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Celebrating Halloween with Indoor Trick-or-Treating

This year Halloween may look really different for some as many may choose not to go out trick-or-treating. However, this does not mean you can’t celebrate Halloween at all this year.

2020 has been a year of changing traditions to make it as normal as possible for our little ones. I remember changing around Easter to make sure the magic of the Easter bunny was still much alive in our home, even if our family couldn’t be together to celebrate. Now with Halloween just around the corner, I will be bringing the fun of trick-or-treating with a little twist to my daughter.

Let me introduce you to our idea, Trick-or-Treat Hotel.

Halloween Baking

Before we undertake our spooky adventure, we will be warming up with some Halloween baking. Halloween is always much more fun when baking is involved and we can have these yummy treats once we are done.

Remember to just have fun and no need for masterpieces especially since it will all be eaten anyways. 😉

Halloween Crafts

Once your baking is complete, you can move on to some crafts as this way your child is busy creating art while you set up your trick-or-treat hotel.

We got some Halloween crafts from our local dollar store which does not need any adult supervision. A couple of the crafts that we will be doing are Halloween ornaments and a Halloween photo by using Halloween stickers to create our scene.

Trick-or-Treat Hotel

This idea came to me during our play of hotel in our home. So I have incorporated that idea with trick-or-treating. We will be transforming our bedroom floor into a hotel. We have four doors on this level and all these doors will be closed.

Each door will have a Halloween inspired sign and you can create these yourselves with construction paper and a string. You can place these on all the doors. We used words that Nikki can read on her own, this way she is practicing her reading skills along the trick-or-treat road.

As Nikki approaches each door, she knocks and says, “Trick or Treat.” Then we open the door and inside she will find a note that will either say, “Treat” or “Trick.”

Treat Note

If the door reveals a “Treat” note, then you will need to find the treat in the room. Special bonus is that the notes will have a number on it (math equation) and that is how many treats need to be located in the room. Great way to have your child practice with their math skills too. 😉

Trick Note

Halloween needs to have some tricks too as we can’t always have treats. These notes will have instructions on what trick to do. For example, do 10 jumping skeleton jacks. Keep it fun, light and a great workout. Makes up for not walking the distance to get treats in your neighbourhood.

Halloween Family Movie Night

Once all doors have been explored, you can have a relaxing night with a family Halloween movie night. Always have your child pick the movie to make sure it is one that does not scare them. There are many great options available on Disney Plus. That is our go to for family friendly movies.

That is our Halloween plan this year and one that I know won’t scare me by the end of the night. I am a bit of a scary cat so the idea of an indoor trick-or-treat is ideal for me. Either way, I know this will be a memorable Halloween for my daughter and we will make the best of it.

We would love to hear what you are doing this year in the comment section below. Remember whatever you decide, stay safe and have a Happy Halloween!

-Momma Braga


4 Halloween DIY Party Games

Written By: Karen Silva

Okay my mombies gather your little monsters and let’s make your Halloween party a big hit. I will share with you some fun Halloween games you can have at your party, that’s also super easy to do.

Remember to use your best judgment on which tasks your child can help you with.

Strike Those Ghosts!

What you will need: A ball, six clear or White plastic cups and a black marker

  • First create your ghost faces on your cups, remembering to have the opening of the cup face down on the table.
  • Once you have completed that you can place them in a corner, stacking them to create a triangle shape.
  • Decide where you want the starting line to be.
  • Then each person can take a turn to roll or throw the ball to get strike out the ghosts.

Feeding the Monsters

What you will need: Large box, scissors, paint and balls

  • With a large box you will create three monster heads, so there are three different eating levels.
  • With scissors cut the mouth holes and make sure it is large enough for a ball to be thrown in.
  • Then together paint your monsters and add some details. Then once dried, decide where you want your starting line to be and have people take turns throwing a ball into any of the monster’s mouths.

*Fun Tip: You can use glow in the dark paint and put a black light on during the game. You can also add some creative features such as teeth to make the monsters look more realistic.*

What do you feel?

What you will need: Empty tissue boxes, Black paint, foods that would resemble body parts and a blind fold

  • First paint your boxes with the black paint and set aside to dry.
  • Once that’s done fill your empty tissue boxes with your food ideas. You can label each box with the “item” that you want it to be, for example “eye balls”.
  • Once your guests are ready to play have them put on a blind fold and stick one hand in the boxes to feel the objects. Some examples you can use is:
    • Noodles with tomato sauce as mushed brains
    • Grapes as eye balls
    • Jell-O as guts

*If you wish not to use food you can add Halloween items and have them guess what they are, for example, you can put fake spiders in a box.*

Witch Ring Toss

What you will need: Black construction paper, tape, paint, card board and rings

  • First cut your Black construction paper into a Triangle shape.
  • Then fold the corners together, closing the Triangle shape and creating a cone shape.
  • Then with another Black construction paper cut out a circle to complete the witch hat look.
  • Together decorate the witch hats with paint.
  • Once you have taped the two pieces together and set aside to dry. Once completed tape or glue each of them onto the cardboard leaving some space between each of them.
  • Then create your starter line where your guests can each take turns in throwing the rings trying to get it around each witch hat.

Whether you decided to do one of these or all of them, your guests will have a great time at your Halloween party. Remember that sometimes not keeping score can create a more fun, laid back atmosphere and will help you avoid the “competition” conflicts that may arise.

Until next time… Happy Haunting!


