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5 Dos and Don’ts of Proper Wooden Patio Maintenance

Wooden patios and decks add value to homes and increase usable living space. However, owners need to care for outdoor wood surfaces to extend their lives, keep them safe, and ensure they remain attractive. The steps involved in maintaining decks and patios are not complicated, but it is easy to make mistakes that create more problems than they solve. With that in mind, savvy property owners learn the dos and don’ts of power washing, repairing, tidying, and sealing wood surfaces.

1) Power Wash Surfaces Correctly

The simplest way to give outdoor wood a facelift is to power wash it. However, the process has to be done correctly and on a schedule that optimizes the life of the wood.

Owners should hire professionals for the task since experts have the necessary equipment and experience to ensure a thorough job. Technicians can use methods that are gentle on surfaces. For example, property owners who browse the Internet will be able to get more information about soft washing techniques that are safe for all types of woods.

It is best to avoid DIY power cleaning that can destroy patio materials. It can be challenging to gauge the pressure needed for various materials. Homeowners should also avoid power washing too often since overusing the process can take a toll on materials.

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2) Remove Debris Regularly

Something as simple as sweeping a patio or deck has a significant impact on its condition. When debris is left too long, it can get trapped and create the perfect home for mold and rot. Decaying foliage may stain surfaces.

However, it is essential to use tools that will not harm surfaces. For instance, scrubbing stains with a wire brush is abrasive and may damage the wood.

3) Routine Cleaning Is Essential for Good Looks

Washing a wooden patio helps keep it looking good between power-cleaning sessions. According to experts writing for Savvy Remodeler, plain water may be all that is needed, but a mild cleanser will also work.

Avoid using bleach that can change the wood’s color and damage nearby plants.

4) Repair Damage As Soon as Possible

Homeowners who want safe, durable wood patios and decks must stay vigilant and routinely examine surfaces for damages. Nails can come loose, and boards might crack or warp. Per home improvement publication Today’s Homeowner, it is also critical to inspect surfaces for dry rot.

As owners examine patios, they need to be careful not to ignore areas like railings and stairs. Damages often weaken these areas, turning them into safety hazards.

5) Seal Wooden Surfaces Instead of Painting

Even carefully maintained outdoor wood surfaces eventually need to be resealed to preserve them. Experts recommend using one-step products that seal and stain and are ideal for DIY projects.

Tempting as it might be to paint outdoor wood structures, building specialists advise against the idea. It is easy for moisture to get trapped during priming and painting. Painted surfaces also need much more care to look good than stains.

Wood patios and decks can last for decades with the proper care. Routine maintenance includes removing debris, washing surfaces, and scheduling regular power washing. It is critical to fix damaged areas quickly and ensure surfaces are sealed. However, owners should avoid harsh cleaning products and techniques. It is equally vital to seal rather than paint surfaces and ensure that wood is not power washed too often.

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Beyond Appearances: 4 Reasons to Clean Your Windows Regularly

Windows give us a view of the world when we are indoors, protect us from the elements, and allow us to let in air and sunshine during the day. When the windows are dirty, it prevents the sunlight from coming in and makes the place look poorly maintained. Going beyond appearances, there are four more compelling reasons to clean your windows regularly.

A Window to the World

Besides looking good, clean windows provide a priceless view of the world outdoors. If you stand at the kitchen sink washing dishes, the time goes much faster when you are watching the scenery outside. Anyone who works in an office recognizes the value of having a desk near a window to get mental breaks throughout the day. Looking away from the computer screen to watch the sunshine and trees helps people to relax and refocus on the tasks at hand. Plus, letting in the natural light helps to reduce electrical costs. Turning off the lights and opening the windows floods an area with light at no additional cost. The professional window cleaning Montreal homeowners want is just a phone call away, helping people save time and enjoy clean windows all year round.

Keep Mold Out

Condensation forms on windows, which can lead to the formation of mold. Known as a silent killer, mold is damaging to both structures and people. Plus, the formation of mold is unattractive and difficult to remove once it takes over the frame and surrounding areas. Rather than trying to get rid of persistent mold, it makes sense to take steps to avoid it. Regular window cleaning is the easiest way to keep mold at bay and stay healthier.

Improve Curb Appeal

When the windows are dirty, people wonder if anyone is taking care of the premises. Clouded windows make a place look neglected and old. Washing the windows regularly instantly improves the overall look of a house or building. Clean windows boost curb appeal and make passersby look twice. If the property owner is looking to sell faster, hiring a professional window cleaning service to wash the interior and exterior of all the windows makes sense. Potential buyers will instantly notice the windows and view the property as well-maintained. If the windows are dirty, it could deter buyers from looking at the place.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

When windows are neglected, it becomes problematic over time. The formation of mold and buildup of dirt and water can compromise the window frames and structures. The more damage that occurs, the costlier it becomes to remedy it. Years of neglect can leave windows looking dingy, chipped, and shoddy. In many instances, the windows and surrounding structures must be replaced. Instead of facing that expense in the future, hire professional window cleaners today. Keeping the windows clean and properly maintained reduces the risk of costly damages that require fixing or replacement in the years to come.

Windows are an investment in a home or building. Functional and attractive windows are a major asset and can be a selling point when the owner is ready to market the property. Neglecting your windows leads to problems that can become expensive to fix. Cleaning the windows regularly, or hiring a professional to do it for you, ensures this investment is in great shape for a long time to come.

Keep The House Tidier By Making A Garden Play Area

Okay, you’ve gotten sick of looking around your house and seeing how untidy it is. The children’s toys are everywhere, you can’t take one step without hitting a racing car or princess doll with your foot. You’ve probably already designated one particular room where the kids can play but still it’s not enough. Maybe you don’t have such a room and the living room is always looking like a bomb site. It’s time to make an area for the kids where they can play and not make you so worried over the mess they create. The garden comes to the rescue in many situations and this time is no different. We so often don’t think of the garden as useful space in our home. We tend to just keep it tidy and maybe sit outside every once in a while. All that space and nobody’s is really using it. It could be where there kids have their own play area, keeping the inside of the house tidier.

Start digging away

First thing’s first, you need to dig away the soil. You don’t need to make the entire garden into a play area, so select one corner or half. From then on you need to buy some soil bags or rather, just some large garden bags. These are made from strong synthetic fibers allowing them to bear a lot of weight. All the grass, leaves and soil should be placed inside these. Alternatively, if you have a large amount of earth to move you can use a skip bin. These can be hired in many different sizes. The truck will drive up to your house to drop it off and also pick it up when you’re finished with it. This is a very practical option as you might need to buy multiple bags as the job gets broader and tougher. So instead an open top container like a skip comes in handy.

Flatten and compact

The soil should then be flattened by either using a rake if it’s not that bad or a soil flattener. You can use your feet and hands to press the soil down evenly but this isn’t as consistent as the former option. These aren’t like tar flatteners which require a powered motor, soil flatterners are pushed by hand. Lawn rollers are also useful in this regard as they operate in much the same manner. Compactors are the last option as some soils are very tough, dense and perhaps have a lot of stones making the soil and lawn flatteners skip over the area.

Border and cover

Next you need to create a border around the area, which can be easily done using cylindrical wooden logs. These can be picked up in any garden and home improvement store. Fit them around the area by first digging into the soil as much as you need to. Keep the logs up at around waist height of the children. You can then cover the area with rubber chips and make the area safe to play on.

The garden is the most versatile part of our homes yet we never think of using what we have. A garden play area for the kids will keep the inside of your house tidier and give them somewhere to have fun.