A Mother’s Milestone: First Birthdays

Birthdays are a form of celebration to honor the day that we were born. Some love birthday celebrations and some may not enjoy them as much as it depends on how you see numbers. 😉

My favorite birthdays to celebrate are my daughter’s birthdays as to me it is the most important day for me as a mother. This is why every year, I do my best to give her the most memorable birthdays which she has remembered every single one. With the exception of her first birthday as who can remember their first birthday?! However, with the beautiful photos that my uncle took on that special day, it is easy to go back to remember it.

With first birthdays, many wonder why it is even important to celebrate it since the child won’t even remember. I understand the theory behind it as a potential guest but as a mother, the first birthday is the most important milestone to celebrate.

Here is why first birthdays are a mother’s milestone.

Year of Love

For the first time or fourth time (depending on how many children you have), your new baby is that tiny little human that you fell in love with before you even met them.

That first year is full of unconditional love even in the moments that you felt you wouldn’t be able to make it through the day. However, when that tiny little baby looks into your eyes, that love blooms in spades. As a mother, you have invested so much unconditional love without giving it a second thought and making it to that first year milestone is an accomplishment of that year of love.

Year of Learning

The first year there is so much learning for both mother and baby.  You learn to read your baby’s ques and follow your gut and heart in your baby’s care. In that year, you also learn to try your best to ignore all the unsolicited advice. Believe me, there is tons! All done with good intentions; however, not taken that way by an exhausted mom.

It is amazing how that one year, you learn so much about your baby, life and most importantly about yourself. You grow tremendously and not just as a mom but as a person.

Year of Survival

Let us be honest, it truly is a year of survival especially if it is your first. I remember how hard my first year was as a mother. The countless sleepless nights, drinking cold coffee, and rushing in the shower to make sure you smell at least decent were some of my survival events.  At times I felt more like a mombie (A mother who is consumed by raising her children to the point of being sleep-deprived).

Every baby and journey is different for everyone. Not one is the same. However, the adjustment to motherhood is one that all need to take some time to adjust to.  Survival is key and after the first year, it truly is something to celebrate!

Love, Learning and Survival are the key ingredients to a mother’s milestone. It is one that allows mothers to reflect on the first year. It is a celebration of all the love and sacrifices a mother makes. Remember though that a mother does not stop after the first year as our job never ends. So why not celebrate that first milestone and accomplishment.

When a baby turns one, I am the one congratulating the parents first as they survived that crucial year. I am also the one that is letting them know that new challenges await ahead and patience is required.

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

-Momma Braga

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