5 Halloween Munchies Recipes

Written By: Karen Silva

We all know that every good Halloween party or get together, needs some munchies to keep your little monsters full and satisfied. I will share with you some “not so scary” Halloween munchies, that are easy to make and yummy to your tummy.

Remember to use your best judgment as to which tasks you can have your child help you with.

Ghost Popsicle’s

What you will need: Bananas, White chocolate wafers, Chocolate chips and Popsicle sticks

  • First unpeel your bananas and cut them in half.
  • Melt your wafers until your white chocolate is liquid (I did mine in the microwave for 40 seconds).
  • Then dip half of your Popsicle stick into the chocolate and stick it into the end of the banana.
  • Once completed, gently dip the whole banana into the melted chocolate and add three chocolate chips (two for eyes and one for a surprised spooky mouth).
  • Then set all the done ones onto a tray over wax paper and put it in the freezer for about an hour.

Veggie Treat

What you will need: A large tray, veggie dip, baby carrots, broccoli and cucumber

  • First lay out your baby carrots in to a circle shape and use the broccoli as your stem of your veggie pumpkin creation.
  • Remove the baby carrots from the areas in which you would like to have the eyes and nose and place a small container with veggie dip in those places.
  • Finally remove the baby carrots to create your mouth and add some sliced cucumbers in that area.

Monster sandwiches

What you will need: Toast bread, cold cuts, mayo, cheese, circle shape cookie cutter and green olives with opening

  • First with your cookie cutter, cut out circle shapes on your toast bread slices.
  • Once completed, assemble your sandwiches using your mayo first, then cold cuts.
  • Before you add your cheese, use a knife to design your cheese slices to look like sharp teeth.
  • Once you have added that and put another circle piece of toast bread you are ready to add your eyes. That’s right you guessed it! Use the olives as your monsters eyeballs.
  • To keep them in place you can add a tooth pick to each one, just make sure your guests can see the tooth picks so that they can pick them out before taking a bite.

Sweet and sticky pumpkins!

What you will need: Rice crispy Squares, Rolo chocolate and green cookie icing

  • Feel free to make your own Rice Crispy Squares from scratch. Or you can just buy a box of Rice Crispy Squares, add two drops of Orange food coloring on each, pop them in the microwave for 8 seconds and then shape them into a pumpkin.
  • Once you have that done stick one Rolo chocolate on the top as your pumpkin stem.
  • Now you can stop right there or you can use the green icing to create some more detail on the pumpkin like leaves.

Eye love cupcakes!

What you will need: Your favorite cupcake recipe, white buttercream icing, red icing, black icing and lifesaver candy

  • First make and bake your favorite cupcake recipe and then set them aside to cool down.
  • Now comes the fun part… decorating!
  • Spread your white buttercream icing on all of your cupcakes.
  • Then place one life saver in the middle of each cupcake.
  • Using your black icing fill in the hole in the middle of the life saver to complete the look of your eye.
  • Finally add your final detail using the red icing and drawing out some veins.

I hope I didn’t make you drool too much! All of these ideas are super easy to make and it doesn’t take too much time to make.

Until next time mombies!


5 Halloween DIY Decoration Ideas

By: Karen Silva

My niece and I are super excited that fall is finally here and Halloween is the cherry on top of the cake for us! Now that she is three she has a lot more opinions on what she wants to be this year and boy let me tell you how she surprised me with her suggestions. Some of her costume ideas were a zombie, cat and a witch. Not your typical little girl asking to dress up like a princess.

Now shopping for a costume this year with her will probably go without a hitch. So I decided to roll up my selves and focus on Halloween art projects to do with her instead.

Here are my top five Halloween art activities that you can do with your children.

*Please use your best judgment on which tasks your child can help you with for each activity, as you may have to do some of the tasks that involve using sharp objects alone.


What you will need: White balloons, Black markers, White mesh sheet, string, tape, and scissors.

  • First blow up your balloons (as many as your heart desires).
  • Then together with your child draw on your ghost faces.
  • Once completed drape over your White mesh sheet over you balloon and with your finger roughly estimate where you should cut a small hole at the top of the sheet (make sure you don’t pop the balloon).
  • Then in the small hole on top tape one end of the string and the other end, use it to tie it up somewhere.
  • To add a nightly effect to your ghosts you can add a small glow stick into your balloon before blowing it up.

Haunted House

What you will need: Brown recycled boxes, black marker, Ruler, scissors and tape

  • Using your ruler draw out wood stake shapes out of your recycled boxes.
  • Then with the black marker draw on some lines and fake “nails” to make it look like its pieces of wood.
  • Once you have a couple made, tape them to your windows to make it look like a haunted house.
  • You can also use the recycled box to make “Keep out” signs or other creative Halloween themed signs.
  • Once you have decorated the outside of your home, be sure to add some cob webs and throw in some fake spiders for a creepy look.

Halloween treat bowl

What you will need: A plastic serving bowl, Halloween stickers, fake spiders and a hot glue gun

  • Let your child go crazy and decorate the whole bowl with Halloween stickers. I found a box with over 250 Halloween stickers at my local dollar store (we did not use them all).
  • Once completed ask your child where they would like the fake spikers to be placed as you hot glue them down.
  • Then fill your bowl with Halloween candy and either treat yourselves leading up to the day or use it as your serving bowl for your trick or treaters.
  • Another idea is to glue a bunch of fake googly eyes all over your bowl.


Oh my monsters!

