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Combination Locks: How Safer Are They?

Property owners explore a variety of locking mechanisms that will protect their homes and valuables. For a homeowner or business owner, one lock style may not present the best choice for all installations. Combination locks present a degree of difficulty for younger adults and teens, but skilled criminals may get through them. However, today, the combination locks are not the same traditional dial locks that most people are used to.

There is a greater variety of combination lock styles that accommodate different purposes. Homeowners and businesses could find brilliant choices among these locks, but then again, they may seek alternatives for certain installations to get maximum protection.

Types of Combination Locks

With combination locks, there is an assortment of types that accommodate a variety of purposes. The traditional dial combination locks are often used for safes, and the smaller version is designed for school or gym lockers. Bike locks are designed like combination locks, and the owner must turn the dials to a specific number combination to open the lock.

Combination door locks require the property owner to press the numbers in a specific sequence to disengage the lock and open the door. Property owners can learn more about the different types of combination locks by looking for locksmith services now.

Using a Combination Lock for Your Entry Doors

The combination locks for entry doors are effective in keeping intruders out of the property. It is not an electronic lock and doesn’t require electricity to open the doors. The owner presses the numbers in the sequence set up by the locksmith. The door lock will not disengage if the owner or others do not press the numbers in the correct sequence.

The door locks are effective, and the property owner can get their locksmith to change the combination if they suspect that someone knows the sequence. However, unless someone is within close proximity to the property owner when they press the numbers, it is highly unlikely that they will break into the home. A locksmith could help avoid potential risks to the property owner and their family.

Using the Combination Locks for Your Bikes

Bike owners must keep their bikes safer when they park them during an outing. Some consumers have opted to ride bikes in their local areas instead of driving to do their part to improve the atmosphere. However, with this choice, they must find better ways to protect their bike and prevent theft. Combination locks for bicycles provide a great way to prevent theft.

The combination locks are connected to a long tube of thick cable that goes through one of the wheels or around the handlebars. The combination locks are secured together with a locking mechanism that requires the owner to turn the numbers in the proper sequence. They receive a four-digital code for the lock, and the numbers must line up to open the lock and release the bike.

The tubing is protected by thick rubber that is difficult to cut or break. This gives the bike owner a great advantage and prevents thieves from cutting the cable to release the bike and bypass the combination locks. The cable is wrapped tightly around the bike to make it difficult to pull the bike away from a bike rack.

It locks into place after the bike owner connects the cable to the bike rack. Bike racks are located at most public places to give bike owners a place to park their bikes safely. With the locks, they won’t have to worry about a financial loss.

Options for Protecting Your Valuables

A wall safe is a terrific choice for hiding and securing valuables in a home and preventing a major loss during a home invasion. Typically, a wall safe is installed into the wall and hidden behind a panel. Homeowners may also place art or a cabinet door in front of the safe to prevent easy detection.

A dial combination lock is a more traditional choice for the safe. However, the combination lock is only as safe as the lack of knowledge that criminals have. A skilled criminal that is familiar with the combination locks won’t face difficulty getting into the safe.

In comparison, a digital lock would be a better choice because, if the criminal doesn’t know the digital code, they cannot get into the safe. If the criminal cuts the power, the digital locks won’t work. Property owners must compare the pros and cons of each selection to determine what option is best suited for their needs.

Are They Better for a Locker?

Students need combination locks for their locks, and many adults that go to public gyms will also need the locker locks. Since they keep everyday items and their wallet or purse in the locker, it is necessary for them to use a lock that will prevent access. Combination locks are a safe choice for these lockers instead of digital locks. Since the user won’t need to secure the same items every day, the combination lock will be a terrific choice, and they won’t need a more complicated locking mechanism for the locker.

Keeping Firearms Locked Away

Firearms must remain secured in the home and away from children. A combination lock is a more traditional choice for gun cabinets, or the homeowner may choose a keyed lock. Each of these lock choices is not adequate for a gun safe. The safest choice for the gun cabinet is a bio-lock that requires the homeowner’s fingerprints to open it.

