Aqua-Tots Swim School Is Coming To Kanata

Aqua-Tots Swim Schools have been delivering crafted swimming programs for children in over 120 swim schools worldwide. The swimming lessons teach children of all ages and abilities how to be safe in and around the water to become water-smart from the start.

We have been members of the Aqua-Tots Swim Schools and we have loved every session we have been a part of. This is why we are delighted to announce that a new location is opening up mid-summer in Kanata, Ottawa.

Since we are Aqua-Fans, we got an exclusive interview with the team at Aqua-Tots Kanata to get to learn about the new location.

  1. What can families expect from Aqua-Tots Kanata?

Life with kids is often busy with complex scheduling requirements. Knowing this, Aqua-Tots Kanata has each family’s needs at the forefront of the experience.

With an ongoing enrolment model (versus being session based), parents and caregivers have the flexibility of registering their children into swim lessons at their convenience year-round. Additionally, lessons are offered in low ratio group classes (4:1), semi-private or private formats and children can attend swim classes one or more days a week. Siblings of various ages also benefit from being able to attend their respective classes on the same day(s) and at similar times. This way your child’s swim lesson schedule is completely customizable to your family’s needs. And when life throws a curve ball, Aqua-Tots Kanata offers an unlimited make-up policy.

Aqua-Tots Kanata is purpose-built with the safety and comfort of families and children in mind. All lessons run in the heated, inground pool and are taught by Aqua-Tots certified instructors. Since safety is of paramount importance, the pool contains built in water benches with motion-reducing lane ropes to optimize learning. All lessons are taught in small teaching zones with child-friendly teaching tools, which maximize engagement and skill retention.

While kids learn a life skill in a clean and bright environment parents can sit back and relax on comfy chairs in the viewing lounge area with floor to ceiling windows.  The school is equipped with family-friendly changing rooms which will be sanitized on an ongoing basis.  And because being in-the-know about your child’s progress is important to all parents, Aqua-Tots Kanata provides progress reports online as well as verbal feedback at the end of every lesson.

The team at Aqua-Tots Kanata believes that learning how to swim is a life skill that every child should have the ability to learn. Aqua-Tots provides a flexible, inclusive, comfortable, and safe learning environment in order to help each child achieve their swim goals.

  1. What makes your swimming program unique in your community?

Aqua-Tots Kanata is a small, local family business, owned and operated by a family of lifelong swimmers, Rebecca and Josh. With a history in competitive swimming and as parents, Rebecca and Josh understand the importance of teaching children safety in and around water. Their passion for teaching and swimming is backed by the proven Aqua-Tots curriculum taught globally to children for 30 years. Rebecca’s and Josh’s seasoned experience coupled with the Aqua-Tots curriculum, makes Aqua-Tots Kanata the ideal learning environment for all children.

In addition to the unlimited make-up policy, the clean and bright learning environment, Aqua-Tots Kanata also offers customizable swim lesson plans to meet every family’s needs. Families can register their children to attend lessons multiple days a week. For maximum progression, the team at Aqua-Tots Kanata recommend attending twice per week. Learning to swim is similar to learning to ride a bike, repetition is key to boost both confidence and skill retention.

As parents, Aqua-Tots Kanata also understands that each child learns at their own pace and that some children may experience a bit of anxiety around water at first. The Aqua-Tots “Turn Tears into Cheers” program is designed to support hesitant swimmers, and equip them with the tools needed to become comfortable and happy swimmers.

Aqua-Tots Kanata is committed to creating an inclusive environment for swimmers of various abilities. Their Special Needs Aquatics Program (SNAP), provides customized swim lessons to meet the individual needs of every child. It’s also designed to address the specific goals the parent would like their child to achieve.

In addition to the SNAP program, Aqua-Tots Kanata will also offer Swim Club and Swim Team services. These add-on programs will act as a stepping stone for goal-orientated advanced swimmers toward competitive swim programs.

  1. How can families sign up? Is there a process in place on how to sign up?

Enrolment is now open! To begin your swim journey, email You can also learn more about the program by visiting and following them on Facebook and Instagram.

  1. Anything else you would like to add about the exciting grand opening?  

With a mid-summer opening, Aqua-Tots Kanata invites families with swimmers who have had swim lessons in the past to test out the waters by booking a free trial class with skill assessment. Each 30-minute complimentary trial class will help to determine each swimmer’s abilities, which will aid with placement within one of the eight Aqua-Tots swim levels.

To learn more about registering or booking a free trial class email or call 613-801-9100

A Parent’s Perspective on Aqua-Benefits

We love and believe in the programs that are offered by Aqua-Tots Swim Schools.

Here are the reasons why we love them:

  • Great programs that are tailored to babies, toddlers and children to help them gain the skills needed to swim. The proven curriculum allows each child to learn at their own pace.
  • Flexible schedules available for families which is so great for working families or with busy schedules.
  • Clean and safe environment. They are extremely clean and have safety always in mind. As a parent, it is important to learn about your swim school’s safety procedure.
  • Caring instructors and staff members who make you feel like a part of the Aqua-Tots family.
  • It’s fun! Your child learns and has fun at the same time.

The benefits of learning to swim for your child are truly priceless and a life changing experience!

You don’t just belong to a class or school; you belong to a family at Aqua-Tots. That is a feeling that cannot be duplicated anywhere else.

A special heartfelt thank you to the Aqua-Tots Kanata team for giving us the inside scoop and sneak peek of the new location.

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

– Momma Braga

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