Twinkle After Dark Tickles Our Hearts Red With Christmas Joy

‘Twas the night before Twinkle After Dark and visions of dazzling lights danced in our heads.
The anticipation was building on what we would see there.

As soon as we arrived, the lights were shining bright.
With a warm hot chocolate in hand, we braced the cool night.

Every display glowed beautifully with the Christmas melody filling the air. You can’t help but embrace the feeling of the holiday spirit that was there!
– Momma Braga

Twinkle After Dark

The amazing creators of Pumpkins After Dark have come back to Country Heritage Park with one of my favorite seasons, CHRISTMAS!

Twinkle After Dark is an outdoor walk-through holiday event for the entire family. As you walk through the path, you will be awe-inspired by the larger-than-life displays, tunnels and immersive scenes. You can’t help in singing along to classic and staple Christmas songs.

Did we mention that Santa is there too?! We know him! 😉

Photo Credit: Lil Babe Accessories

Enjoy the thousands of lights, historic buildings, holiday projections, festive music and main street! Don’t forget to grab a hot beverage and other treats that wait for you on your journey through a magical Christmas experience.


Twinkle After Dark is a must-see experience for the entire family. It is a great way to bond as a family and get into the Christmas spirit by enjoying a stroll through the beautiful Country Heritage Park.

My family and I had an amazing time at this event! It was amazing to see the hard work that went into each display and the coordination in picking the perfect songs for each section. Bravo! We rate our experience 5 Twinkling Lights out of 5!

Momma Braga Highlights

One of my favorites (and Nikki too) was the Christmas light bulbs! The timing with the music was perfection and a must see. Make sure not to miss it! Another favorite of mine was the very big snowmen. I named them Frosty and Frostina. 🙂

Nikki’s favorite was the Eiffel Tower as it made her feel like she was in Paris. Nikki got to put her learning of structures to use when seeing the Eiffel Tower too – education opportunity!

The experience felt magically from the moment we stepped foot on the path. The best part was seeing how excited my daughter and goddaughter were through the whole stroll. To see the true spirit of Christmas, it is always best to see from a child’s eyes. I got to see it again as a kid and for that I am truly thankful.

Other Important Event Details

Twinkle After Dark is running from November 24 to December 28, 2022 at Country Heritage Park located at 8560 Tremaine Road in Milton. There is lots of free parking available at the park which is such a great bonus.

Tickets are best to purchase in advance as you can pick a date and time. You can purchase them online.

We are very excited about the bring your pet nights which will be every Thursday after 8 PM. If you are interested in brining your furry family members, you can! We just LOVE this and feel it is important to include all family members.

You can visit Santa at his house, and you can bring your Santa letters for his special mailbox. This is always the happiest moments for the kiddies.

Remember to dress warmly and enjoy it. The stroll can take 45 minutes to an hour. If you like to embrace all the beauty around you like I do, allocate at least an hour. 🙂

Embrace the Christmas spirit by visiting Twinkle After Dark as we did, and we loved it! Take lots of photos to capture all your memories, we only gave a little sneak peek to what you can expect.

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

-Momma Braga

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