What you will need: Construction paper, scissors, tape and markers

  • Cut all your construction paper into different shapes (circles, triangles, ovals, squares, etc).
  • Then have your child be creative with how they want their monster faces to look using markers.
  • Once completed tape them around the house or on your doors and windows for all to see.

*You can also make the faces using other colored construction paper and then gluing them down to add more detail*

Fake Hands

What you will need: Clear latex gloves, fake red blood, Pudding, Jell-O or candy

  • First make your pudding or Jell-O recipe and fill up your latex gloves (This will give your hand a very squishy and creepy feeling). Remember not to fill it up all the way to the top because you need to tie it so the liquid doesn’t spill out.
  • Then using a string or laundry clip hang the gloves in your fridge until the pudding and Jell-O harden.
  • Once completed dip or splatter some fake blood on your fake hands and set aside to dry. Once it is dried, place them around your yard or even around your house as a Halloween decoration.
  • You can also fill your latex gloves with candy instead and place them around the yard, splattering some fake blood over it. If your little monsters are a little scared of the look of fake blood then just skip that step all together.

I hope this inspired you and your children to be creative this year and create some of your own Halloween decorations instead of buying them. They add a personal touch and create great memories.

Until next time my fellow mombies!

About the Author

Karen graduated from Sheridan College with an Early Childhood Education Diploma. She worked with children for about five years before expanding her skills in Administration. Karen is a loving Godmother/Auntie to one. Combined with her ECE background and passion for DIY projects and baking, she has recently joined Momma Braga and has become an expert writer for the blog. Karen hopes by sharing her knowledge, tips and tricks, she can bring families together through her creative ideas.

10 Tips to Trick or Treating with a Toddler

Special Guest Post

By: Karen Braga
Twitter: @Karenbabydoll22

After much thought in choosing the perfect Halloween costume, children then look forward to getting free candy. Although we teach children not to talk to strangers and take candy from them, Halloween is the one day where it is accepted; however with limits. It is important to explain that trick or treating should always be done with a parent or an adult guardian. If you have an older child (13 +) and you give them permission to go with friends, make sure that they are in a group of at least three or more. They should also know the importance of checking candy before consuming it. The good news is toddlers don’t really show much interest in eating the candy as much as getting it.

Here are my top ten tips in trick or treating with your toddlers.

  1. Together with your toddler choose a fun Halloween candy bag or pale at one of your local Halloween stores. Just make sure that it is not too big for them as they will most likely want to carry it themselves. For a little fun activity and for those on a budget, you can purchase a plain bag from your local dollar store and decorate it together.
  2. Depending on the day Halloween falls under, sometimes it’s a rush to get home and get everything ready for the adventure. No matter what though, eating a good dinner is important as they will need all the energy they can get. My niece LOVES pizza and it was easy to pick up and it filled her belly for a long time. However, for those of you that have the time to cook a meal that day make sure your toddler has some protein. Keeping your toddler full will help them resist the temptation of asking for a piece of candy.
  3. I highly recommend preparing all your things before changing your toddler in their costume. They might get restless waiting around for you to get things ready when they know there ready to go. Some important items to bring along with you is an umbrella, sweaters or a blanket, healthy snacks, water and a flash light. Also bringing along a favorite stuff toy and a pacifier (if your toddler uses one) can be a comforting item to relieve a scary moment or even a tantrum. Also make sure to bring a plastic bag with you as you can use it to empty out your toddler’s bag when it gets full.
  4. Weather is sometimes very unpredictable, so taking a quick look at the forecast is highly recommended. Depending where you live, Halloween can be quite chilly outside so making sure your toddlers costume is warm enough will help them have a comfortable experience. If it isn’t warm enough, then small alterations can be made the day of. For instance, you can put on a long sleeve shirt and pants under their costume for warmth. As mentioned above, bringing sweaters or a blanket can be handy as well. Aside from the cold, sometimes it rains on Halloween so be prepared with an umbrella, rain boots or even a rain coat. There are some clear rain coats that your toddler can wear and still have their costume shown.
  5. Toddlers love to be independent and want to walk on their own but often times they get tired easily. I highly recommend you bring a stroller or wagon for the trip. It’s easier to store the things you just packed and a backup for when your toddler gets tired. Also a great place to put the extra candy they get. For a fun activity you and your toddler can decorate the stroller or wagon for Halloween and have them help you put the items in it.
  6. It’s a good idea to head out trick or treating as early as you can. The typical time to go out with your little ones is 6:00 PM. This will allow your toddler to explore and experience the holiday but get home on time for their bedtime routine.
  7. We all know how day light savings time works and it can get dark quickly even if you go out trick or treating around 6:00 PM. So being prepared with a flash light or Halloween reflectors for safety is recommended. You can find Halloween reflectors at your local store and the price can range from $3.00 (CND) to $5.00 (CND). However, you can find cheaper ones at your local dollar store; either way as long as it’s bright it’s good.
  8. Going trick or treating around your neighborhood is a great way for your toddler and you to get to know your neighbors. It is also close to your home, so if your toddler is finding it overwhelming or they become too tired to continue you can easily head back. If you do choose to expand your trick or treating area, please choose a street that has many trick or treaters and not many cars.
  9. When approaching your first home, take the time to talk about the decorations that the house has, so they don’t get scared. Walk up or carry your toddler to the front door and encourage them to say “trick or treat”. If they can’t say it then that’s ok as they will be hearing you say it and they will learn that next time that is what they should say. Before you know it, they will pick up on the concept quickly.
  10. Creating a smooth tradition to head back home doesn’t have to end with a tantrum. An easy transition is when you start in your area, go from the end of your street and work your way back home. If you are away from your neighborhood an easy transition to go back home would be to build excitement around all the candy that you can go through when you get home. Just make sure they know it won’t be eaten in one night! 😉

Overall, having a fun and safe Halloween with your toddler can be done with simple steps. Although if you do not want your toddler trick or treating or they are too scared to go out; there is another way they can still be a part of that adventure. Together with your toddler you can greet the children that come to your door and put some Halloween candy in their bags. For fun and a great fine motor skill activity you can have your toddler put some candy in the mini Halloween bags a head of time to give out the day of.

