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Nikki’s First Live Event

My husband and I are wrestling fans, but more specifically, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fans. We watch WWE Raw and Smackdown every week on TV (in case you do not know, these are the regular shows that they air) and Nikki really enjoys watching it too. However, she is not watching the entertainment of wrestling but she is watching the entrances that each wrestler has to get inside the ring. The colours, music, sounds, and the bigger than life characters are all what interests her to the TV. Naturally, when we heard that the WWE was coming to Toronto for their Holiday Live Tour Event, we knew we had to take her.

On Wednesday December 30th, 2015, we took Nikki to see her very first live wrestling event. To make this trip even more special, we took her by train for the very first time. Nikki just adores trains and enjoyed every minute of it. She even made a few new friends on our way home after the event.

Once we arrived at the arena, we got checked in and got to our seats. Of course, when attending any event with a toddler it is great to arrive right before the event is about to begin as the waiting for something to begin can be boring for the young ones. This worked out great for us as Nikki was ready to see what was in store for her next. The lights dimmed and the show was about to start. With most WWE events, the fans are loud and very engaged with the action so the excitement started to build. All this was fantastic for our very energetic 16-month old who soaked all this excitement around her and started jumping on my lap and clapping to her hearts content. This was such a beautiful moment for my husband and me to see as her happiness means the world to us.

As the event continued, Nikki danced to all the wrestlers’ entrances and clapped when the fans would clap. It came to the point that she was all pooped out from all the excitement that she managed to take a power nap and yes she slept through all that noise (Please note that the live events that are not televised, do not use fireworks or really loud sounds). Luckily, Nikki woke up right before the main event which was the last match of the night and she enjoyed the last of the excitement before making the trip back home on the train.

Overall, it was a great experience for Nikki as she enjoyed every minute of her eventful day. We spent the day together as a family which was the most important part of the experience and we got to watch something that we all enjoyed. Could not have asked for a better first live event experience!

– Momma Braga


Motherhood: What I’ve Learned

Motherhood is a beautiful, rewarding, stressful and tiring role. But the most important one that one can ever have.


I have always wanted a family of my own and was thrilled to be blessed with a baby girl on August 1st, 2014. I knew that this would be a journey like no other I have experienced and even though I was as prepared as I could be; it still didn’t seem like I was really prepared. It has been a year and I have learned so much especially about me. Here are just a few of my top ten highlights (in no real order).

1. Sleepless Nights

Everyone knows that with baby comes many sleepless nights. But to actually go  through them, is tough! If it wasn’t tummy pains, it was teething pain or just restlessness. No matter the reason, it resulted in many sleepless nights. This has been the hardest hurdle to overcome; however, I learned that taking naps during the day with Nikki helped battle those sleepless nights when they knocked on the door. It is important to get some rest for mom as it is for baby. So no matter what, try and get some rest when you can as the housework can wait.

2. Unsolicited Advice

Many of my friends who already went on the parent train, all warned me that many people were going to offer parenting advice, even when not being asked. Oh boy! They were so right! No matter who or where I turned, advice was always given. It would be on what to feed my child, how to care for her and any other parenting advice they deemed necessary to tell me. At first, the advice was hurtful as I felt it was a stab on my parenting skills and it does get extremely annoying to deal with. It took me awhile to get over this but I have learned that it is easier to just ignore the unsolicited advice and for helpful advice, to just say thanks. People do mean well but they do forget how frustrating it is for new parents to be nagged about their parenting.

3. Trust Your Gut

I learned that you should always trust your gut when taking care of your baby as you know your baby best. I knew what each cry meant and I knew when to intervene. It is always important to trust yourself and as a mom you always want the best for your baby. “Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.” – Benjamin Spock

4. Patience

“You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance.” – Franklin P. Adams
I learned that I did not have much patience and learned quickly that I needed it more than ever. When my patience was running thin, there are 4 things that I learned to do: 1) Gave myself a break 2) Count to ten and start again 3) Be patient with myself and 4) See the bigger picture. Any one of these would help me cope and keep my patience at ease.

5. Unconditional Love

The moment I laid eyes on my baby Nikki, I was in love. I knew deep down in my heart she was my world and I was going to be the best that I could be to protect her. It was the beginning of that unconditional love that I heard so much about. Even in the hardest days, I learned that this love would always surface and made all the trouble times worth it in the end.

6. No More Privacy

Say goodbye to doing anything on your own. You always have company which includes trips to the bathroom. The silver lining, you will always have someone to talk to.

7. Ask for Help

I learned that it’s ok to ask for help when you need it. Even though I’m still working on this, it is great to get a mommy break. No need to try to do it all yourself as you are already caring for the most precious life, your baby. At the beginning, I tried doing it all and learned quickly that it was draining me and had to ask for help. No shame in that.

8. Don’t be so hard on yourself

No parent has ever been perfect but we all try our very best for our children and that is what matters. Learning not to be hard on myself allowed me to be a better mom to Nikki as I got rid of that pressure.

9. Laugh

Laugh as much as you can and it will be a happier environment for you and baby. By laughing often, it helped relieve my stress and Nikki learned to laugh often as well, and she was one happy baby. Life is too short, so smile and laugh often.

10. Multi-Tasker

It is amazing how quickly we learn to multi-task with a baby in our arms. I mastered many tasks with one hand and I have become much more productive at home. This is a great skill learned through the first year of motherhood and am grateful for it.

But the best lesson learned was experiencing what it is like to care, love, support and sacrifice for an extension of you. For the first time in my life, I know and felt what my parents went through to raise my sister and I. I have a deeper appreciation for all that they did and for the life they gave me. Now I have the opportunity to do the same for Nikki and for this, I have become a better me.

– Momma Braga

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