some babies are born with cranial asymmetries due to birth trauma or their position in the womb so finding a health professional that specializes in this immediately combined with Mimos is the best course of treatment for that.

When using Mimos for corrective purposes, we always recommend pairing the use of Mimos with treatment from a health professional. Mimos is part of the treatment plan and obviously cannot cure any underlying issue such as torticollis.

I have talked to so many moms who did not know of flat head syndrome and who did not know of Mimos and went through the stress as I did. I hope to share my personal story with expecting moms all over Canada to avoid them the stress of having a child with plagiocephaly.”

Anything else you would like to add for our readers.

“Mimos is now a Class 1 Medical Device in Canada and is the ONLY infant pillow on the market that is medical grade. Mimos has been studied in clinical trials to prove its effectiveness. Mimos has been rigorously tested in international laboratories for breathability, anti-suffocation and the risk of CO2 rebreathing.

Mimos is made in Spain and was invented by a man and his wife after undergoing helmet therapy with their son which was a horrible experience. Helmet therapy is when a baby has to wear a helmet for 23 hours a day for around three months.

My goal is to spread awareness about baby flat head syndrome and lower the statistics of babies who have it. A Canadian study in 2013 concluded that 46.6% of babies now develop this. This is mainly due to infants always being on their back to sleep (as recommended for SIDS prevention) and spending a lot of time on their backs in infant swings, playmats, etc. Premature babies who spend time in NICU’s also really benefit from using Mimos as they are constantly lying on their backs.

People often ask me about sizes, will their babies need more that 1 size, etc. Usually if your little one starts from day 1, size small may be the only size they need. Size medium is for older babies (4-5 months old) with a larger head circumference that are using Mimos correctively.

I had many parents come up to our booth at the Toronto Baby Show and say, “Oh! I got one of these at Toys’R’Us.” Mimos pillows are only available online (and safety superstore in Oakville)  and they are not available anywhere else thus far.

Awareness is key so thank you for writing this to help spread awareness.”

A heartfelt thank you to Jessica from Mimos Pillows for opening up and for allowing us into her family story. We hope the information provided here will bring more awareness and prevent babies from getting Plagiocephaly.

Please remember that the Mimos Pillows are only available online and the ones at other retailers are not the same. This is why for Momma Braga readers, there is a special promotion available to you. Enter code MommaBraga under ‘discount’ for $10 OFF on your purchase (click here). You definitely don’t want to miss out on this chance to buy a Mimos Pillow for your little one.

In the meantime, check out Mimos Pillow Canada on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

– Momma Braga


Unique Pregnancy Announcements To Blab Your Big Secret

Announcing baby news is always an exciting time and it has changed over the years with options to get more creative and personalized to your interests.

Recently actress, Vinessa Shaw who many of you may remember from Hocus Pocus (one of my favorite Halloween movies) announced she was expecting. The following day she posted again to her Instagram but this time it was an amazing design which features the Sanderson sisters (featured below) and this created tons of buzz on how this was the perfect way to announce her pregnancy.

But who created this cool announcement and is there more?

It was Baby Blabber and Yes, Yes there is!

We were thrilled to get some inside scoop on Baby Blabber by interviewing the creator, Gina.

Tell me a little about yourself.

Talking about myself is always awkward. I guess I can say I’m a self proclaimed 80’s geek which is why you can see a lot of inspiration coming from my favorite 80’s movies. I’m very happily married, but no kids yet. In real life, I am an event planner and deal mostly with wedding planning, birthdays, and Sweet 16s.

What types of products do you create?

I create fun, themed pregnancy announcements to help people tell their family and friends that they are expecting. There are announcements where you can incorporate a positive pregnancy test or a sonogram picture. All of which are instantly downloadable so there’s no waiting to have something shipped to you. Seems to work well for those instant gratification people such as myself.

What inspired you to create and design?

The inspiration originally came from me picturing how I would one day tell my husband that we were expecting. After playing around on the internet and seeing people do the same things over and over, I decided to come up with my own ideas. The original ideas were all based on things in our life. My husband is a huge Top Gun fan hence the Wingman announcement. He also likes the NY Mets and so Baby Blabber was born.

How did you come up with your business name?

The business name came pretty quickly. It kind of is the definition of what these announcements do. It’s probably one of the biggest secrets you could have and I’m assuming a pretty tough one to keep. Might as well have a fun way to blab that reflects your personality.