Something special I do each year is get some Halloween stickers from my local dollar store and cut them into squares (about 4 to 6 stickers on each square). Then I hand them out with the candy and let me tell you how happy children get. Sometimes they show more interest in the stickers then the candy that I give them. Nevertheless it’s a little bonus treat I like to do to make their Halloween a little special. For those that look a little scared with my decorations I throw them some extra stickers just for being brave.

Until next time… Have a safe and fun Halloween!


About the Author

Karen Braga graduated from Sheridan College with an Early Childhood Education Diploma. She worked with children for about five years before expanding her skills in Administration. Karen is a loving Godmother/Auntie to one. Karen is passionate and knowledgeable about Halloween. Combined with her ECE background and passion on Halloween, she has recently become an expert writer on the topic for mom blogger, Momma Braga. Karen hopes by sharing her knowledge, tips and tricks, she can help families enjoy this holiday.

Simple Trick and Treats for a Friendly Halloween Party!

Special Guest Post

By: Karen Braga
Twitter: @Karenbabydoll22

Throwing a Halloween party can be sometimes a lot of work; however, it can also be a lot of fun. Between playing games, dancing to music or just mingling, your guests will be hungry. I will share with you some of my favorite simple Halloween themed foods and baking goods to have at your Halloween party. These ideas are simply delicious and yet fun to do with your children. Please use your best judgment as to which of these are age appropriate for your toddler or child to participate in.

Sometimes just creating spooking Halloween names to your home cooked meals and appetizers will get your guests talking. For example, you can have a bowl of spaghetti with meat balls and call it “guts with eyeballs”. Giving an ordinary dish a spooky name can even spark interest to those that are picky eaters. Another great idea is making little sandwiches that are Halloween themed. You can find some Halloween cookie cutters at your local dollar store and make them into charterers using toppings and other edible ingredients. Nevertheless, no matter what you decide to make please keep in mind of any allergies that your guests may have.


Top five favorite easy recipes and ideas for meals/appetizers:

  1. Mummy is that you?

This dish is super easy to make and only requires four ingredients. Hotdogs, Pillsbury mini croissants, ketchup and mustered. First cut your hotdogs in half and put them aside. Then unroll each mini croissant and slice them into long pieces. Once you have done that wrap each piece onto each hotdog until you achieved your mummy look. Make sure to leave some room to add the eyes after it is done baking. Once golden brown and cooled off, use ketchup for one eyeball and mustered for the other.

  1. Pumpkin mini pizza

All you need for this one is English muffins, pizza sauce, toppings of your choice, black olives and cheese. First slice or break apart your English muffins and put them on your baking sheets. Then add your pizza sauce and cheese. With your peperoni and other toppings cut them in shapes you need to create your pumpkin face on your mini pizzas and then bake them.

  1. Eye see you tacos

This recipe is super fun and delicious. Ingredients required is hard shell tacos, toppings of your choice, sauces, ground beef, taco mix and black olives. I will explain how I make this dish but please feel free to use the toppings, sauces and meat of your choice.

First cook your ground beef in a skillet and follow the instructions on the back of the taco mix package. Once cooked and browned add it to each taco shell. For toppings I use avocado, cheese, tomato and green onions. Cut up all the ingredients and add them on top of the meat; however, not the cheese. Add your sauce like salsa or sour cream on top then add your cheese. For your eyes, add some salsa or sour cream to hold down your black olives.

  1. Not so scary devil’s eggs

You will need eggs, mayo, paprika, salt, pepper and black olives. Boil your eggs and then let them cool off. Dry off your black olives and cut just a few into thin slices and put them aside. Once your eggs have cooled down and the shell is removed; cut your eggs in half. Scoop out the yoke and put it in a bowl leaving the white part faced up on your tray. In the bowl mash your yokes into small pieces and add the rest of the ingredients in (salt, pepper, paprika and mayo), minus the black olives and then mix it. With a pipping bag or spoon, put the mixtures into the white part of the eggs. The final touch will be the black olives for decoration. Add one whole olive on top and some of the thin slices on each side of the olive to make a spider.

  1. Halloween burgers

This one is SO easy that it really will only take you a couple of minutes to prepare. All you need is hamburgers, buns, condiments and sliced cheese. While your burgers are cooking, cut a pumpkin face out of the sliced cheese. Be sure to create different faces as your guests will have fun picking one out for their burger.

For more meal ideas for your Halloween party be sure to check out Google or even my favorite app Pinterest. Now that your guests are full they will still look forward to dessert because no one is ever too full to have that. If you do not have any recipes to use or looking to make something new, be sure to check out one of my favorite websites:

Top Five Favorite Halloween Themed Desserts

  1. Halloween cookies

Grab your favorite chocolate chip or sugar cookie recipe. Once your cookies are baked you and your child can decorate them with cookie icing, candies and chocolate chips. For my chocolate chip cookies, I like to have some chocolate chips show on top of the cookie. Then I add some melted chocolate to each side creating legs to create little spiders.


