Creative ideas for a kids’ room makeover

When making our kids’ bedrooms over, we all want to have it looking fabulous, be comfy, safe and clutter-free.  It may seem challenging to make all the right choices, but make sure you get your kids involved in the process. They do tend to change their minds often, but there are ways you can bring it all together into one great-looking and functional design. Here are several suggestions how to achieve that.

Get the kids involved

When you start designing your kids’ bedroom, the best starting point is to have them involved. Let them participate in the process and help in picking colours, patterns, cushions, curtain fabrics and themes. You can certainly disapprove of some choice but it’s important to have the room reflects their personality and your style altogether.

Pick a perfect colour scheme

Among the first steps is deciding on the colour scheme and this can be tricky as you want it to fit in with your child’s taste but also be durable and trendy for a while. The best direction to take is to stick to a neutral palette but add some extra energy and spark by painting the floor, one wall or ceiling in a whimsical colour. This also allows you to play with the architectural features of the room and make it feel more graphic and modern, and have an element of surprise.

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Choose a theme

Regardless of your child’s age, they will remember the room they grew up in so make sure it’s magical to them. Choose a theme your child loves, whether it’s princesses, space, pirates, cartoon characters or something else. Just run with it and let the kids have their dream realised.

Every child is different but ultimately, we all want them to feel safe in their room and also have fun. What best way to do that than to surround them with their favourite scenes and characters?

Redesign their sleeping nook

Doing something different and creative with your child’s bed will not only add to the design but it might help make it look more inviting when it comes to bedtime, which for many kids is something to avoid.

One way to go is to give their bed a really cosy vibe by creating a nook with shelves on either side. Add lots of soft throws and cushions so it feels like a den. Rely on the dreamy bedding from Wake In Cloud to make it even more comfortable and inviting, and use the built-in storage under the bed to keep it looking neat and tidy.

You can also opt for a canopy which for many is the must-have for a dreamy bedroom. Draped around the bed in the evening, it will help create a cosy sleeping space.

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Get playful with details

You shouldn’t fear your kids’ room might look dull in a neutral palette when there are so many playful details you can add. Consider the walls, for instance. Murals are a great kid’s bedroom idea as they add spark and whimsy. You can do it with wallpaper, commission a design or make it a DIY project. Add in your kids’ pets, favourite sports, hobbies or cartoon characters. You can also use chalkboard paint as a backdrop and your kids can create a mural of their own over time.

Don’t forget the storage

When you’re designing your kids’ room, in addition to the colours they love and all the fantasy details, the space needs to be functional as well so make sure you provide plenty of storage.

Cleverly designed, built-in storage can house anything from seasonal clothes to sports equipment and LEGOs. Once those practical elements are sorted, it’s easy to play with other elements. Children will thrive in vivacious, playful and fun environments, not a sea of lifeless beige. Keep the design funny, bold and colourful.

When redesigning your kids’ bedroom, try to keep things simple, ensure plenty of storage and have fun! Children quickly change their minds but don’t be afraid to add personality to the room. With tips listed here, you’ll be able to create a fun and functional space that is also comfortable, safe and welcoming.

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