Property owners must make sound choices when it comes to locking mechanisms. A lock that is great for a locker or bike may not be the best choice for an entry door or a safe. When choosing the right locks, the home and business owners must consider maintenance, difficulties when using, and how well the lock keeps intruders out or away from their property. Combination locks have come a long way, and they are not just dial locks. The products could present a strong choice to keep valuables safer for all property owners.


Mealtimes Without The Mess With Tidy Tot Canada

Mealtimes with little ones can get messy at times (ok I will admit all the time). We have all seen the mess that is left on the table, floor and even on the child themselves. However, what if I told you that it doesn’t need to be like that anymore?!

We at Momma Braga are very excited to introduce you all to Tidy Tot Canada! They have a solution that can help with mealtime mess and that is the coverall bibs.

What is so awesome about this product is that they have coverall bibs for the different stages of your weaning journey. From early weaning to toddler feeding and on-the-go.

Stage One Weaning – Tidy Tot Bib and Tray Kit

This stage is for children up to two years of age. All you need to do is attach the bib to the tray for no more gaps between your baby and highchair and to keep food well within baby’s reach. This is the only kit to be certified 100% food safe.

  • Fully waterproof long sleeved bib attaches to tray for no more gaps!
  • Protects baby, floor and highchair from food mess and spills.
  • Tidy Tot Tray is just wider than babies arm span preventing food being dropped to the floor.
  • Easy to clean. Machine washable.
  • Comes in wipe clean travel pouch for easy storage.
  • BPA free, Phthalate free and food safe.
  • Compatible with highchairs and booster seats.

Stage Two Feeding – Tidy Tot Long Length Coverall Bib

When you no longer regularly need the full protection by the Tidy Tot Bib and Tray Kit, the next stage is the Tidy Tot Long Length Coverall. This is ideal for toddlers up to three years old. This bib is one of the longest coverall bibs on the market giving full protection from food and messy play.

  • Large crumb catcher pocket to catch dropped food with side fastening poppers to make for easy cleaning – just open the poppers and scoop out the mess.
  • Water-resistant, lightweight and durable.
  • Comes with travel purse.
  • 360-degree protection from mess with long sleeves and full cover fastening at the back.
  • Easy clean, machine washable.
  • Fun unisex print that appeals to inquisitive toddlers.

Tidy Tot Disposable Coverall Bib- On the Go Mealtimes

This is great for families on-the-go and it is great for children up to two years of age.

  • Long sleeves and unique patent pending design keeps little ones clean from head to toe when eating out.
  • Essential for travel, holidays and meals out.
  • Resealable strip at the bottom of the bib sticks to table or highchair – no more gaps!
  • Waterproof.
  • Made from recyclable materials.
  • Resealable Twin Pack for easy storage – two bibs per pack.


We at Momma Braga are very lucky as we have amazing testers to try out products that we receive and in this review we got my goddaughter, Adriana who is one years old. We got Adriana to try the Tidy Tot Bib and Tray Kit by Tidy Tot Canada.

Adriana’s mom tried it out and completely fell in love with Tidy Tot. “This is SO amazing! We love it!” stated Adriana’s mom after the first use. Best part is that Adriana didn’t mind it at all and the mess truly stayed contained which made clean up faster and easier.

Adriana’s mom also mentioned to us that the Tidy Tot Bib and Tray Kit is especially great when rice or spaghetti is served for dinner. “It gets REALLY messy! But the Tidy Tot Bib and Tray Kit made it so much better”, she stated. We call this a parent win!

Adriana enjoying the little bit that is left from her rice dinner and look at how clean everything looks!