  1. Halloween cupcakes

First make your cupcakes and let them cool off. Once they are all iced and ready for decorations grab your toppings. Have your child sprinkle some Halloween themed edible decorations on the cupcakes. For a more advance design you can make witch hats to add on top. All you need for that is a chocolate covered cookie as your base. Then with icing attach a Hershey kiss on top, and then to complete the look add some details with icing.

  1. Witch brooms

This one is very simply to do but it does require mini peanut butter cups so please make sure no one at your party has a peanut allergy. To cut costs I went to my local Bulk Barn and bought my ingredients there. You will need mini Reese’s peanut butter cups and straight pretzels. Unwrap your mini Reese’s peanut butter cups and face them upside down. With a knife make a small hole in the middle of the upside down peanut butter cup. Have your child insert the pretzel stick inside and there you have your witch’s broom.

  1. Mud pie

Kids love the name, they have fun making it and the taste of this desert. You will need clear plastic Jell-O or drinking cups. Ingredients needed is chocolate pudding, chocolate chip cookie crumbs and gummy worms. First have your child crush the cookies until there is nothing but crumbs left. Then make your chocolate pudding. You can choose to get the Jell-O pudding boxes and follow the instructions or if you do not have time you can buy the already made chocolate pudding and scoop it out as you assemble this dessert. Have your child add some cookie crumbs at the bottom of each cup. Then they can add about two tablespoons of chocolate pudding, followed by a gummy worm. Continue the process until the cup is filled but be sure to have the top covered with little cookie crumbs and gummy worm.

  1. Scary fruit

Be creative and use your imagination with this one. You can cut out a piece of an orange and get fake vampire teeth from your local dollar store to insert as its teeth. Another great idea is making fruit shish kabobs, it’s super easy to have your child assemble it while you cut up the fruit. You can display these shish kabobs in your pumpkin.

Overall, your imagination has no limits; however if you’re stuck be sure to explore the internet for ideas but always try to add a personal touch. Remember that cooking and baking with your child is an amazing learning experience and they are never too young to learn. Even toddlers learn a lot just by observing, so have them watch you and have them do simple things like putting the cupcake papers in the pan.

Until next time…. Happy Spooking!


About the Author

Karen Braga graduated from Sheridan College with an Early Childhood Education Diploma. She worked with children for about five years before expanding her skills in Administration. Karen is a loving Godmother/Auntie to one. Karen is passionate and knowledgeable about Halloween. Combined with her ECE background and passion on Halloween, she has recently become an expert writer on the topic for mom blogger, Momma Braga. Karen hopes by sharing her knowledge, tips and tricks, she can help families enjoy this holiday.

5 Tips on Costume Shopping with a Toddler

Special Guest Post

By: Karen Braga
Twitter: @Karenbabydoll22

My favorite part of Halloween is when you dress up to be anything you want to be and see others dressed up too. Every year I put a lot of thought into my costumes. Yes! I typically have more than one costume for each party that I have during this holiday. So when my niece was born, I knew that I had to play an active part in her Halloween costumes and couldn’t wait to help her pick them out.

Last year my niece was a little over a year old and to get her involved in the Halloween process I had her pick her own costume. To limit the confusion of the hundreds of costumes that were displayed in the store, I had her choose between three costumes. My niece decided that she would be a little lamb which I have to admit, was just too adorable! Now that she is two I’m even more excited to go costume shopping with her as I’m curious to see what she wants to be this year.


When picking a costume with your toddler it can be overwhelming so here are my top five tips on costume shopping with your toddler.

  1. I recommend doing a first visit to just look around at your options. Talk to your toddler about the costumes and cool characters you see throughout the store. Keep a mental note on some of the costumes that your toddler took more interest in. *Also keep in mind that if you live in an area where it may be cold on Halloween, your toddler should get a warm costume.
  2. On your second visit point out the costumes that your toddler expressed interest in (no more than three). Then have your toddler choose which one that they like the best and want to be for Halloween.
  3. I highly recommend asking the store ahead of time what their exchange and return policy is. As we all know toddlers can be impatient for a change room or can become fussy when waiting too long so this is why it is important to ask about the policy in advance. Most stores have a 30 day exchange or return store policy. Then you just have to focus on choosing a costume and purchasing it but trying it on in the comfort of your own home. If it doesn’t fit or worst case scenario they don’t show interest in that costume anymore, you can exchange it for another.
  4. Now that your toddler has picked their costume it’s important to make sure that it’s not too long. Some costumes may fit them perfectly everywhere but a little too big on their legs. Simple fix would be to roll it up or trim off the extra length. Also if the weather is cold that day and their costume exposes their arms and legs, just remember that they can wear a long sleeve shirt or pants underneath the costume.
  5. No masks! It’s important to expose your toddler to masks at your local store and explain to them that there are people behind them; however it is not appropriate for them to wear. Masks on children can be dangerous especially as a toddler. It will block there vision to where they are going and can also make it difficult for them to breath easily. If your toddler’s costume includes a mask, for example, Spiderman, just put it aside and not include it with your toddler’s costume. Instead you can face paint or use Halloween make up to complete the look.