What are your business aspirations? Where would you like to see your business in five years?

Business aspirations is a tough question. I launched Baby Blabber as a fun “side hustle” as people call it. Some people sell leggings and shakes. I sell funny announcements to expecting moms. Would it be great if it took off so I could eventually be a stay at home mom? Absolutely, but I genuinely enjoy helping other people during such an amazing time in their lives. I guess we’ll see where it takes me.

There you have it! Some insider scoop on the business that sparked so much media buzz!

Special thank you to Gina for taking the time to speak with me and for the opportunity to feature her creative business on Momma Braga.

There are so many more great designs to check out on the Baby Blabber Etsy page so make sure to check it out and they are now on the Momma Braga recommended list! Also make sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram as you don’t want to miss what Gina does next. I am sure there will be much more success for this cool 80’s geek and I can’t wait to see it! 😉

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

-Momma Braga






*Please note that this is not a sponsored article.

Schnuffelinis’ Shark Towel Is Making A Splash!

Being able to showcase different companies and products on the #MelandNikkiReview is always neat and fun to do. I especially love showcasing companies from all over the world.

Let me introduce you to Schnuffelinis which is located in Deutschland. They create clothing such as baby tuxedos, bath robes and baby accessories and so much more.

The product that we got to see was the shark bath robe for infants and it was absolutely adorable!

The package came neatly wrapped with the product and a business card. The towel was very soft, very cute and the perfect size for a newborn baby. The hooded part of the towel is perfect for a baby’s head and having the towel tie in the middle is great to keep the baby bundled after bath time.

For this #MelandNikkiReview, we give Bare Babies 5 Jaws out of 5 for the quality, uniqueness and cuteness factor. They also have an adorable owl towel design that you will need to check it out too!

Make sure to check Schnuffelinis website to see all the neat items they have and if you would like to get more information from them, feel free to email them at service@schnuffelinis.de.

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

-Momma Braga






* Please note that the product was given in exchange for an honest review. Views expressed in this review are of Momma Braga and were not influenced by the company.

Trendy Bare Babies Is Making Its Mark!

Baby products is in high demand in our family right now as some of my family members are expecting so now we are really intrigued by all the neat products that are available!

Recently, we have been introduced to Bare Babies who creates trendy unique organic clothing and accessories for little ones. You will be able to find bandana bibs, leggings, hats, organic teethers, diaper covers and swaddles.

The product that we got to see was the Organic Teething Toys and we got two adorable designs! One was the shark design and the other was the cat with glasses design. We absolutely loved both designs – super adorable!

The package came individually wrapped with the product, teether instructions, business card and they provide information on being tested and passed the CPSC product safety regulations in detail. It was a very informative package and appreciated by us as we have never seen this type of teether before.

The Organic Wooden Bunny Teether uses organic fabric and a wooden ring. To assemble the teether, simply “slip knot” bunny ears up through the centre of the wooden ring. The fabric is the part that your baby would be putting in their mouths and the best part is that this piece can be removed to be hand washed in phosphate free detergent and laid flat to dry.

The teether is easy to hold, clean and very appealing to the little ones. It would make a perfect gift for a baby shower or even as a welcoming gift to a new baby. Really loved the detailed instructions that comes with the product as I find it very helpful. The Organic Wooden Bunny Teether is truly unique and you can tell that a lot of thought and love went into it.

For this #MelandNikkiReview, we give Bare Babies 5 hops out of 5 for the quality, uniqueness and trendy factor.

You must check out Bare Babies on Etsy where you can see all the adorable items that they make. I must warn you in advance that it is hard not to find it all adorable and trendy!

Make sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram to see more of the beautiful clothing and accessories.

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

-Momma Braga






* Please note that the product was given in exchange for an honest review. Views expressed in this review are of Momma Braga and were not influenced by the company.

Bijoux Marie Puce Making Teething Accessories Unique and Cool

One item I find that usually is forgotten when we are first expecting is teething accessories. Usually we don’t always see this as a gift idea as when we think of newborns, we are not thinking of that wonderful teething stage (one of the hardest stages of raising children). However, teething accessories are very important and there are some really adorable options available!

Recently I have been introduced to Bijoux Marie Puce who creates colorful jewellery, teething accessories and offers gift ideas. Bijoux Marie Puce is located in Montreal, Canada and the owner is Marie-France and she is a mompreneur who has two daughters.  Marie-France has a passion for creating unique products and this can be seen in each piece that she makes.

