5 Tips to Help Your Child Improve Reading Skills

Reading is an important skill for children to grasp and for some this skill may come quickly. While others may require a bit more practice. Whether your child is a star reader or struggling, it is important to foster a love for reading in the home to help all types of readers.

As parents we want the best for our children and sometimes we are unsure how we can help them. There are no set tips on how to have every child reading at a star level as every child learns differently. But we can help them the best way we can.

Here are five tips that have helped us on our love to reading journey.

Bedtime Reading

Every night we encouraged a bedtime story since Nikki was very young. At least 20 minutes a night helps children grasp the reading skill or bug as we liked to call it. Our bedtime routine always consisted of a story or two and sometimes even three. As we would read the stories, we would point to the words so that our little one can start to recognize the words as we go along.

Educational Tools

There are so many wonderful educational tools in the toy market that can really help your little one grasp reading.

LeapStart® 3D is one that we loved using! It is a complete learning system that magically brings books to life with audio and then enhances the learning with corresponding 3D-like animations. Nikki loved using the pen to go over the words as it helped her learn and grasp the sounds of each letter. We found this tool instrumental in helping us with reading.

Another great tool from LeapFrog to check out is the LeapStart Go System as it engages kids through books, video and audio that reinforces learning and helps kids better understand concepts.

Online Resources

The digital age brings us other options and resources as well. One program that we have loved so much especially during online learning has been Raz Kids. Last year and this  year, our school has given us access to this incredible tool that we have enjoyed using.

Raz Kids allows children to learn at their pace. Each level has a number of tasks to complete before going to the next level. Your child first picks a book to listen to, then they can read and finally there are questions to respond to that allows children to remember the book that they read. Kids are awarded stars with each completed task and then they can use these stars to customize their rocket and robot. I think that is Nikki’s favorite part! As a parent it allows me to see her progress through the levels.

Flash Cards

Flash cards is an amazing tool to use especially ones with sight words. They truly helped us in taking Nikki to the next level with her reading. I purchased ones from my local Walmart and I bought two different levels. If you are unable to purchase flash cards, you can create them at home.

One activity that we did at home was a memory game with sight words. We cut out paper into card sizes and wrote sight words on them. Of course we did the same word twice to make it a matching memory game. 😉 It was a lot of fun and as each card is turned, your child needs to read and then find the matching word. It worked wonders!

Create Your Own Library

There is something magically with having a book at your fingertips. The feel and even smell of a new book is an experience all on it’s own. For us, the hardcopy of the book is what makes reading so much more enjoyable.

We have our very own library with books that Nikki loves the very best. We have Nikki choose which books she wants for her library and we find that when she picks them, they mean more to her. This allows her to being full invested and interested in the books she has. It also encourages her to pick them up and try to read them herself. Having access to these books helps develop and grow her love for reading.

If you would like some book ideas, check out our #MelAndNikkiReviews as we have some great choices to see.

During special occasions, we select our favorite books and keep them on our book shelf for easy access.

These five tips helped our family in our reading journey and we continue to use these skills to keep improving.  Just remember to take it one step at a time and just enjoy the reading moments. Celebrate each progress and encourage the love of reading.

To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark. – Victor Hugo

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

-Momma Braga



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