Some Halloween costumes can cost anywhere from $20.00 (CND) to $50.00 (CND) but there are other stores that may sell Halloween costumes for less. For example Value Village may have some costumes that are below $20.00 (CND). You can also make a trip to your local dollar store and purchase some props to create your own Halloween costume for your toddler based on what they are interested in. Or if you are looking for a fun activity to do with your toddler you can always DIY (Make it yourself) costumes at home. Overall, have fun and be sure to capture this moment in their costume.


Until next time…..Happy spooking!


About the Author

Karen Braga graduated from Sheridan College with an Early Childhood Education Diploma. She worked with children for about five years before expanding her skills in Administration. Karen is a loving Godmother/Auntie to one. Karen is passionate and knowledgeable about Halloween. Combined with her ECE background and passion on Halloween, she has recently become an expert writer on the topic for mom blogger, Momma Braga. Karen hopes by sharing her knowledge, tips and tricks, she can help families enjoy this holiday.


Top 10 Fun Halloween Activities To Do With Your Toddler

Special Guest Post

By: Karen Braga
Twitter: @Karenbabydoll22

In Canada, we typically get together with family and friends for Thanksgiving in October; however, why not start a new tradition this year?!

I am talking about throwing a Halloween party the week or a couple of days before the holiday. It can be a very exciting event! It will help children like the holiday a little more and not think of it as just a scary holiday.


Friendly Boo’s and Pumpkins too

Together with your toddler, you can create simple DIY (Do It Yourself) Halloween decorations to put around the house for your party. Here are my top ten fun arts and crafts activities that are simple to do with your toddler. You can choose to use it as decoration or even as a party favor for your guests to take home.

  1. Friendly Boo’s

Material Needed: Black construction paper, White paint, scissors (for you of course), String, Paper plate, Paint brush and a good size working space.

Put some paint on a paper plate and place the black construction paper in front of you. With the paint brush add some white paint onto your toddler’s foot and then guide them to put that foot onto the Black construction paper. Once you lift their foot off you can repeat the steps with the rest of the construction paper you have, leaving foot prints as your ghosts. This next step is optional; you can add eyes and a silly face to your ghost. Once it’s dry, cut the little Boo’s out and tape them to the string. You can then hang them as a garland around the room. If your toddler does not like the feeling of paint on their foot like my niece, you can always do hand prints as well. Just make sure when adding a face or hanging them the fingers face down.

  1. Pumpkins

Material Needed: Orange construction paper, Tape and Halloween stickers.

Pre-cut out pumpkin shapes using the orange construction paper and have your toddler decorate them with the stickers. Once completed you can either tape them onto a string or place them around the table for decoration. Another neat idea is to save this activity for the day of your party and have all children attending do this as an arts and craft activity.

  1. Thank you favors

Material Needed: Brown paper bags, pain (Halloween colors: Orange and Black) or stickers, ribbon and Halloween candy.

This activity is simple but also a great way to personalize thank you gifts for your guests. Together with your toddler decorate the paper bags and if you use paint make sure to let them dry. Once there are all spooktacular, have your toddler fill them half way with Halloween candy. To close the bags use the ribbon you have, but have your little one hold the top of the bag. Remember to get your little one to hand out the favors before your guests leave.

  1. Itsy Bitsy Spider

Material Needed: Regular paper or Orange construction paper, Black paint, Paint brush, Googly eyes and liquid glue.

As much as I don’t like spiders this one is just too cute not to do. Make sure you have a good size working space. I always recommend to wear an apron or old clothes when working with paint. On your toddler’s right hand add the black paint with the brush until their hand is all covered. Then hand over hand place it onto the paper horizontally. Do the same thing with their left hand, however, the palm is going to overlap the other palm print, leaving the fingers on the left hand face out the other way. Once dry, add a small circle of glue down where you want the eyes to go. Then hand over hand help your toddler place the eyes on the spider.

  1. Pretty candle holder

Material Needed: Clear candle holder, Orange tissue paper, Paint brush, and Liquid glue.

Pre-cut some square shapes out of the orange tissue papers and place them beside your toddler. Hand over hand, guide your toddler to add some glue with the paint brush onto the candle holder and have them place a square piece of tissue paper over the area. Complete this process until it is all covered and do a second coat. Once dry, you can add a candle the day of or a tea light, it will glow orange.

  1. Mummy!

Material Needed: White construction paper, Scissors (for you of course), Googly eyes, Toilet paper, Paint brush and Liquid glue.

This activity is super fun because it allows your toddler to play with toilet paper and not get in trouble for it. With white construction paper draw and cut out your mummies. Have some toilet paper aside and have your toddler tear it up into smaller pieces. With hand over hand, guide them with the brush to add some liquid glue onto the mummy and encourage them to add some toilet paper pieces on top of that area. Once the mummy is all covered you can add some googly eyes and maybe a smile.

  1. Halloween cups

Material Needed: Clear plastic drinking cups, Paint, Paint brushes, Googly eyes and Liquid glue.

Together with your toddler paint the cups but not all the way to the rim. You want to leave a good amount of space for your guests to drink from. You can paint one with orange paint to create a pumpkin, white for a ghost, and green to create a Frankenstein or a Witch. Once your cups are dry, help your toddler glue on the eyes and create the rest of the face. You can google some pictures that you can use to paint on some detailed designs yourself and it will also be great to show your toddler what you are creating.

  1. Spider Webs

Materials needed: Popsicle sticks, String, Cotton balls, Liquid glue, Hot glue gun (for you of course) and a Fake spider.