The product that we got to see was the Silicone Teething Toy and I had to see the owl one in person. It arrived in a nicely wrapped package and it a hand written personal thank you note (love this personal touch!). The material used to make the teething toy is: food grade silicone, nylon cord, and plastic clasp. Items made at Bijoux Marie Puce is hand made and you can tell that it is made with lots of love.

Now you can’t have a #MelandNikkiReview without honesty and when I first opened the package to see the teething accessory, I was really surprised. It is much bigger than I was expecting but in a good way. Usually when you go to these big brands, the teething accessories are so tiny and don’t last long due to poor quality. However, the teething accessory by Bijoux Marie Puce is an amazing size and high quality.

The teething accessory is easy to hold, clean and very appealing to the little ones. It would make a perfect gift for a baby shower or even as a welcoming gift to a new baby. I am sure that the little one will thank you when they are older and the parents will be grateful to have this accessory to help their little one cope with the difficult teething stage.

For this #MelandNikkiReview, we give Bijoux Marie Puce 5 hoots out of 5 for the quality, uniqueness and pricing ($25 CAD for the owl teething toy). Of course I can not forget how absolutely adorable it is! Wish I had one of these when my daughter was teething but now I know where to go if a future child is in the works. 🙂

You must check out Bijoux Marie Puce on Etsy where you can see all that she has to offer such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, hair accessories, rings, magnets, bookmarks, keychains, scrunchies, teething toys, teething necklaces and children necklaces.

Make sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see more of the beautiful creations.

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

-Momma Braga






* Please note that the product was given in exchange for an honest review. Views expressed in this review are of Momma Braga and were not influenced by the company.

When Is It The Right Time To Announce A Pregnancy?

We have all heard of the three month mark to announce a pregnancy to all and it has been the norm in most families. But is it really the norm? If so, what is the reason behind this norm?

I started to ask myself these questions when this topic came up in one of my discussions with one of my best friends, Grace. We started talking about why each one of us held onto our pregnancy announcement until the three month mark. Both of our reasons where very similar such as it was the norm, this was a comfortable time for us to share and another reason was the fear of miscarrying.

This was one of the main reasons that I did not disclose my pregnancy to my family and friends until I reached the three month mark as I feared that I would endure the pain from my first miscarriage. I did share the news with my immediate family who were sworn to not tell a single soul (sounds silly but they were great sports about it). I only shared my birth announcement on social media which shocked a few people on my friend list as they did not know I was even pregnant. I did all this with the fear of miscarrying.

I get it when people withhold the information until they feel that it is a safe time to tell people and I support their decision. I also support those who are so excited about the news and want to share with everyone that they love earlier than the three month mark. I always tell my friends that it is YOUR news to share and do it when the time is right for YOU.

Here are some thoughts that came to mind as I wrote this piece. If everyone shared the news before the three month mark and a woman miscarried wouldn’t that mean there would be more support for her? Maybe the women who miscarried wouldn’t feel ashamed due to the loving support that she could get from family and friends? Maybe this would be a great start to combat the issue and stigma around miscarriages. I am not saying to put your baby news on the 6 o’clock news but it is perfectly ok to share it with people that you want to share it with.

Whatever you decide to do, just know that by sharing before the three month mark doesn’t mean that there is anything to be ashamed of if you do miscarry.

So when is it the best time to announce your pregnancy? I say it is when you feel comfortable in sharing it. So what will I do if I expect another child? Not sure yet but I know that if I share the news it is because I am comfortable in sharing and the reason to withhold it won’t be due to fear.

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

-Momma Braga



Life with Crohn’s Disease

*This article is not to be taken as medical advice or as an expert piece on Crohn’s Disease. The purpose of this article is to provide a look into one particular person’s experience and journey with Crohn’s Disease.

Many times one person’s battles or struggles are invisible to the naked eye. When we don’t see what is happening on the inside we automatically assume that there is nothing wrong with a person. However, there are so many diseases and conditions that control our insides in a way that is hard for someone to understand who are looking from the outside.

This rings true of Crohn’s Disease and I have the honor to share Amanda’s story on how living with Crohn’s Disease is for her. What makes this story extra special for me is our family connection as she is my sister-in-law and my daughter’s Auntie.

