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A Family Assistant In An App

Ever feel that life just gets so busy with work, kids and life?! What if you had a personal assistant to keep you organized, productive, and connected. Sounds like a dream come true?

Let me introduce you to Picniic, an app that acts as your personal assistant. It keeps families organized, productive, and connected by bringing all your activities, tasks, and data together in one shared place.

Keeping myself organized is something that I love to do and when I heard about this app I was thrilled. We have been using the app for a few weeks now and we love it!

There are so many features on it to really help keep things more structured and organized. So what kind of features does this one app offer?

  • Shared  family calendar
  • Assign to-dos, lists, and chores
  • Family news feed
  • Store your own custom recipes
  • Search online recipes
  • Meal planner
  • Real-time family locator
  • Custom ‘places’ for family check-ins
  • Encrypted family info locker
  • Birthdays and anniversaries
  • Upload and share your family photos
  • Powerful calendar importing and subscriptions
  • Subscribe to your family calendar at work
  • Easily import info from other organizers

Our family used many of the features above and it was easy to use and extremely helpful in keeping us organized. Picniic provides all the tools parents need to manage everyday family life in one central location that can be accessed and updated by anyone in the family.

As a special promotion to Momma Braga readers, you can download the app for a 30-day free trial to all the Premium features of Picniic.

Platforms that you can download on are:

Here are some simple instructions on how to sign up:

  1. Log on to https://picniic.com/signin/

  2. Create an account using PROMO CODE: BLCAMB

  3. Enjoy effortless family management with Picniic

Make sure to follow Picniic on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Blog, and Facebook to see what they are up to next. 🙂

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

-Momma Braga


Kidloland Brings Learning Fun To Children With Their Adorable App

When we have to commute long distances or waiting at the doctor’s office, we always reach for the tablet to entertain our daughter. Usually her go to app is YouTube kids where she watches other kids play with toys or she watches one of her favorite shows. Even though she is entertained, she isn’t learning much besides what toy she would like next.

Therefore, when I was approached by KidloLand to review their app, I just had to check it out. We were provided with a three month subscription in exchange for a #MelandNikkiReview.

We downloaded the app on my Android phone and my daughter has since been using it for two weeks now as we really wanted to see everything that it had to offer.

KidloLand is an app for toddler and kids under the age of five. On this app there are several different features that help kids learn ABCs, animals, fruits, vegetables, shapes, seasons, occupations, weather and more with the help of 1000+ interactive nursery rhymes, songs, stories and educational activities.

There is definitely A LOT  to explore and learn for your little one. Nikki’s favorites has been coloring time as she loves coloring the butterflies and then seeing them fly away (super cute to hear her say, “Fly Butterfly”). Nikki has also loved Chomping Monsters Adventure which is an interactive game full of learning. She really loves this one and giggles every time she gets something right which is so nice to see. There are a few more that she enjoys such as the nursery rhymes, and other games and activities.

This app is great as it allows kids to play games and not even know that they are learning as they play. The activities that are offered on this app help develop a child’s pre-math skills, sequencing skills, picture and number comprehension, problem solving skills, build memory and develop their imagination and creativity. So much and all on an app!

We give KidloLand 4.5 stars out of 5 as it offers a lot of opportunities for fun and learning. It is child friendly and safe which I am sure many parents are going to love the best. The games and activities do require to be downloaded first in order to be used without access to WiFi. We recommend to do this in order to avoid using up phone data and also know that the downloads do take up space so do keep that in mind. Overall, it is a great app that your child will love to play. My daughter constantly asks to play with the app now and is learning in leaps which gets the approval rating from Momma Braga.

If you would like to give the app a try you can download it for a free trial:

If you love it as much as we do, you can then become a paid subscriber.

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

-Momma Braga