Starting this activity does require you to do the work and have your toddler observe. With the hot glue gun, assemble the Popsicle sticks in a web looking shape. To do that, overlap and glue two Popsicle sticks together making an X shape. Then glue on another two until it looks like a star shape. Together with your toddler use the liquid glue to stick the white string onto the Popsicle sticks going in a circle. Once it is dried, add some glue on top of the string and have your toddler tear apart the cotton balls and adding it on top of the glued areas. Continue this step until you both have reached your desired look. Finally with the hot glue gun add the fake spider. You can hang these around using some more string or they can be placed around the table. If you do not want to add the fake spider then you can use them as coasters.

  1. Boney friends

Materials Needed: Black construction paper, White paint, Googly eyes, Paint brush, Liquid glue and Q-Tips.

With hand over hand guide and paint a skeleton face with your toddler on the black construction paper. Once it dries glue down the eyes. Then hand over hand guide and add some glue to the black paper and have your toddler place the Q-Tips where they want it to be. It doesn’t have to be perfect as the finish product can look like the skeleton is broken into many pieces.

  1. Oh my Bats!

Materials Needed: Empty toilet paper roll, Black paint, Paint brush, Googly eyes, Black construction paper, Tape or Liquid glue.

This is a very cute activity to do with your toddler. First trace your toddler’s hands onto the black construction paper and cut them out. Then together paint the empty toilet paper roll and let it sit to dry. Once it is dried, tape or glue the hand prints onto the painted toilet paper roll to be the bat’s wings. Glue the googly eyes with your toddler and create the mouth with a different colored paint or construction paper.


There are hundreds of other simple and fun Halloween art activities you can find on Google to do with toddlers, if none of these appeal to you. Overall, plan your activities around your toddler’s interest. Remember the simpler the better as toddlers do not have a long attention span and can lose interest easily. Your creative decorations will not only be a conversation starter but it’s a personal touch to your Halloween party.

Until next time…. Happy Spooking!


About the Author

Karen Braga graduated from Sheridan College with an Early Childhood Education Diploma. She worked with children for about five years before expanding her skills in Administration. Karen is a loving Godmother/Auntie to one. Karen is passionate and knowledgeable about Halloween. Combined with her ECE background and passion on Halloween, she has recently become an expert writer on the topic for mom blogger, Momma Braga. Karen hopes by sharing her knowledge, tips and tricks, she can help families enjoy this holiday.

Scary, Silly or Pretty….OH MY Pumpkins!

Special Guest Post

By: Karen Braga
Twitter: @Karenbabydoll22

Pumpkins also known as Jack O’ Lanterns are often used during the month of October. Whether it’s to decorate the dinner table for Thanksgiving or to put it on your porch for Halloween; pumpkins have been a tradition for many years. There are hundreds of different ways you can decorate or carve your pumpkin, I will name just a few of my favorites that work best for toddlers.

Buying a Pumpkin

Pumpkins come in different sizes and prices. Just like Christmas when many families go out to find that perfect tree, Halloween can just be as exciting to pick the perfect pumpkin for your home. Your typical large size pumpkin can be anywhere from $3.00 (CDN) to $6.00 (CDN) at your local store and your tiny pumpkins can be anywhere from $0.89 (CDN) to $1.00 (CDN). When buying a pumpkin with your toddler, have them see the different sizes and have them help you pick one.


However, if you and your family have a free Saturday afternoon, I recommend going to the pumpkin patch farm. They have a variety of activities that children and toddlers can do such as picking a pumpkin, hay rides, decorating your pumpkin, etc. Some great ones to check out would be (in no particular order): Downey’s Farm Market,  Springridge Farm, and Warner Ranch Pumpkin Farm. These ones are located in Ontario, Canada but you can always google to see what pumpkin farms might be in your area.

Personalizing Your Pumpkin

Decorating a pumpkin can be hard work, messy but nevertheless a lot of fun. You can make your pumpkin into a super hero, scary monster or even sparkle like a princess.

Here are my top five easy ways to decorate your pumpkin with your toddler:

1. Sticky but no mess!

For my niece, who was one at the time, I carved the face and opened the top part of the pumpkin in front of her. This way she got to see the process. Once I finished carving the pumpkin’s face, I had placed the pumpkin in front of her and encouraged her to help me take out the pumpkin seeds. Toddlers learn a lot through their senses and this step is great sensory play for them. Unfortunately, she did not like the feeling of the gooey pumpkin seeds, so she watched as I took them out. Now came the fun part for her! I got a bunch of different Halloween themed stickers from my local dollar store to put on the pumpkin as her special touch. She had a blast doing it and yet it was very simple to do.


2. Sparkle like a Princess

This idea is not only very simple but also very pretty. All you need is some glue, glitter and jewel accessories. First and for most make sure you have a good size working space that is laid out with some newspaper. This next step is optional, you can choose to cut out the top of the pumpkin and take out the seeds or you can leave the pumpkin in tacked with no openings. Next wipe down your pumpkin with a damp cloth and then with a dry one, so you have a clean surface to work with. With hand over hand guide your toddler with the brush and add some glue to the pumpkin (work from top to bottom) and work in small patches. Then again with hand over hand shake the glitter bottle over the glued areas. Repeat these steps until you have the whole pumpkin covered. To add some jewels have your toddler choose the ones that they would like to use and have them hand it to you as you hot glue it on the pumpkin. Once completed let it sit for about 20 minutes then spray the pumpkin with hair spray to prevent the glitter from coming off. Then it’s ready to sit for decoration.