So what exactly is Crohn’s Disease?

According to Crohn’s and Colitis Canada, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are diseases that inflame the lining of the GI (gastrointestinal) tract and disrupt your body’s ability to digest food, absorb nutrition and eliminate waste in a healthy manner.

The inflammation from Crohn’s can strike anywhere in the GI tract, from mouth to anus, but is usually located in the lower part of the small bowel and the upper end of the colon. Patched of inflammation are interspersed between healthy portions of the gut, and can penetrate the intestinal layers from inner to outer lining. Crohn’s can also affect the mesentery, which is the network of tissue that holds the small bowel to the abdomen and contains the main intestinal blood vessels and lymph glands.

The Road to the Crohn’s Diagnosis

The road to a diagnosis for Amanda was a long and painful one. At the age of 23 Amanda started to feel period like cramps that happened often after eating. At that time, doctors told her that it was Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS) and to watch what she ate. As time passed, the pains got worse and Amanda wasn’t sure if it was something more than the IBS and Endometriosis she was already diagnosed with. At the age of 25, Amanda was sent to do an internal and external ultrasound in which they could not see anything at the time. Therefore, Amanda ignored the pains for a long time and her anxiety made matters worse where she didn’t even want to leave the home.

At the age of 29, she came to the point where the pains were too difficult to endure and she went to her family doctor to advocate for herself to get further checked. The doctor stated that they would do a colonoscopy even though they do not normally do it for someone at her age. The result from the colonoscopy was not one that Amanda wasn’t prepared to hear. She was officially diagnosed with Moderate Crohn’s Disease. At this point the doctor did not prescribe any treatment or medication.

Not too long afterwards, the pains continued to worsen and another colonoscopy through the gastrologist specialist was done. From the colonoscopy it was evident that the Crohn’s was getting worse and a trial base medication was given.


Everyone experiences different symptoms and at different degrees. Amanda describes her symptoms as sharp and different pains everyday such as an intense pressure on the colon. The pains she feels causes her stomach to swell and when there is a blockage in her intestines then the pains she feels are much more severe. In addition, Amanda feels a lot of joint pain and random body and back pains. This is best described as if your body is constantly fighting the flu. With her body always fighting causes her to feel fatigue no matter how much sleep or rest Amanda tries to get.

Amanda also suffers from anxiety which affects her Crohn’s Disease and vice versa.


There is no cure for Crohn’s Disease and the medications available usually start off as a trial base as everyone reacts different to the treatments. Also for the stronger treatments the patient requires a lot of testing first to make sure that the patient can take it.

Currently Amanda takes one pill, one time a day (trial) to see how it works. In order to take this medication, she had to make sure she was up to date on all her vaccinations such as the flu and tetanus shot. In addition, she had to do tuberculosis tests, chest tests, x-rays and lots of blood work.

In one month time, she has to go back to check her red blood cells, irons, etc to make sure that the medication has not affected her. If everything checks out then the dosage can go up to 2 pills a day. Amanda also takes vitamins to help support her immune system since Crohn’s affects the immune system. People suffering of Crohn’s become very vulnerable to catch anything going around.

Life with Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s Disease has taken control of Amanda’s life and she works around it. When planning a day out or if there is an event that she wants to attend, Amanda needs to do her research first. Amanda plans out every detail of her outing from the travel route to the facilities available at the location. This way she knows that there is a bathroom around if she needs it. At events Amanda cannot really enjoy a social drink as alcohol affects the disease too.

When Amanda does go out she uses side streets as it gives her better access to stop somewhere if she needs to. With Crohn’s she is limited on trying new things. “Your body changes. You can’t be active in sports or exercise as it physically hurts. Every day is a struggle and sometimes you have to force yourself to do what you need to,” says Amanda.

As a successful hairstylist she works from morning to evening and on her feet all day. To make sure that she isn’t rushing off to the bathroom in pain while serving her clients, she avoids eating all day which has a toll on her. With Crohn’s it has limited her on how far she can take her business. For example she can’t travel far distances due to Crohn’s and so many times she needs to turn down work outside of her salon. When she has a busy and big day at work she needs to prep the night before in order to do the next day’s work. Also continuing her education is also a struggle due to the limitations of Crohn’s.

Being freshly single, it is a struggle with Crohn’s Disease. Explaining the disease to someone new is difficult and of course can be embarrassing especially since you don’t really know them. Living with Crohn’s has not only made dating difficult but just any social interactions too.

