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Paw Patrol Live! The Great Pirate Adventure

Paw Patrol, Paw Patrol
We’ll be there on the double
Whenever there’s a problem
‘Round Adventure Bay
Ryder and his team of pups
Will come and save the day
Marshall, Rubble, Chase
Rocky, Zuma, Skye
Yeah! They’re on the way!


It is hard not to sing along to one of the most popular shows for kids, Paw Patrol. We have been watching Paw Patrol for over two years and if you have small children in your family then you probably have been surrounded by it everywhere you go!

So when my sister-in-law got us tickets to Paw Patrol Live! The Great Pirate Adventure, I was thrilled as I knew my 3-year-old would love it. The tickets were purchased back in January and instead of telling my overly excited daughter about the event, I waited until the day of. If I told her in advance I would have to listen to Nikki ask me EVERY single day if it was Paw Patrol day; therefore, for the sake of my sanity I waited until the day of. I know many parents can relate to this too! ūüôā

The wait was so worth it too! When my sister-in-law told her that she was going to see Paw Patrol, Nikki was thrilled and started singing the Paw Patrol theme song. In all honesty, I was¬† surprised that our cover was not blown since I made sure that Nikki was all Paw Patrol ready! ūüėČ

The Big Paw Patrol Day

We arrived with some time to spare to comfortably find our seats and get some treats to eat.

*Tip: It’s always great to arrive early when an event is this popular as it was a very busy venue with tons of little fans everywhere.

Soon after, the lights dimmed and a voice over came on to signal the start of the show and the audience roard with excitement (including Nikki who got out of her seat).

Paw Patrol Live! The Great Pirate Adventure is a fun full adventure where the main characters go on a treasure hunt to find a lost treasure and of course there are some saving to do along the way which these pups know how to do so well.

The show was full of music, dancing and colorful sets that truly engaged the audience. You can’t help but sing-along or even dance in your seat (while no one is watching). ūüėČ

This is why we give this event 5+++ PAWS out of 5 for being PAWSOME from start to finish. It’s hard not to fall in love with Paw Patrol especially with how happy they make your child feel.

This event was a wish come true for my daughter who has always wanted to see them live and that in turn has made me the happiest mom on earth. There is nothing more special than seeing your child enjoy something that they love and if that means six little pups who save the day then that is great in my books.

From left to right: Auntie Amanda, Nikki and Momma Braga

Not only was Paw Patrol Live an entertaining delight but one that made a little girl believe that wishes come true!

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

– Momma Braga



Nikki’s First Live Event

My husband and I are wrestling fans, but more specifically, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fans. We watch WWE Raw and Smackdown every week on TV (in case you do not know, these are the regular shows that they air) and Nikki really enjoys watching it too. However, she is not watching the entertainment of wrestling but she is watching the entrances that each wrestler has to get inside the ring. The colours, music, sounds, and the bigger than life characters are all what interests her to the TV. Naturally, when we heard that the WWE was coming to Toronto for their Holiday Live Tour Event, we knew we had to take her.

On Wednesday December 30th, 2015, we took Nikki to see her very first live wrestling event. To make this trip even more special, we took her by train for the very first time. Nikki just adores trains and enjoyed every minute of it. She even made a few new friends on our way home after the event.

Once we arrived at the arena, we got checked in and got to our seats. Of course, when attending any event with a toddler it is great to arrive right before the event is about to begin as the waiting for something to begin can be boring for the young ones. This worked out great for us as Nikki was ready to see what was in store for her next. The lights dimmed and the show was about to start. With most WWE events, the fans are loud and very engaged with the action so the excitement started to build. All this was fantastic for our very energetic 16-month old who soaked all this excitement around her and started jumping on my lap and clapping to her hearts content. This was such a beautiful moment for my husband and me to see as her happiness means the world to us.

As the event¬†continued, Nikki danced to all the wrestlers’ entrances and clapped when the fans would clap. It came to the point that she was all pooped out from all the excitement that she managed to take a power nap and yes she slept through all that noise¬†(Please note that the live events that are not televised, do not use fireworks or really loud sounds).¬†Luckily, Nikki woke up right before the main event which was the last match of the night and she enjoyed the last of the excitement before making the trip back home on the train.

Overall, it was a great experience for Nikki as she enjoyed every minute of her eventful day. We spent the day together as a family which was the most important part of the experience and we got to watch something that we all enjoyed. Could not have asked for a better first live event experience!

– Momma Braga