3. Thanksgiving/Halloween flower pot

Toddlers love bright colors and different things to touch. This pumpkin is super easy to do but will also be beautiful to have around the house. First cut off the top part of the pumpkin and remove all seeds. Put a round bowl or fish bowl in the pumpkin with water. Together with your toddler pick some fall colored flowers from a super market and put them in the bowl of water. Your pumpkin now looks like a vase for your flowers.

4. Art attack

This activity can be messy but a LOT of fun for both you and your toddler. First you need to place your pumpkin on some newspaper. I recommend to wear either old clothes or an apron because this one is all about painting! You and your toddler could either paint with brushes or with your fingers but either way it’s a personal touch that will make your pumpkin one of a kind. Whether you choose to carve the pumpkin ahead of time or just have a full pumpkin intact, your toddler will have a blast mixing colors of paint on the pumpkin. If your toddler is into superheroes, paint or cut out some eyes and then paint on a mask on your pumpkin.

5. Tissue Paper Creative

For this one all you need is glue, tissue paper and scissors (for you of course). Ask your toddler how they want the pumpkins face to look like, for example; happy, scary, or sad. After you create the face they have picked, carve it out and remove the seeds. Have your toddler choose the color of tissue papers they want to work with and then cut some shapes out with that paper. Together, hand over hand place some glue with your brush over some areas on the pumpkin. Then have your toddler put the tissue paper on the glued areas. You can add some more glue on top of these pieces if it seems like it’s not sticking right away. Repeat steps until your toddler is done decorating the pumpkin. To add more creativity you can glue on some Halloween eye balls or foam shapes found at your local dollar store.

Remember that toddlers love sensory play and they can get a lot of that with pumpkins. They can even help you wash the pumpkin seeds and add some seasoning with you for some yummy baking.


Until next time… Happy spooking!


About the Author

Karen Braga graduated from Sheridan College with an Early Childhood Education Diploma. She worked with children for about five years before expanding her skills in Administration. Karen is a loving Godmother/Auntie to one. Karen is passionate and knowledgeable about Halloween. Combined with her ECE background and passion on Halloween, she has recently become an expert writer on the topic for mom blogger, Momma Braga. Karen hopes by sharing her knowledge, tips and tricks, she can help families enjoy this holiday.


Introducing Halloween to Your Toddler

Special Guest Post

By: Karen Braga
Twitter: @Karenbabydoll22

Ah Halloween, my favorite time of the year! The one time where you can dress up as anything you want, get free candy and see all the creative pumpkins. However, we never stop to think that Halloween can be a very confusing holiday for children.

First off, children see it as a day where there is a lot of scary monsters around and despite the fact that we teach children not to take candy from strangers, this day is an exception. So one might say how do we prepare our toddlers for Halloween?

Sweet Pea meet Halloween

Stores typically start to display their Halloween decorations in late August. However, I suggest starting the conversation with your toddler in late September and walk with them to see the Halloween décor in the stores.


What I did with my niece was talk about Halloween during the month of September. I talked about pumpkins, witches, candy, fall colors and masks. Even though masks can be quite scary, I explained in the best way I can that underneath the mask was a person. I also played some of my favorite Halloween songs and had a little dance party with her.


Now it was time for me to introduce her to Halloween decorations so I took her to Walmart. When we got there I started by talking about the decorations that were displayed and had her touch some of them. When we came across the “scary” décor like scarecrows, Halloween masks or even the fake hands, I told her that it was ok and there was nothing to be scared of. To earn her trust I touched the decorations myself and even made some jokes with them that made her laugh. She got more comfortable and walking past them was a breeze.


There are also other Halloween stores that only open for the holiday. One of my favorite Halloween stores is Spirit Halloween, they have a large selection of costumes and decorations, but I also love the fact that they collect donations for sick kids to give them a special Halloween. I was itching to introduce that store to my niece; nevertheless I know how scary some of the masks and displays can be, so I had to think of a way on how I could still take her inside.

First, I visited my nearest location and took a look around. Now that I knew what was inside, I would be able to control and guide her in having a positive experience in the store. However, oftentimes children show interest in things we typically wouldn’t think they would be and not to mention that sometimes things don’t go as planned. For example, when you walk in the entrance of the store there is a medium size display with electronic decorations; such as moving clowns, mean looking dogs and skeletons. However they only “come to life” once you step or push the button. I was planning on skipping that display all together when to my surprise my niece wanted to see it. She seemed to be fine as she was waving hi to the electronic decorations. Before anyone could push the button I redirected her to the other Halloween decorations so that she didn’t get scared. She showed some interest and didn’t seem to be scared as I used some humor to help ease any fear she may have had.


In conclusion, small talks and trips can help your toddler understand the holiday a little better. The goal is not only for them to acknowledge and understand the holiday but also not to be scared of it. Remember that all children react to things differently so please don’t force your toddler to see things they do not like. Follow their lead in interest and if they are not ready to explore the decorations then that is ok as long as you explained what Halloween is all about.

Until next time……..Happy Spooking!


About the Author

Karen Braga graduated from Sheridan College with an Early Childhood Education Diploma. She worked with children for about five years before expanding her skills in Administration. Karen is a loving Godmother/Auntie to one. Karen is passionate and knowledgeable about Halloween. Combined with her ECE background and passion on Halloween, she has recently become an expert writer on the topic for mom blogger, Momma Braga. Karen hopes by sharing her knowledge, tips and tricks, she can help families enjoy this holiday.