Key Signs You May Be Pregnant and Not Even Know It Yet

You’ve been married for two years now. You admit that being married to the person you love is one of the happiest times of your life. And now that you already tied the knot, you’re looking forward to achieving another milestone in your life – to have kids. You think that when you have one, your marriage will be stronger and you can finally have a family of your own. But as a mother, there are also certain responsibilities you should meet, one of it being able to take care of your baby during the first weeks of conception. What you will do to your body during this time will have a great impact on your baby’s health. This is the reason why you should determine the early signs of pregnancy. If not, how else can you take good care of your baby?

Motherhood is the essence of being a woman. This is the time of your life when you get to see someone from your own flesh and blood and love them unconditionally. There might be challenges along the way, but everything will be worth it in the end. To help you prepare for motherhood, take note of these signs which can tell you’re pregnant:

1. Light bleeding: The moment you see a red stain in your underwear, you may immediately think that you just got your period. But when this stain is too light compared to your periods in the past, you might have implantation bleeding. This is something a pregnant woman may experience two weeks after fertilization. When this happens, expect that you’ll miss your period in the next month – another sign that you’re pregnant.

2. Missed period: Women usually get their period once a month. If you didn’t, and you’re sexually active, you might be pregnant. Just make sure to use a pregnancy test when you missed your period because often, your period’s disappearing act can be due to stress, dieting, and other health-related factors.

3. Bloating: Many things happen to a woman’s body when their period is just around the corner – and of this is bloating. However, if you notice that bloating sticks around longer than the usual, you might be pregnant. This happens because when you’re pregnant, there’ll be different hormonal changes in your body which continually gives you that puffy sensation.

4. Sore and tender breasts: Sure, it’s normal for your breasts to be tender and sore when you’re expecting your period but when these hurt the moment you touch them, it might tell you something else. When you’re pregnant, your breasts are more sensitive even with regular periods.

5. Vomiting: Vomiting at any point during the day is a telltale sign that you’re pregnant. This usually happens before you’re nine weeks along in the pregnancy.

6. Aversions to food: Before, you loved it when your husband cooked steak for you, but now, you can hardly stand how it smells. It makes you feel sick and disgusted. Thanks to hormonal changes in your body, food aversions are common signs when you’re pregnant. The dishes you loved eating before might be the dishes you dislike now.

7. Urinating frequently: When you’re pregnant, your body will release human chorionic gonadotropin, the hormone responsible for making you pee too often. So if you see yourself running to the bathroom throughout the day, an embryo in your uterus might be the culprit.

The Bottom Line

Motherhood is pure bliss; ask your friends who have kids, and for sure, they’ll have similar responses. However, motherhood can also be stressful especially if you’re not prepared financially. When you’ve ticked any of these signs from the list and determined that you’re pregnant, opt to have pregnancy cover in your insurance policy. Once you’re financially prepared for any emergencies concerning your husband or child, you’ll be able to enjoy motherhood better.

Jessica Wilson

Jessica is a professional health expert who works for some major health industry giants. She currently writes for Compare Health Insurance and is dedicated to helping people learn more about health related topics along the journey. When she’s not a health advocate, she enjoys some down time traveling or talking with family.


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