We love how Tidy Tot is making life easier for parents especially during mealtimes! Now these great coverall bibs are not just great for mealtimes but also great for creative play. The coverall bib fully protects their clothing from paints and spills whilst the tray provides a secure, self-contained (and wipe clean!) surface, and keeping any mess well away from the floor. So time to get creative with your little one! 😉

Therefore, for this #MelAndNikkiReview we give Tidy Tot Canada 10 stars out of 5! We love it and it has received thumbs up from our tester, Adriana which is the highest compliment you could possibly get. 😉 There are so many great benefits for your little one to use Tidy Tots and of course the benefits for parents is the peace of mind of a safe product that makes mealtimes less messier.

If you would like to purchase one of the Tidy Tot Canada products, please click here. You will love it too!

Special thank you to Adriana and her mom for testing out this product for us as we really appreciate their honest feedback.

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

-Momma Braga

*The Tidy Tot Bib & Tray Kit in Dove Grey was provided in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are our own.

Mimos Pillows Changing The Baby World

Many parents have not heard of Plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome) which is a surprise but one that I would like to bring to light.

According to The Baby Centre, Plagiocephaly is a condition that causes a baby’s head to have a flat spot (flat head syndrome) or be misshapen. The most common form is positional plagiocephaly. It occurs when a baby’s head develops a flat spot due to pressure on that area. Babies are vulnerable as their skulls are soft and pliable when they’re born.

Positional plagiocephaly typically develops after birth when babies spend time in a position that puts pressure on one part of the skull. As babies spend so much time lying on their back, for example, they may develop a flat spot where their head presses against the mattress.

What many parents also don’t know is that there is a way to prevent Plagiocephaly which comes in a form of a pillow. I am delighted to introduce you to Mimos Pillows Canada.

About the Mimos Pillow

In 2007 Electronic Engineer David Verde and his wife, Molecular Biologist Yin Chen Law of Spain, noticed their three month old baby had an abnormal head shape. When their son was 5 months old their baby’s flat head worsened. They eventually went through the agonizing and very expensive process of getting their son an orthopedic helmet. The initial casting of the helmet was very upsetting for their son and after two months of treatment their son had dermatitis, redness and broken skin. There had to be a better way. It was at that moment that the idea for the Mimos Pillow was born!

Now a Class 1 Medical Device in Canada, their mission at Mimos Pillow Canada is to lower the astounding 47% of babies that develop cranial deformities (flat-head syndrome). The Mimos Pillow is the only medical baby pillow recommended by health professionals around the world and thoroughly tested for safety by international laboratories (breathability, anti-suffocation and the risk of CO2 rebreathing).

What Does Mimos Pillows Do?

The Mimos Pillow both prevents and corrects positional skull deformities. It is recommended for all babies from the newborn stage onwards to help avoid flat spots altogether by pediatricians and neurosurgeons and is available in 25 countries around the world.

Here is a great video on how Mimos Pillows work.

#MelandNikkiReview on Mimos Pillows

We had an opportunity to review this product in person and we are thrilled that we did! The pillow is perfect for a baby’s developing head and the material is breathable, comfortable and soft. It is easy to care for as it can be cleaned and it dries quickly. It is a compact size which can make it easy to transport with. The Mimos Pillow allows the head to grow normally and round out to its natural shape. The best part of this pillow is that it prevents and also corrects flat head. In my books that is amazing just in itself. We give Mimos Pillow 5+++ ZZZZZ’s out of 5 and they have just been added to our recommended list.

This would make a great gift to an expecting parent or if you are expecting we do recommend this product. For Momma Braga readers, there is a special promotion available to you. Enter code MommaBraga under ‘discount’ for $10 OFF on your purchase (click here). You definitely don’t want to miss out on this chance to buy a Mimos Pillow for your little one.

This isn’t the last that you hear about Mimos Pillow Canada as we got an exclusive interview with the people behind the Canadian business of it. You won’t want to miss this article coming soon!

In the meantime, check out Mimos Pillow Canada on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

– Momma Braga