What Not To Say To Someone With Crohn’s Disease

Sometimes people make comments (even with the best intentions) that are not appropriate to those suffering with diseases. Here are some common ones around Crohn’s that Amanda has heard.

“Wow, you lost a lot of weight.”

Any weight loss due to Crohn’s is not on purpose as a symptom of the disease is weight loss. With the weight loss, you are also losing muscle mass.

“What if you change your diet?”

There is no specific diet for Crohn’s Disease as your body could reject everything. Some foods could be worse than others and to different people suffering of Crohn’s Disease.

“Just eat healthier”

Crohn’s Disease has nothing to do with healthy or unhealthy eating. Amanda is only able to eat low FODMAP (FODMAPs are a collection of short chain carbohydrates and sugar alcohols found in foods naturally or as food additives. FODMAPs include fructose (when in excess of glucose), fructans, galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS), lactose and polyols (eg. sorbitol and mannitol) or low residue foods. Anything with extra fiber makes it worse for the person with Crohn’s Disease. When you are cooking you need to adjust according to your particular body. All foods are a trial and error as there are no set guidelines on Crohn’s. Also everyone’s triggers are different.

“You should have a baby as that will regulate your body?”

Amanda has personally decided to get tubal ligation to prevent pregnancy as she didn’t want to risk having a child with the complications of Crohn’s Disease. Being pregnant with Crohn’s Disease is extremely difficult especially if someone was having a flare up as there is nothing that can be done to help due to pregnancy. Also having a baby will not make Crohn’s go away as it is a life-long disease.

“Have you tried a Naturopath?”

Naturopathic treatment provides a systematic relief since there is no cure for Crohn’s Disease. Herbal medication could also interact with the prescribed medication. It would be like fanning a fire. Therefore, it is important to make sure that this method is discussed with your specialist before going forward with it.

Advice To Others Who Have Loved Ones With Crohn’s Disease

Amanda stresses that one piece of advice that she can give is to be patient with your loved one suffering with Crohn’s Disease. The reason being is that with Crohn’s plans can be changed quickly even if planned in advance. Therefore, Amanda says “Be prepared to be disappointed or to go places alone.” A flare up can happen at any time which affects plans. Amanda suggests to help your loved one by mapping things out and your route when you are planning an outing. “You get so use to your loved one’s Crohn’s that at times you end up thinking like them,” says Amanda.

In Amanda’s case anxiety and depression has come along with the territory of Crohn’s Disease and it is important to offer support to your loved one with this too.

Above all, you need to provide a lot of understanding and comforting to your loved one. Amanda states, “Let them know you are there for them. That’s all you can really do.”

Life As An Aunt With Crohn’s

Amanda is a loving aunt to my daughter, Nikki. She is always there for her and enjoys planning fun activities to do with her. Amanda says, “When I pick a place to take Nikki, it’s all around Crohn’s. I can only plan outings where someone else is with her just in case a flare up happens.” Amanda wishes that she could do so much more with Nikki and on her own. However due to Crohn’s she is unable to do much more with her niece and Amanda feels that it has caused a wedge into the relationship that she could have with her niece. “Having Crohn’s is like your mind is one person and your body is another,” said Amanda.

Amanda is a true warrior though as she puts Crohn’s aside as best as she can to play with her niece. The interactions between the two of them is always so beautiful to see as they do have so much fun with one another. Nikki loves her Auntie Amanda so much that she calls her, “My Manda.”

Crohn’s has also affected Amanda’s role as a pet owner as the walks can be cut short and require her to run back home due to her pains. What Amanda tries to do is avoid eating big meals before going out for walks.


Momma Braga’s Final Thoughts

Crohn’s Disease is a horrible invisible disease that changes many aspects of your daily living. Hopefully taking a look into Amanda’s life with Crohn’s provides some awareness of what one person may go through with this disease. It is also a great reminder that we should never assume or judge someone as we don’t know their back story.

Even though Amanda struggles and battles with Crohn’s every single day, she is still an amazing aunt in my books who goes beyond to make sure that Nikki knows how much she is loved by her.

If you would like to learn more about Crohn’s Disease please visit Crohn’s and Colitis.

Special thank you to Amanda for her time and sharing her story with all of us.

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

– Momma Braga